Innsky 5.8 QT XL Air Fryer Review: Large Air Fryer

Efficiency, quality of food, and consistency. The three main parameters an air fryer should pass to qualify as the best air fryer in the market. While every air fryer is a replacement to traditional oil dipping, not all air fryers offer a natural taste.

Even more, some air fryers call for more massive amounts of oil than their counterparts, thus defying the sole purpose of using an air fryer. As such, telling between a good and a poorly made air fryer calls for testing.

Having tested multiple air fryers, the Innsky air fryer XL ranks among the most convenient and efficient sets to invest in. In this Innsky air fryer XL, 5.8QT 1700W review, I will share my observations and the overall experience I had upon using the gadget.


Design, interface, and material

nnsky Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart,


Besides dictating the quality of your experience, the design of an air fryer may hinder many options, including placement on the countertop, and the type of surfaces you can place it on. With 7 presets that range from French fires to steak, the fryer helps switch between meals without struggling to remember the ideal temperatures for each.

Additionally, the set can cook between temperatures of 180 to 400 thus expanding your recipe options. What attracted me to the model, however, was its exterior steel coating and cube shape that can fit more materials compared to its cylindrical counterparts.

Owing to the exterior design, you can easily wipe off stains without having to use scouring agents. Together with the metal interior, the fryer promises you food free of odor hence letting you unleash your culinary maestro. 

Since the touch screen is well organized, you can easily trace a preset of choice without breaking a sweat. Before going on it, however, ensure that your Innsky fryer has ample supply of air hence preventing suffocation.


Power Wattage

Innsky Air Fryer, 5.8 Quart, 1700-Watt Electric Stainless Steel Air Fryers Oven

Among the leading features in every Innsky air fryer XL, 5.8QT 1700W review is the wattage. With a 1700W rating, the set can prepare meals faster than most of its counterparts, ensuring even cooking on either side of food. 

However, I would like to mention that this does not equal to power efficiency. While using this set, I would recommend preheating to let your food cook correctly and for a shorter time. 



A major fail for air fryers is the noise emitted when the air fryer is in action. The Innsky air fryer, however, operates with minimal noise, thus giving you peace of mind as you address your cooking woes. 

However, when cooking oily and wet food, it is common to hear fizzing sounds and note white smoke emanating from the air fryer. To handle this, place some water beneath the basket. This water prevents the toasting of the oils, thus retaining the aroma of your meals.


Fryer capacity

The fryer capacity is among the key factors which dictate the experience yielded by an air fryer. While it does not equal the bigger sets in the market, this fryer is ideal for family settings consisting of up to three members.


Ease of cleaning

The fryer can be washed by hand without peeling due to its quality design. This ensures ultimate health as you are assured not to consume shards off the coating as you cook.

Even better, the basket is detachable from the body hence providing for dishwashing. While dishwashing is an option you can venture, I’ve stuck to handwashing to avoid causing any potential damage to the coating. 



Among the turnoffs in using air, fryers are the plastic odors that are often produced by various parts of fryers. Among the focal selling points of the Innsky air fryer is the fact that it is entirely built of non-plastic material hence assuring you a plastic-free experience during its usage. 


Oil vs. oil-less Airfryer

Oil vs. oil-less Airfryer

While the set consumes lesser oil to cook food, it does not imply forfeiting oil when cooking. However, this set consumes lower oil as compared to some air fryers I have engaged in the past, thus offers more health benefits.

Even better, the set browns food to a level that few of its counterparts could rival. As such, it gives you your money’s worth and helps you lead a healthier life. 


Additional features

Besides size and wattage, the features are among the competing elements being employed by various air fryer designers in the market. The selling point of the Innsky air fryer is the automatic shut off function and the ability to retrieve the basket when cooking without interfering with the heat level.

These proved among the standard features I engaged when preparing my food, thus allowing for efficient use. For instance, when cooking small portions of food, I can add them as per their cooking time, thus cooking all meals in one go and saving energy.



  • Price- while people are inclined to the opinion that quality air fryers are for the affluent, the Innsky air fryer proves otherwise. Given its richness in features and affordable prices, you can quickly amass cooking power without spending an arm and a leg. 
  • Efficiency- thanks to the ability to retract the basket as food cooks and not tamper with the temperature, I could quickly cook foods and add food that required lesser minutes to cook hence cooking more food at one go. This saved the task of cooking every meal at its time, thus yielding better power savings. 
  • Speed- owing to its high wattage, the Innsky air fryer can cook more food within a lesser time; therefore, shortening your overall cook time. Even better, the air fryer spreads hot air evenly within the set, thus yielding better-cooked food with lesser struggle.
  • Material- the fryer is built from non-plastic material, thus reducing the impact of heat without producing poor odors caused by plastic combustion. 
  • Interface- while the set is rich in options, the interface is evenly organized, thus providing for more straightforward navigation. 



While this ranks among the best air fryers I have used so far, I fund size a limiting factor. This is because you cannot prepare a meal for a big gathering at a go, thus consuming more energy.

However, be keen when setting your time and temperatures as if done poorly, they may yield a burnt our result you are bound to detest. 



If you have a small number of people living in your household and are seeking to buy an air fryer, I would recommend the Innsky fryer as it ranks top in functionality among the affordable air fryers available in the market.

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