Is Angel Juicer Worth the Money?

Angel juicers are a superior line of quality juicers that serve as standard as one of the best juicers currently in the market. It is great for juice notices and experts because it is fairly easy to operate and streamlined. Angel juicers are durable for everyday juicing if you are on a daily diet.

The reputation as arguably the best juicer out there comes at a relatively higher price point. That is why users often ask us: Is angel juicer worth the money?

Let’s find out.

While Juicers are unique to your needs, you must consider purchasing the angel juicer if you are serious about juicing.

In our post [which juicer is best for home use], we mentioned that one of the triturating juicer cons is its high price point. Angel juicers fall into that category. They are triturating juicers capable of grinding foods into a fine powder without losing the quality.

Operation overview

Angel juicers comprise two stainless steel gears that grind food slowly when poured in through the chute at the top of the juicer.

The juice produced is then further separated from the pulp by further pushing through a fine screen.

This added stage of screening not found in all juicers produces a better product quality than most other juicers. The presence of pulp in juices by angel juicers is negligible.

Juice produced comes out of the juicer’s bottom while the pulp is removed at the front of the juicer – both collected in separate containers.

Produces healthier food

The speed can be classified as masticating slow, with the gears turning at a low rate of 86RPM in contrast to centrifugal juicers that can turn at 15,00RPM. As a result of the slow speed, the oxidation level and the amount of foam generated during the process are drastically reduced.

Also, more pure juice and a great enzyme and nutrient level are present in the rich produce. Juice produced using this juicer has a longer fridge life.

Grinds all food types

Angel juicers are designed with one of the most powerful motors – a 3HP motor capable of grinding tough food and many other food types. As a result, more juice per ounce is produced than conventional juicers.

It produces a higher yield and can grind foods like kale, wheatgrass, parsley, all leafy greens that are tough to handle for other juicers.

What do they look like?

Angel juicers have a stainless body, it is durable, with a rugged and elegant appearance. It is manufactured with a material that is not easily susceptible to rust.

Angel juicers are also compact – 10inches tall and 20 pounds heavy. This is small and will take tiny space, but it relatively heavier than other juicer types.

They come with a 10-year warranty and comes with a juicing Bible that includes some of the best juice recipes.

Angel juicers are arguably the best juicers out there. Is angel juicer worth the money? With over 30 years of expertise and experience under the belt, they are worth the price because of their multi-functionality and durability with all the offers.

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