Is Barbados Safe: Why Americans Love This Caribbean Island?

If you’re planning you’re next holiday and considering Barbados, you may be asking, Is Barbados Safe? Here, you will learn why Americans Love This Caribbean Island.

Barbados is one of the most glorified tourist destinations in the Caribbean, with excellent friendly weather throughout the year. Calm waters, sandy beaches, tasty foods, vibrant culture, and luxurious resorts are some of the things that make this Caribbean Island stand out.

But the question that most people ask is simple; Is Barbados safe? Why do Americans love this Caribbean Island?

In this article, you will learn many aspects about Barbados, including safety, the best time of the year to visit, security precautions for visitors, beach safety, and the illegal activities to avoid doing in Barbados.

Is Barbados safe?

Like many other places, security is also a significant concern in Barbados, more especially for tourists.

The primary cause of insecurity in the country is drugs. But the security for tourists is on a higher notch as compared to resident’s security.

Most resorts, hotels, and beaches always have security personnel doing routine patrols to ensure the safety of the guests in those areas.

Moreover, most of the Barbados resorts have perimeter walls to prevent access by unauthorized people into the premises.

Just like any other busy urban settlement, you can get your wallet snatched on the streets of this island. That is why when touring this island, you are advised to be cautious in isolated areas, congested roads, and during nights, especially in dark places.

If you have luggage, you must make sure you have a company or use a taxi in your maneuver.

Generally, Barbados is safe, but you have to take a personal initiative to ensure you are safer because safety begins with you.

Illegal Activities You Are Prohibited to do in Bahrain

As a tourist, you are not required to have illegal drugs. If convicted, the crime is punishable by imprisonment or fine. Additionally, you are not required to wear camouflage material because it is punishable by law.

Security Precautions in Barbados 

  • Avoid beaches at night and unlit streets.
  • Don’t leave valuables on the beach or unlocked rooms or cars.
  • Report harassment to the police and don’t attempt fighting back.
  • Have the following Barbados emergency numbers at your fingertips: 211 for police, 311 for fire, and 511 for an ambulance.
  • While at the beach, avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Barbados?

Barbados is located within the tropics and enjoys sunshine all year round with minimal variance in temperatures. The charges of accessing resorts and other amenities differ at different times of the year.

During summer, the island experiences hot sunny days and tropical rain showers, which run from June to November. You will commonly find this season having the name “the hurricane season,” although the island is not hit on many occasions.

The northeastern trade winds regulate the hot temperatures preventing them from being extreme. The tropical rains are characterized as short and are quickly replaced by sunny conditions.

The beaches, hotels, and resorts are extremely cheaper during the tropical seasons, almost 50% off because of the reduced guests.

However, if you plan to be on vacation during this time, it is advisable to be cautious by getting a traveling insurance cover, watching out for the rains, and getting updated forecasts on hurricane hits from a reliable weather department.

The more cooling season runs from December to April, and it is its peak season because of the massive traffic inflow from tourists who were awaiting the hurricane season to end.

Weather conditions during this period seem to be less humid, thus drier to comfortable levels. If you enjoy friendly weather, this is the best time to visit Barbados.

However, the prices in the resorts seem to double up due to the increased traffic of guests.

The period between May and June is rather comfortable in terms of temperature conditions, and hotel rates continue to drop towards their end in anticipation of the hurricane season.

Is Barbados Considered a developing country?

Barbados owes a lot of appreciation to the tourism industry for being the primary source of income in the country after overtaking the sugar production industry.

The development of the tourism industry has significantly boosted the economy of Barbados, making it the most preferred tourism destination.

And since challenges are common for a developing country, Barbados is not left behind and faces many economically related problems, making the island falter in terms of development. Youth unemployment and poor healthcare are some of the major concerns of this Caribbean Island.

Can you pay U.S. Dollars in Barbados?

The currency used in Barbados is known as the Barbados Dollar, which has a typical exchange at 1.98 for every U.S. Dollar.

Once in Barbados, however, you can easily use the U.S. Dollar to be recognized in many places, including hotels. The facilities in this region support extensive use of cards, making it convenient for tourists.

Currency exchange zones are also available if you want to exchange U.S. Dollars for Barbados Dollars for convenience or other decisions.

You can quickly get services in many regions of Barbados, and cheques are easy to use as, in many cases, they are easy to exchange at the bank.

Which is the most dangerous Caribbean Island?

In safety matters, security is a primary concern for visitors, making it a requirement for many to feel safe.

The security situation in these countries varies in different countries. Jamaica is one of the most affected by violence, with most of these cases connected to the selling of drugs in this region.

Crime rates on tourists are not prevailing in most countries as security is mostly upped in tourist concentrated regions.

However, you are advised to be cautious of the security facilities and security measures employed in this region to ensure you always stay out of danger in this region.

Is Barbados dangerous?

Barbados is not left out on the spot when insecurity is mentioned. You can encounter petty crimes from time to time at different places, but Barbados is more secure than other Caribbean countries, making it a much-preferred spot when visiting the Caribbean.

Barbados is considered the safest place for families, according to statistics.

Is it cheap to eat out in Barbados?

Eating out in Barbados is pocket-friendly. The eat-out points are easily located on many occasions, ranging from restaurants to street vans selling out foodstuff.

Just as in many places, the price of food in restaurants is always higher than that from the streets. When budgeting for meals, it is best to carry more cash; then, you can choose where to have your meals depending on your budget.

However, people find it affordable to get food in most eat outs around Barbados, making it a perfect and preferred destination for Americans.

Can you drink water in Barbados?

When traveling to any country, it is always advisable to only drink water bottled or treated to avoid water-related illnesses.

The supply of water in Barbados is under the authority of the Barbados Water Authority, which is a government statutory body.

Water from the taps in Barbados is considered potable save for heavy rainy seasons when it can get muddy or discolored due to corroded pipes.

However, in the recent past, reports from the U.S. embassy claimed that the tap water in Barbados contained a lot of bacteria.

A test on the water from chosen hotels revealed that bacteria contaminated it with its name withheld.

The Government countered this in Barbados, which claimed that they had followed the World Health Organization regulations to the latter.

Is Barbados a third-world country?

A third-world country refers to those that can’t sustain the basic needs of its citizens. These countries are seen to be economically unstable; thus, their people live in poverty.

A look at Barbados reveals that it is politically, economically, and socially stable. Economic stability is mainly from the revenue it earns from tourism, complemented with that from sugar.

The U.N. Human Development Index in 2010 ranked Barbados as a developed nation due to its ability to provide people with an outstanding quality of life. This measure is in terms of the quality of education, income, health services provision, amongst others.

Which is the primary language in Barbados?

As in many other countries, you will find it familiar for people in Barbados to speak their native language, referred to as Bajan.

However, the English language is the most common language of informal communication setups.

You will find this language in speech and writing, making it the primary literature on this island, making it a better choice for the Americans.

Final Words

Barbados is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You are, however, advised always to do a background check and understand the current state of this island before visiting to make it possible for you to enjoy your stay without getting into trouble.

There are plenty of places to visit in Barbados, starting from beaches, hotels and resorts, gardens, marine parks and museums, national parks, fish festivals, caves, wildlife reserves, among others, making it a perfect destination.

What are you waiting for? Be part of history by visiting the Caribbean Islands and enjoying the sandy beaches, tasty foods, and the rich Barbadian culture.

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