Is Infatuation A Good or Bad Thing? Can It Lead to Love?

Ideally, its more than obvious that we have all had some instances of infatuation even without us knowing it is happening.

Generally, infatuation can be viewed as the quality of being interested with someone in a more intense manner, but the most unique thing about infatuation is that it doesn’t last for long.

Again, infatuation can also be viewed as an uncontrollable passion towards another individual that is normally not based on common sense but rather the physical and emotional attraction.

Many are the times that people mistake infatuation for love, and the truth is that there is an extremely huge difference between infatuation and love.

Again, when you get infatuated with another person, then you literally become lost in the other person’s emotions which brings us to the most controversial question, Is infatuation good or bad?

Is it right to act or not act to your infatuation? And the list of questions goes on and on.

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So,  Is Infatuation A Good or Bad Thing?

Is infatuation a good or bad thing is a very common question that many people find asking themselves since at some point it might be confusing and most probably when it is self-fulfilling.

Supposedly we mean infatuation in a relationship context, then to this effect, infatuation can be extremely bad, and at the time it can be good.


How Infatuation is a Bad Thing

In some instances, infatuation can be bad since its normally as a result of fantasies, self-made ideas, as well as visualizing someone more extreme than what the actual person is in reality.

The reason why infatuation is a bad thing is a fact that they are normally based on nothing less of what we believe, wish, or even fantasize about a certain individual.

Again, infatuation is such that it sparkles initial interests towards someone even without having the opportunity to know them as a person and maybe falling in love with them for who they are and not how they look, or how to fan they might seem to be, and the truth of the matter is that infatuation has a dark side and most especially when it lacks an infusion of reality.

Infatuation makes you believe in things that you hope to find in another person which clouds your mind that way affecting your ability to make informed decisions.

Infatuation works in a more drug-like manner as it pushes you to make decisions as well do things that you would not have done in a normal circumstance and that way you might also end up regretting what you’ve done or ever decided.

Again, infatuation can also result in disappointments as it raises expectations too high, and once reality kicks in, then you get disappointed, and at times your dreams are crushed.


How Infatuation is a Good Thing

From whether or not that infatuation is a good thing, it generally depends with you as a person, how you navigate around it as well how the other person reacts to your deeds and if they feel comfortable been around you then from this standpoint, infatuation is a good thing. In some instances, infatuation might be inspirational in the sense that it makes you to become a better person than the version you are in the current time. Infatuation can also be motivational as it gives you reasons for working towards achieving a certain goal and at times, how to even achieve those goals.


Can Infatuation Lead to Love?

Ideally, there is an extremely huge difference between infatuation and love, and only when you understand the difference can you answer whether infatuation can ultimately result to love.

As stated in the text above, infatuation is more of uncontrollable passion towards another individual that is generally not based on a sound sense of mind.

On the other hand, love is more of a sense of security as well a feeling or sense of unchanging desire to be selfless and that way one is normally prepared to make sacrifices for the other person.

To this end, infatuation can never lead to love since it actually the opposite of love. For instance, love means security while infatuation translates to insecurity; love is selfless and making sacrifices while infatuation means been selfish, again love doesn’t care for physical looks while infatuation does.

To this end, it’s rather apparent that infatuation can never lead to love since its normally highly focused on individual interests other than those of the other person.

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