Is It Better to Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach?

You’re wondering: Is It Better to Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach? Know Your Body – Study The Facts and let’s discuss.

Health is always the primary concern of human beings, and humankind is always searching for healthy and hygienic ways to improve quality of life and get better health.

Humankind is the only species that strive to achieve better health in different ways like maintaining work-life balance, eating and drinking habits, physical activities, and maintaining peace of mind. Each of us has a different body type, metabolism rate, and physical appearance. Also, chemical reactions that occur within the body play an important role while adapting to change.

At the same time, we have different preferences in our lives; for example, some are trying to shed some extra pounds. While others want to gain weight, some need greater muscles, and others wish to lean bodies, some people dream of getting ideal health, and some don’t even bother about health; they just put everything junk in their stomachs.

Well, the point is everyone should know about the health benefits of subsistence getting in the body. Health-conscious individuals scrutinize the level of nutrition they take in food and drink in their daily routine, which is recommended. There is confusion among so many health questions: “Is it better to drink juice on an empty stomach”?

So, Is It Better to Drink Juice on an Empty Stomach?

No, not at all. Expert nutritionists and other healthcare professionals actually recommend drinking fruit juice on an empty stomach. They suggest that you drink many serves of juice throughout the day – early mornings, afternoons, and even in the evening before bed.

Which juice is good for an empty stomach?

Which juice is good for an empty stomach?

1. Green Juices

The health benefits of a green glass of juice are far better than the rest of the juices. Because green leaf veggies and fruits are less acidic, rich in nutrition, and have a soothing effect on an empty stomach. Taking green juice on an empty stomach has a rapid action of nutrition absorption. If you are taking the green juice with a meal, it will collide with food nutrients and will be ended up in a waste.

The gut bacteria will consume the maximum nutrients of the juice you take with a meal, so it is better to have it either on an empty stomach or after an hour.

2. Citrus Juices

Acidic juices are extracted from acidic fruits and veggies like Orange, grapefruit, lime, lemon, pineapples, and pomegranates. These fruits are high in acidity, so it’s not recommended to have them on an empty stomach, but there is a priority clash. Individuals trying to lose weight are keen to get their goal faster and often practice some diest plan, which usually starts the day with an acidic juice or antioxidant drink on an empty stomach.

Not to mention all the fibers and nutrients lost in the factory process of making one glass of juice out of 12 oranges that are too high in acidity for an empty stomach.


The bottom line is freshly squeezed and pressed juices from organic, seasonal, and local fruits are the best substance to have either on an empty stomach or after a meal. After reading this article, you might get the answer to the most crucial question “Is it better to drink juice on an empty stomach”?

Besides, you need to take at least 2 glasses of juices a day, and you can increase them according to your preferences. Invest in a good brand of juicer to have the utility of fresh juices at home. In short, you should drink all of what you can’t eat.

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