Is it Worth Buying a 8k TV?

Just the other day, you flocked to your favourite mall to get that 4k TV; it brought life to that well-equipped living room.

Then boom! 8k TV has hit the market; it’s a game-changer.

I know you are already wondering what new features this 8k TV has; sit back and relax as I take you through the amazing world of full UHD experience.

To drain my account with $30000 for a 65-inch 2021 Samsung 8k TV during this coronavirus pandemic, I will need serious convincing.

I know you feel me, but once I got a taste of the new resolution, that changed.


  • At 7,680 pixels horizontally and 4,320 pixels vertically, you can be assured of world-class quality pictures.
  • And the ability to upscale the 4k TV to the latest 8k TV resolution is another feature you need to experience. Don’t get stuck with that 4k model while you can upscale to 8k for a just few more bucks.
  • The ability to receive and display 10-bit content makes you and your family feel like you are experiencing real content in real life.

Reasons why you need to buy 8k TV

  • Stunning design that quickly catches your eye, with this design, you are guaranteed in getting to that feeling of a real stadium during that grand football final spectacle.
  • Incredible upscaling of HDR
  • Bright and clear HDR images, do I need to add more to how bright the pictures are? Of course not. The clear pictures are the real deal.
  • The price is reasonable because the experience you get from 8k TV is worth your investment.
  • Current price list of different companies
  • Samsung $30,000
  • LG $29,999
  • Sonny$40,000

The price should discourage you from getting this amazing new resolution. Being ahead of everyone in terms of TV experience is never a bad idea, be the one telling others how clear and bright pictures are.

You will never go wrong when it comes to the new 8k TV, especially the 85-inch that gives celestial quality to images.

Samsung has tried to listen to your concerns about the price and lower the price down to $25,000 for the latest model.

Now you have a reason to smile all the way to your sitting room to enjoy your favourite latest movies.

A few things still need to be worked on, especially the backlight blooming that tampers with your enthusiasm for the promised bright screens.

The companies involved with manufacturing the 8k TV are working around the clock to ensure you get the best deal out of your hard-earned money.

You never be disappointed; upscaling from 4k TV to 8k TV has now been made easier through the ability of the 8k model that automatically converts the 4k to 8k. The colours that sometimes lack the punch are also in the list of the company’s components trying to perfect.

Lastly, the double vision support has been rectified specifically to fit your taste to ensure that you get the value for your money.

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