Is Paralegal a Good Career Choice or Suck, Is It for Me?

I honestly think this is the decision for whosoever is going to take this up as a career. Only you can know if it is for you, everyone has different passion and desires in life. In my own opinion, I think paralegal is a good career choice.

Selecting a position in the criminal justice field is a wonderful choice of career since different jobs are concerning criminal justice.

A lawyer is one of the careers available in the field of law but not everyone is interested or able to go to law school to be a lawyer but they have interest in law, for those of you in this shoe becoming a paralegal is something to consider.

As a paralegal, you will be working as an assistant to a qualified lawyer in both the public and private sectors. You will be performing tasks such as document drafting, assisting in trial preparation, legal research and so on.

There is a lot of job opportunities for a paralegal, they can work in hospitals, offices, government agencies, law firms or any type of business equipped with a legal department.  If you have an interest in law, you can become a paralegal, it is easy to acquire you can even train yourself for the profession from your house.

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  • Job stability and flexibility
  • Variety of jobs to choose from
  • Excellent job outlook
  • Good salary
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Multiple sources of employment
  • Easy field to enter

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Job stability and flexibility

Paralegal job offers stability this is what makes it a good career choice. There will always be demand for lawyers so, therefore, there will also be a need for lower staffs to assist the lawyers in their professional duties. Also, the need for paralegals will continue to be there because the services of lawyers will not vanish from the surface of the earth anytime soon. Flexible schedules are what paralegals can negotiate for employers who are looking for ways to minimize overhead.

Variety in the job field

There are many choices available for a paralegal to choose from simply because there are many areas of the law that can be selected from. If you are a fan of legal research, you should select a job in litigation because this is where lots of research is been carried out unlike in a bankruptcy firm. It all depends on which area you prefer, for instance, someone with interest in medicine can look to work for a personal injury law firm or medical malpractice.


Excellent job outlook

The rate of employment of paralegals is expected to increase to about 18 percent by 2020 providing about 47,000 new positions, this is according to the U.S. Department of Labor. This is a very fast growth rate. Companies are determined to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of legal services, this is why there will be high demand for paralegals. Although most paralegals will get their jobs in major corporations and law firms, other people likely to employ them are collection agencies, medical facilities and so on.


Good Salary

$48,000 is the estimate for the median salary for paralegals in a year, the top earners in this field receive about $60,000 as their salary, the lowest earners get about $36,000. Although, the wages of paralegals is different due to several factors that make them vary, such as the kind of employer handling them. The wages of those paralegals who work in government offices will be lesser than those who work in large law firms. Their acquisition in education also affects the salary of paralegals, a paralegal with a bachelor’s degree will earn at least $2,000 more than a paralegal that has an associate degree.


Opportunities for advancement

Many opportunities of advancement are being offered in the paralegal field, this is what makes it a very good career choice. A paralegal that works in a specific area of the law can apply for certification from the National Association of Legal Assistants, which will help such a paralegal after acquiring this certificate to improve to a higher position in the firm.


Multiple sources for employment

In the field of paralegals, there are lots of sources of employment that are available for application. This is certainly good news for those who have chosen to work as a paralegal. Some of you may think that as a paralegal, you must work in a law firm but this is not true. Law firms are the largest employers of paralegals but they are not the only ones who require the services of paralegals. Hospitals, medical apartments, collection agencies and a whole lot of other organizations request the services of paralegals.


Easy field to enter

To become a paralegal is not difficult, it will cost you very little, unlike other professions. Someone who wants to become a paralegal has different education options to choose from, the options range from certificates to associate degrees and Bachelor’s degree. Like I said earlier, the paralegal with a bachelor’s degree are likely to earn higher than the others with certificates and associate degrees. You do not need a certificate to become a paralegal, the type of qualification needed all depends on the lawyer who is hiring.



A lot of paralegals out there make use of the experience they have gathered during their time as paralegals to push through to law school. If you are confused if a career in a law firm will be suitable and you do not want to spend a lot of money to become a lawyer, you can simply choose to be a paralegal and see how it goes because this will not cost you much to acquire. So if it goes well for you, you can apply to become a fully qualified lawyer. Trust me, being a paralegal is a good career choice.

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