Is Paralegal a Stressful Job? Pros v Cons of Being a Paralegal

I can’t say if a paralegal’s job is stressful or not. This is because paralegal performs different tasks for the firms or organizations that employ them.

All paralegals can’t be doing the same thing at their various working places, we all know that they are legal assistants who help lawyers in any way possible for the success of a case or any legal-related issue.

All lawyers are not the same, some lawyers might not be interested in letting a paralegal assigned to them to do anything because they fear that they may not be up to the task and might jeopardize their reputation with just one mistake. Imagine a paralegal working with such a lawyer, he will practically have nothing to do all day.

All he will be doing is to show up to work early and do as he or she is told, I certainly don’t think this type of job is stressful, or do you?

On the other hand, there might be a lazy lawyer who just doesn’t want to do anything in the office other than showing up to the court to represent a client.

He or she will channel all their legal responsibilities to a paralegal who was assigned to the lawyer.

Now, such a paralegal is going to have a tough time at work because the job will become very stressful for the person and this is not good for any work because you will begin to hate your job.

After all your hard work, a lazy lawyer that does nothing will take all the credit, trust me if you are in this position it will mess with your mind. This is why I said it can’t be certain if the job of a paralegal is stressful or not, it all depends on the law firm he or she is appointed to, the kind of job the person is doing and the lawyer he or she is serving.



As we all know in this life, anything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Below is a list of pros of being a paralegal, these are simply the positive impacts that the job of a paralegal has on an individual.

Paralegal job can offer a lot of goodies as a career, in as much as you need to be a fan of research, document drafting and analyzing, there are still other good points attached to being a paralegal. The pros of being a paralegal are as follows;


Ease of Entry

To start a career in the field paralegals is not difficult. There is a way you can begin your journey as a paralegal without having to spend a lot of money in the process if you are deeply interested in it though.

You can begin in a law firm at a low-level position and start training as you work there or you can even go ahead to grab a certificate as long as you have a degree.

It takes about 6-9 months to get a certificate in the paralegal field and it is not expensive. Bachelor’s, associate’s or masters in paralegal studies are all traditional degrees you can get here.


Expanding Field

Over the years, there has been a growing respect for the paralegal field in as much as there are no licensing and registration requirements to become a paralegal.

A lot of big industries and companies have begun to see the need for a paralegal or an attorney on their payroll. This simply means that there are opportunities for the paralegal to work in the industries, this is good news because as a paralegal you do not have to stick to a lawyer’s office or the courtroom alone.


Job Stability

There is a lot of research and paperwork that needs to be handled properly to win cases, lawyers will always need help to do this and this is where paralegals come in play.

Since the way law is practiced is not going to change anytime soon this means that the same workload will be given to lawyers whether they have help or not. This means that openings for paralegals are not going to close any time soon, it is one of the most stable jobs on the planet. A lot of law firms out there will always seek the services of a paralegal.



We are about to look at the negative aspects of being a paralegal, these are the bad eggs the career has to offer.

The paralegal job is an office one but does not think it is the same as being a secretary. Sometimes it can become a very demanding profession that comes with a ton of work needed to be done but in the end, there will be very little recognition the work you carry out.

When you get to understand every bit of being a paralegal, it will help you to make the right decision.

The cons of  a paralegal are;

  • Stress: The paralegal job can be a very stressful one. This is certainly if you find yourself working in a very busy firm that lacks a lot of other professionals to do the job. When you have to deal with attorneys, client and courts schedules, generating and meeting up with deadlines can be very challenging. Whenever the deadlines on hearings are not met, this is a very serious problem for clients. Writing and legal research for a case can be your job and this can turn out to be a problem if you are not well equipped and organized for the task.
  • Long Work Hours: Because of the heavy workload on the hands of paralegals and the tight schedules waiting for them, there are times where a paralegal has to work longer hours than usual, might even work during weekends to meet up with the schedules. Most paralegals often find themselves finishing the paperwork for a court case at midnight, they might not even get enough sleep but they have to be at the office by 8 am to present the paperwork to the lawyer they are working under.
  • Tedious Work: Being a paralegal means that you are going to be hit with a lot of cases, but those that exist and previous cases that have been settled. Strategies, typing, and note-taking can be very frustrating and tedious.
  • Job Advancements: When you find yourself in a small firm or one lawyer’s office, there is no opportunity to advance. You can only find this kind of opportunity if you work in a larger firm.

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