Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Men’s Basketball Shoe Review

Introducing Jordan 2017 men’s basketball shoe


A basketball player without a quality shoe is like a ship without a rudder. You need the best not just any type or brand but that particular one that can help you to achieve your points. Don’t forget that the game of basketball deals in inches and points and as such if you don’t play with the right tools, you may lose.

Also, professional players and even enthusiast need a Jordan shoe, and this brand is constructed for a great experience on the court. Keep reading to see why you need Jordan super. Fly 2017 men’s basketball shoe.


This brand of Jordan basketball shoe came out in 2017 after the FastPass crew deconstructed it and implemented the Nike’s all-new React cushion. It first hit the market in China before other countries got theirs’ on 3rd August 2017. There are impressive things about this version. The materials are all premium, and even the colorways are all versatile.
Even though there were doubts concerning cushion implementation by Jordan, if you use sources like FastPass, you can see the interior of your shoe before buying.

Features and benefits

This version of Jordan Super.Fly comes with amazing features that can wow the wearers. There is the latest revolution in the game of basketball which was included in the cushioning. The ultra-responsive Nike React foam which will help players to play harder and also go further. The ultralight foam delivers a springy and soft sensation underfoot which will keep you comfortable throughout.

Moreover, there is a breathable knit tongue that makes users feel comfortable, and the rubber sole has multidirectional traction pattern that will assure you of firm grip when you need it more. On this version, you will also see the flight Web lacing system that provides support and the front pull tab that will make wearing and remove very easy.

Pros and cons of Jordan 2017 men’s basketball shoe

Buying this version is not a waste because of the improvements which Jordan implemented on it before offering it. Let’s see some of the things which you stand to gain.


  • Many wearers love the outsole of this shoe version because it provides a firm grip and also helps the shoe to last longer.
  • Another good thing is that this shoe also has a version with a mesh upper to fit men with wide feet
  • Some of the players love how soft and bouncy the shoe is as a result of the Nike React technology
  • There is a stopping power which the circular pattern on the outsole offer and many users love it.
  • This version has multiple colorways and reviewers has said that it gives everybody wider options.
  • This shoe helps to prevent ankle roles.


  • Few owners complain that this version is bulky and thick.
  • Some also pointed out that the leather upper creases
  • Due to the one-bootie construction, some users find it difficult to put it on.


This version was formerly sold at $140, but right now, you can get it at $99 or higher from other sites or stores.

Jordan 2017 men’s basketball shoe Colorways

There are many colors of this basketball shoe available to give users the options they want. The first one came out like a sail/ infrared for that classy and professional look. Others like teal/purple combination, the Hornet themed colorway, university red for a captivating look with many others are available.


The design of this Jordan Super.Fly 2017 is very amazing because it blended contemporary aesthetic with its retro-themed flight characteristics to perfection.

Sizing and fit

There are multiple sizes for men of all feet shapes and sizes. For those with wider feet, there is a version that has a mesh upper that ensures a perfect fitting for them.


A breathable knit tongue ensures that there are an inflow and outflow of air in the basketball shoe.


There is the ultra –responsive Nike React foam which ensures that wearers enjoy adequate cushioning.


This version of Jordan shoes offers a Flight Web lacing system which makes sure that the players get stable support while playing.


This shoe is a combination of premium grade materials and modern materials like the synthetic leather at the heel, a breathable knit material, Nike React foam, etc.


This Jordan 2017 men’s basketball shoe is one good shoe to buy because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The materials are all of high-quality and the durable Nike React foam makes it special.
However, some users have complained that they find it difficult to put on and that it is bulky. Well, I can assure you that if you put it on, the React foam springy sensation will make the weight to go away.

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