Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball Shoes Review

Jordan Super Fly 2017 TeamHave you ever worn a basketball shoe that performs like a beast on both outsides or inside court? It is this Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball Shoes. The setup of this shoe is awesome; the traction pattern is exceptional. In fact, this basketball shoe is the perfect companion for you if you want a dynamic professional play in comfort. When you wear this basketball shoe, you will be a force to reckon with on the courts. You will be comfortable and fly through the final game like a legend.


This Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball Shoes is amongst the Supper fly series from Jordan. This shoe took in all the good attributes of the former versions and improved on it. It carries the newest revolution of basketball cushioning to give wings to the player.

Features and benefits

This particular basketball shoe carries the durable react foam from Nike which is ultralight and produces a springy response. Also, it has an airy knit forefoot with a tongue that delivers exceptional, seamless comfort feel and support. There is also a multidirectional pattern of traction under the sturdy rubber sole to improve the grip in vital areas.
The Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball shoe provides you with stable support with the lacing system of its flight web. You can put this basketball shoe on or off easily with the help of the front pull mechanism. It also provides more stability and comfort with the additional padding on the heel coupled with the synthetic leather.

Pros and cons of the Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team

After spending rigorous hours by reviewers and experts on this field, the basketball players are of the opinion that;


  • This Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball shoe has excellent multidirectional traction system that they can’t forget.
  • Many reviewers say that the flight web system of the lacing provides them with stable support which they need for the final buzzer on the court.
  • The wearers’ claims that the shoe is easy to put on or put off with the help of front pull tab.
  • Experts are of the opinion that heel which carries extra padding and comes from synthetic leather delivers stability and comfort.
  • The wearers say that react foam from Nike provides them with the ultralight springy response that makes them play harder and run farther.
  • The testers sat that the tongue and the breathable knit on the heels of this shoe delivers cushioning and seamless, comfortable feel.


  • Some of the people that tested this shoe complain that the tongue tends to scratch and rub on the skin if they do not wear sock thereby causing wounds on their lower side shins.

Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Colorways

This basketball shoe comes with nice colorways to suit the wearer’s personality. They are white, game royal and blue tint respectively.


The design uses the latest revolutionary technique in basketball for ultralight response and comforts seamless feel that will deliver hard play and go farther.

Sizing and fit

This shoe fits like a sock and with the multiple size options; you are bound to get your customized size.


The breathable knit that is located at the forefoot of this particular shoe provides adequate airflow in and out of the shoe.


Jordan Super Fly 2017 TeamThe react foam from Nike which is durable and ultralight with the extra heel padding provides a springy sensation that ensures a cushioning comfort.


Jordan Super Fly 2017 TeamThere are a front pull feature and tongue that provides an adequate support system for this shoe.


For the construction of this shoe, synthetic and fabric materials are used.


After going through this review, there is no doubt that the Jordan Super Fly 2017 Team Men’s Basketball Shoe is the perfect accompaniment to have if you want to play harder or to go farther in your career. You will have an exceptional cushioning seamless feel as you are playing. However, you must ensure to put on your socks before running. Apart from that, you can run anywhere or anyhow on the court since it offers maximum stability and support.


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