Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Low Men’s Basketball Shoes Review

Introducing the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Low Men’s Basketball Shoes

A quality basketball shoe is simply what you need for the perfect sports experience anytime. If you are yet to decide on the one to pick, read this Jordan ultra fly 2 low reviews to check how it can serve your needs.

There are many brands offering basketball shoes out there which is good, but it gets difficult when you want to make a choice. Therefore, read below and learn all there is to this particular basketball shoe.


The Jordan Ultra-Fly 2 is an impressive and fantastic product following the previous version Jordan Ultra-Fly which many users didn’t find interesting and efficient at all.
In this version, there were certain improvements like the removal of the mudguard section while leaving a mesh build with only a strip of the fuse.

Features and benefits

The Jordan ultra-fly 2 comes in a textile construction that ensures comfortable support for athletes. The presence of the Zoom air units placed at the heels and the forefoot provides adequate cushioning while the Phylon foam midsole provides the stability you need while playing. Moreover, there is a Midfoot shank that provides players with torsional rigidity.

Pros and cons of Jordan ultra-fly 2

Unlike the older version Jordan Ultra-Fly, there are many advantages to buying this one. Where the former one failed, this product ensures user satisfaction in those areas. Here are what makes it great:


  • This shoe’s heels and forefoot provides adequate cushioning for your feet.
  • It provides a locked-down support
  • You can be sure of multidirectional traction while wearing the Jordan ultra-fly 2
  • Some users love the midsole foam which provides them with comfortable stability.
  • It is the perfect shoe for playing in any position.


  • People who have wide feet don’t feel comfortable while wearing this shoe
  • Some wearers complain that it doesn’t have adequate ventilation
  • The shoes accumulate dust thereby requires constant cleaning.


The retail price of Jordan ultra-fly 2 is $100 unless there are differences based on vendor and location.


No matter the color you prefer, Jordan ultra-fly 2 has you covered.


The design of Jordan ultra-fly 2 Low is uniquely different to provide impressive support. The upper part comes with a lower collar which will make it easier to wear.

Sizing and fit

There are various sizes for you to choose and when you get the right one, achieving a good fit becomes possible for the people that have a slim foot. Also, the integrated straps that float from the mid-foot to the Strobel will ensure that it fits your feet.


The Jordan ultra-fly 2 low provides adequate ventilation that matches its standards.


This Jordan ultra fly 2 Low is the best basketball shoes for versatile players who play every position because it offers a responsive cushioning. The presence of the Zoom Air units which are placed at the heel and the forefoot ensures adequate cushioning for users.


Jordan ultra fly 2 Low comes with a redesigned upper that has a lower collar and webbing integrates with laces for ensuring locked down support.


The materials combined to make the Jordan ultra-fly 2 low are all of high-quality for impressive performance. Each one of them plays a major role in ensuring that the basketball shoe gives the satisfaction which users require. Some of the materials include Phylon, rubber, etc.


Jordan ultra fly 2 low is affordable but durable and one of the high-performers out there. It is sad that many people are yet to recognize the many advantages it has to offer.
Yes, it has traction and fit issues, but the support and cushioning it provides is impressive. Apart from basketball players, other users enjoy the benefits of this shoes for outdoor use.


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