Jordan Ultra. Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes Review

This shoe is a part of the Jordan Ultra Fly series that delivers total flexibility and comfort support no matter the speed or the position you are playing from on the court. The Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes is everything about the flight. Therefore if you are ready to fly off the court in complete comfort with flexible support, get your pair today.


This Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes is the version that came out to continue the success story of its predecessor. It carries an updated technology to deliver the ideal comfort and plush cushioning. This product removes everything from the former version and upgrades with the Jordan iconic silhouette to suit the latest game styles.

Features and benefits

This ultra-fly version from Jordan is speed, comfortable feel and flexible support personified. It is a lightweight knit and fits like a sock to provide the support required for your sprints, and sharp cuts. From toe to the heel of this specific shoe carries a plush foam for lightweight cushioning and incredible response. There is a system of Webb lacing that produces a supportive snug fit so that you can flex your foot naturally. A sturdy rubber sole provides Multi-directional traction. There are synthetic overlays that increase the support and durability. The snug fitting is enhanced greatly by the full interior sleeve.

Pros and cons of Jordan Ultra. Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes

After many rigorous reviews by different researchers, they are of the opinion that;


  • The traction of this specific product is right on point and that the gripping is excellent when used on semi-dusty or clean courts.
  • Some of the reviewers say that this Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes performs exceptionally on outside courts and that the materials are durable.
  • Most wearers of this shoe boast that it fits them snugly like a glove since the materials always mold to accommodate the foot’s shape.
  • Majority of the people that wears this shoe say that it runs according to size with a perfect length.
  • Users find out that this shoe’s rubber outsole is highly durable.
  • According to various buyers, this specific shoe feels as comfortable as a sock to make you forget that you are wearing a shoe.
  • Majority of players say that they appreciate the system of the cushioning since it enables them to feel the Zoom units of the heels and the forefoot.
  • All of the reviewers agree unanimously that this shoe has maximum lockdown support due to the perfect padding.


  • Some of the reviewers say that the shoe is hard and not easy to wear due to the small opening.
  • According to some of the wearers, the ventilation system of this very shoe is poor.
  • The traction does not perform well on when dust is on the court.
  • Fewer people say that the shoe collects dust very fast.


The retail price of the Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes is placed on the source at $94.97 each. You may get at lower prices


The unique colorways are white, black and anthracite suitable for the masculine gender.


The design of this shoe improves on the older version to create speed, multi-directional play, and flexible support.

Sizing and fit

The lace Webbing system ensures perfect fitting and the various size option ensure that you get your customized size.


The airflow comes from the Zoom air from Nike


A plush foam that covers from the heel to the toe adds extra layering that produces lightweight cushioning.


There is a lace webbing system that provides adequate support.


The materials for the construction of this shoe comes from synthetic with a bonded knit upper.


The bottom line is that this Jordan Ultra.Fly 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes is well-worth the money you spend on it. The high technology with the cushioning support that it offers makes this shoe a must-have for every basketball player. However, you have to tolerate the not easy wear that is caused by the small opening of the shoe. In fact, this shoe is a sturdy all-around player.

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