Kambrook Air Chef KAF200 Review (Pros vs Cons)

The Kambrook KAF200 Air Chef Frying Oven is a simple and affordable air fryer that has been thoroughly tested for durability and safe, efficient performance.

The fryer comes in white with black accents and features a few simple buttons to set temperature and cook time. It is larger than some of its competitors, but despite this, it has a comparably-sized cooking basket.

The front of the fryer is fitted with two lights, one of which alerts you to the power being turned on, while the other signifies that the device is heating.

If you’re wondering as to whether air fryers are worth buy and if they even work, check out this video demonstration


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  • This fryer is very easy to clean.
  • Clocking in at over $100 less than similar fryers, this is a very affordable option.
  • An automatic cutoff timer is included to keep the operation of this fryer very safe.
  • This fryer is very user-friendly.
  • This the air fryer has a larger footprint, meaning that it may be more difficult to store if you do not intend to leave it on your counter all the time.
  • Despite its larger size, the cooking basket itself is small. You cannot prepare a party-sized serving of anything in this fryer.
  • Unlike many of its competitors, this fryer has been known to overheat every now and then, in spite of its auto cutoff timer.



Product Features

This air fryer has multiple functions that allow it to bake, grill, toast, and roast.

It features a nonstick cooking basket and a 1550-watt cooking bulb. With an auto cutoff after 30 minutes, this fryer is designed with safety in mind.

Although it is perfectly acceptable to use this fryer with no oil at all, it does have the capability to cook with up to 1 tbsp of oil included, if you would like a slightly crispier finish on your food.


Price & Value for Money

This fryer is much more affordable than many of its counterparts. It is a great fryer for someone who just wants to try air frying, but it is not the best value for your money if you plan to use it to cook frequently for larger families or parties.

For the cost, it is a good place to start, and it is likely to work well for you for a year or so before you will need to upgrade.

It is not a wise investment if you are looking for a fryer that is going to be a part of your kitchen ensemble for a very long time.



250mm wide x 315mm high x 310mm deep



This air fryer can hold up to 1.7kg of food.


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What You Can Cook

What You Can Cook

Use the Kambrook KAF200 to cook side dishes such as French fries, baked vegetables, or meatballs, or try it for desserts such as small loaves of sweet bread or cake.

It is possible to feed a family of three with this fryer, but it is not suitable for large party preparation, as it does not have a big cooking basket.

It may not be best suited to messy dishes, such as anything with a thick or sticky sauce, but it can be used to prepare soups and stews.

It may not be as easy to clean as some of its counterparts, so sticky sauces can be a chore.

Because of the high heating temperatures, it is perfectly safe to prepare meats from the raw stage or cook scrambled eggs in this air fryer.


Final Verdict

If you are just starting out in the world of air frying, you cannot go wrong with the Kambrook KAF200. This is a great air fryer for newbies who want to test the waters of frying without oil without making a huge commitment.

It is also a good choice if you are looking to purchase an air fryer as a gift for someone, but you are not quite sure if they will enjoy cooking food this way.

It is a simple and user-friendly device that will ease any first-time fryer into the world of cooking without oil.

Although it is a larger device, this is actually helpful because it can hold a little bit more than some of its competitors.

If you have been air frying for a long time and are looking to upgrade, this is not the fryer for you.

If, however, you are shopping for your first air fryer, consider this model.


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