LifeReader Review: Is It Legit or SCAM?

Would you want someone to pull you out of misery and help you clear your blurry vision? Someone says that life seems like a roller coaster.
Sometimes you roll down and quickly rise up afterward. But there are times that you felt like you’re always at the bottom and not even rising.  To keep moving, sometimes psychics serves as fuel for you to brighten your perspective.
In this article, you’ll get to know more about a psychic network, the LifeReaders. Along the way, you’ll learn if their readings or guidance will drag you down or lift you up.  You’ll discover if the psychics are legit or not, what makes it different from others, the drawbacks, and more.
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LifeReader Overview

Another well-known psychic network is LifeReader. They started to provide readings and psychic services in 2008.
It is specifically popular in countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Great Britain.  Now, it is extending its psychic services to the United States.
They don’t have quite large numbers of psychics on the site, unlike others.  Life Reader is more focused on having special and accurate psychic readers in order to guide people in precise and helpful ways.
Compared to others, their service is considered new. But let’s find out how the customers respond to their service and let’s get to know more about their psychics and offered services in this LifeReader review.
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Does LifeReader Have Good Psychics?

LifeReader is composed of professional and multinational psychic readers that could provide accurate and helpful readings.
Most of you have that time in your life where you have what you called ‘soul searching’.  Sometimes you find yourself somewhere that is unknown and you realized that you’re out of track.
For you to pull yourself back, you need a guide that will accurately guide you towards betterment and not a guide that brings you to nowhere.
The psychics of LifeReaders will drag you out of the darkness you are in now.
LifeReader Psychics are well-screened.  Test reading is conducted to know how special and accurate their abilities are.
The hiring process also involves checking their criminal background to ensure that the potential clients will be getting a precise reading with a professional reader.
Since the psychics have undergone screening, the potential visitors of the site will be safe from having fake psychics.
Another good thing about LifeReader psychics is they provide superb psychic services. They have a psychic that could help you in almost anything.
In other words, you could ask them for help in everything that you’re troubled in your life.
Below are the categories that you might want to try:

Psychics Clairvoyants

Tarot Card Astrology Horoscopes Love Relationships

Mind Body Spirit

*Psychic Mediums
*Angel Readings
*Spiritual Readings
*Crystal Ball Readings
*Clairvoyant Readings
*Dream Interpretation
*Lenorm and Cards
*Crowley Cards
*Skat Cards
*Kipper Cards
*Angel Cards
Rider-Waitee Cards
*Osho-Zen Cards
Other Tarot Cards
*Horoscope Readings
*Indian Astrology
*Karmic Astrology
*Chinese Astrology
*Classical Astrology
*Vedic Astrology
*Natal Chart Readings
*Soulmate Readings
*Love & Sex Advice
*Dating Advice
*Relationship Advice
*Family Advice
*Past Life Readings
*Karmic Relationships
*Breakup Advice

*Aura Readings

*Spiritual Healing

*Sexual Counselling

*Diet Advice

*Fertility Readings

*Life Coaching

*Anger Counselling

*Motivation Guidance


What’s in the Psychic’s Profile?

The psychics’ profile is very easy to understand. The indications on the Psychic profile would tell you how long they are in LifeReader, but reading their whole profile would let you know how experienced psychic they are.
Some of them might just have applied and absorbed by LifeReader just recently, but they are actually serving as a psychic for decades.
There’s one psychic reader in the site that labeled as **NEW READER** yet when you get to know her better, she has more than 30 years of Psychic experience.
The psychic profile shown on the Homepage includes:
The psychics’ availability, if they are online or not. When the small circle near their name is color green, it means they are online and when it turns to orange, it tells that they are busy.

  • Their expertise is indicated
  • Number of readings
  • The year they started in LifeReader
  • Number of reviews
  • Positivity percentage
  • Rate per minute
  • Type of psychic reading (if through chat or phone)

When you want to get to know the psychics very well, clicking their profile would help you choose. They introduced themself in there very well and some even added videos.
You can also see the star ratings and actual reviews of their past clients.
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What Makes LifeReader an Outstanding Psychic Network?

This psychic network has this favorable introductory price, which is $0.19 per 10-minute charge.
From among the reviews I made, this, in particular, is one unique attribute of LifeReader that makes it outstanding from others. It’s amazing. Right?  You’ll get to enjoy 10 minutes of talking or communicating with a real psychics for just $0.19.
This deal is great knowing that other psychic’s networks would charge above $5 per minute session.
Aside from that, while others offer 3 minutes free session before the actual charge, Life readers provide 4 minutes free session.
That would be a favorable reduction to your total bill. But take note that these are only applicable to new customers.

     PROS :


  • New customers may enjoy a 4-minute free chat
  • Available 24/7
  • Caring and compassionate reader
  • Provides varied   psychics with different special abilities
  • The introductory offer is blast offering $0.19 charge in 10 minutes service
  • Simple navigation of the site
  • Several psychics reading options like via char, email or phone
  • The profiles of the psychics are detailed
  •  Free weekly horoscopes in the site and you’ll get a free horoscope regularly when you sign in their sit
  • There’s no phone application
  • No video options compared to others
  • You’re not given a guarantee if you’re not satisfied with readings
  • The rates of the site’s psychics are higher than other networks

LifeReader Website Review

LifeReader has a simple website. It doesn’t have that awesome design but its simplicity is enough for the site visitors to navigate the site easily and aside from that, the site is not crowded.
Categorizing the psychics is easy. You could do it by just clicking psychic reading, soulmate reading, relationship advice, tarot reading, breakup advice, dating advice, and others.
The articles and blogs of the site are also interesting. You could even find answers to your question regarding love or anything though just reading it.
One favorable thing about the website is that the rates are shown in each psychic. With this, you’ll not be surprised regarding their overall charge.
Other than that, you could enjoy reading free weekly horoscopes and the site also has the ‘How it works” button, which feeds you more information about the site.
If you have any issues, it is nice that you can contact the LifeReader Support or email them directly.

Methods of Payment

LifeReaders welcomes a variety of payment methods such as valid MasterCard/Visa credit card.  If you don’t have that, they also accept debit cards, pre-paid cards, Paypal and Gift cards.

 Psychics Guarantee and Refunds

If you are disappointed with the service that you get, you don’t have the chance to get back your payment because the site doesn’t provide any guarantee policy regarding it.
There are times that even you are dealing with a professional reader, you sometimes don’t match so it is important to choose carefully.

What Can You Learn From LifeReader?

The LifeReader consists of experienced psychics readers. Each of them has special abilities to see things far more positive and different from your view.
The psychic energy enables them to connect you to spiritual beings.  Also, their powerful insights can change your way of life.
Most of you want the truth and would want to know the possibilities of the future that only the gifted are capable of seeing.
With several unspoken and unanswered questions, you’ll probably suffer from your burden alone. You can light it up through speaking or chatting with the professional and experienced psychics.
That way, your heavy feelings will fade and you’ll be able to move on with your life with a bright perspective.
Specifically, the psychics can help you’re doubtful and you have a blurry vision.  If you have dilemmas regarding the relationship, finding your soulmate, horoscopes, breakups or dating, LifeReaders will guide you all the way.
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Final Verdict

Psychic networks are becoming popular in the virtual world.  With many people becoming anxious about their life struggles, the easy and fast access or communication to psychics is needed.
Since there is quite a lot of psychic service online, would LifeReader be one worthy psychic network to be included in your options?
In this LifeReader review, it shows that this psychic service receives positive feedback from its clients, which makes it a worthy choice.
Aside from that,   it is composed of well-screened and experienced psychics so there’s no need to worry about psychic scams.
Compared to other psychic networks that existed for 20 years or more, LifeReader would be considered new.
But this doesn’t mean that it performs below the older networks. Its resident psychics defeats the idea and ranking of which is older in the service and which is not.

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