Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wiki, YouTube

Last update: 2019

Favorite Quote: “But we try to come to this perfection, by copying others. By have her hair, and her nose, and her eye color, and her eyebrows, because of they on fleek or whatever, and this and that, then I am perfect. NO… Just be you, be you.” Liza Koshy


Elizabeth Shaila Koshy, better known as her online persona, Lizzza, is an American actress, television host, comedian and YouTube influencer. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas to an Indian father, while her mother is of European descent.

Liza Koshy Net Worth 2019: $4.4 million

As of 2019, Liza Koshy net worth stands at $4 million, and the primary sources of her wealth are her YouTube and acting career. She uploads videos every week and produces self-starring YouTube shows.

Koshy has monetized her platform on YouTube and she gains an estimated 20,000 subscribers daily. Her estimated revenue on YouTube alone is $3,600 per day ($1.3 million) with ads that are on her videos. Koshy’s second YouTube channel gets $1,000 per day or $365,000 every year.

She also gets extra revenue with sponsorships from giant companies such as Nike, AT&T, Calvin Klein, and many others. These companies pay thousands of dollars depending on how their products are mentioned. She also receives products and freebies for giveaways out from these sponsorships.

Koshy also sells her own merchandise in partnership with YouTube. Besides her self-produced shows, she also has small acting stints and gets plenty of hosting jobs for events such as the Met Gala. She even interviewed former President, Barack Obama.

Who is Liza Koshy? Important Details as of 2019

  • Real Name:  Elizabeth Shaila Koshy
  • Net Worth in 2019:  $4.4 million
  • Age: 23 Years Old
  • Height: 154.3 cm
  • Date of Birth: 31 March 1996
  • Place of Birth: Houston, Texas  
  • Occupation: American actress, Television host, Vine star, TV personality, Comedian and YouTube influencer
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Unknown
  • Weight: 47 kg     
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Siblings: Rahel Koshy and Olivia Koshy


How Does Liza Koshy Make Money and How Much Does She Make?

In 2015, Liza dropped out of college and transferred to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Before making videos on YouTube, Koshy rose to fame in 2013 on Vine.

She took part in several acting roles such as playing Aday Walker in Tyler Perry’s comedy film, Boo! A Madea Halloween in 2016 and The Explorer in YouTube series Escape the Night in 2017. Elizabeth also played Violet Adams in the drama series, Freakish in 2016 to 2017.

Besides acting, she produced and starred as the title character in the YouTube comedy series, Liza on Demand which was released in June 2018. She also tried her hand at hosting, taking the role of co-host in the MTV television series Total Request Live which started airing in 2017. Koshy also co-hosts a game show revival in Nickelodeon called Double Dare which premiered in 2018.

Around the time she started in Vine, Koshy also joined YouTube in September 2013. Her main YouTube channel, Liza Koshy, has an astounding 16 million subscribers. Her second channel, Liza Koshy too, debuted on Aug 30, 2016, and has 7.9 million followers. Koshy’s channels have a total of over two billion views if combined together. Liza Koshy’s net worth is at $4 million.

Liza Koshy Family/love life

Liza Koshy was enrolled in dual language educational and cultural program from kindergarten to 5th grade, she learned to speak fluent Spanish. Koshy finished high school in Lamar High School. She then enrolled in the University of Houston taking up business marketing.

Koshy’s parents are Jose Koshy, who works as a petroleum executive and Jean Carol Hertzler, a yoga instructor. Her father, Jose Koshy is of Indian descent and is 63 years old. Not much is known about Koshy’s father as she rarely posts pictures of him on her social media. He is not on her YouTube videos either. Josy Koshy has been married to Koshy’s mother for 30 years.

According to reports, besides being a petroleum executive, Jose Koshy is also the President of a Texas-based company called Koshy T and Jolly Joseph. He is also a director of the Houston Full Gospel Church of God.

Jose Koshy stays away from the limelight, except for one time when he was pictured with her famous daughter during the Super Bowl 2017. Liza has said time and again that she and her father are so much alike.

Jean Carol Hertzler, Koshy’s mother is also a stranger to the limelight just like her father. She’s never in her photos or videos. However, Jean Koshy was seen by her daughter’s side when she was in the MTV Video Music Awards in 2017.

Liza Koshy has two older sisters, Rahel Koshy, and Olivia Koshy. Rahel is the oldest and is said to be the favorite of their parents. She finished college at Trinity University and works at the International Women’s Democracy Center.

Olivia is Liza Koshy’s second older sister and she’s 27 years old. She resides in Houston, Texas and completed college at the University of Texas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Olivia holds the director of development position at the University of Texas Health Science.

According to Liza Koshy, she had a very strict upbringing. She even got a thumbs down from her dad when she had tattoos.
Liza Koshy is currently single. She dated fellow YouTube star David Dobrik from 2015 to 2016. The couple has known each other since high school, even before all the fame. Together, they had a combined audience of more than 20 million YouTube subscribers.

However, on June 4th, 2018, the two released a video via Koshy’s YouTube channel that they had broken up 6 months prior. According to Koshy and Dobrik, they waited until that week to address the breakup to fans.

Liza Koshy on Social Media

Liza Koshy is very active on social media. She has an Instagram account with 15.5 million followers and she’s also active on Twitter. Koshy also has a Snapchat account where she posts regularly. Her main platform is YouTube and Instagram, where she updates her fans on her daily life, what she’s up to and her future projects.

Awards and Achievements

Koshy has received many recognitions in her career. She is a winner of four Streamy awards, four Teen Choice Awards, and a Kid’s Choice Award. She was also included in 2019, Forbes 30 under 30 Hollywood and Entertainment.

Is Liza Koshy a scam?

Liza Koshy is not a scam. The YouTube influencer has a massive fan base due to his videos, TV series, Vine videos, and endorsements.

Success Lessons from Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy encourages young girls and women to hustle and make a financial lifestyle that will help them become independent. Koshy is a self-made success, with her creativity and witty but funny remarks, she has made a name for herself in different entertainment fields.

Final Words

Although she took a long break in the past year, fans are looking forward to her future projects and videos this year. Just this May, Koshy was spotted hosting the Met Gala red carpet wearing a couture Balmain dress. She was also a co-host in the Met Gala 2018 red carpet.

Liza Koshy is the first ever digital star to be invited in Vogue magazine’s web series, “73 Questions”. Koshy collaborated with jewelry, The Giving Keys for a necklace collection that will help formerly homeless populations. Her advertisement partnership with Beat Electronics also garnered four times more viewers than any other celebrity. If you’re a fan of Liza Koshy, she’s got big projects in store for 2019 that you have to watch out for!

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