Looking for a Sugar Daddy to Spoil You? Here’s How to Find Him

Looking for a Sugar Daddy to Spoil You? Sugar daddy dating is fun. Here, you will learn how to find a wealthy sugar daddy looking to spoil a young babe.
Sugar daddy dating is fun. If approached in the wrong way; however, it may expose one to harm or cause one to hemorrhage tons of money.
To avoid falling under such a predicament, you need to know the appropriate method to get a sugar daddy. This article covers both how to find a sugar daddy and the do’s and don’ts in sugar dating.

What is sugar dating?

Before answering the question: How do I get a sugar daddy? It is vital to understand what it implies. By gaining clarity on the sugar dating concept, you quit misconceptions, and gain clarity on the nature of commitments.
A common sugar daddy dating stereotype is that sugar dating equals escort services. However, it is far from the case. Basically, sugar dating is an arrangement between younger partners and their endowed counterparts.
Unlike escort services which revolve around money for sexual treats, sugar dating (as the name suggests) aims to foster relationships among partners. The trajectory the relationships take, however, is dependent on the interests of either party.
In some cases, I have seen sugar dating experiences that wound in long-term friendships and serious relationships.

How to find a sugar daddy

Having understood how sugar daddy dating works, the next step is figuring how best to take a plunge. Here, you may opt either for a face-to-face approach or engaging the online dating apps.
While face-to-face bears fruit, it exposes you to harm and toxic sexually-driven partners. For your safety, it is ideal for engaging genuine sugar dating apps. With the market awash with apps, getting the right app can trigger a series of headaches.
To get your money’s worth, ensure to engage sugar daddy dating app reviews online. By so doing, you learn the apps that best suit your needs and ensure security.
Among the popular sugar daddy dating apps in the market include Sudy, Miss travel, and Established men. The following tips should come in handy for online dating to improve your chances of getting a date.

Tips for finding a sugar daddy that meets your needs

  1. Set your age preference above the age of forty years

While there are rich men below the age of forty, many of these are jokers. For a serious engagement, it is essential to seek a partner that in the forty-plus age bracket.
Here, you eliminate immature contenders, thus getting a partner with lesser drama.

  1. Complete your profile

To gain the attention of prospective suitors, you should differentiate yourself from scammers. For this, you need a complete profile and verification.
Also, ensure that you add appealing images of yourself on the profile. However, you can keep some photos in the private tab if you are not ready to spill them to the public domain.
By having a complete profile, you appear on search results for users seeking the qualities you own. Also, a complete profile helps sift search results better to offer the suggestions that are congruent with your habits.

  1. Ensure that the user is verified

sugar daddy app verification
Scamming and fake profiles are among the issues sugar babies face on sugar daddy dating sites. To protect yourself from this, you need to use an official app with a verification system.
To ensure your safety, select a sugar dating site with a secure verification system. Among the procedures I find satisfactory are; video verification, Id verification, and advanced photo verification.
Among the sites that are strict verification are; Sudy, SugarBabies, and SugarBook. These engage id verification, photo verification, and video verification. Also, these rank among the apps that verify a user’s financial claim to help gauge the quality of members.

  1. Messaging prompts

While sugar daddy apps have been proven to bear fruit, communication does not happen instantly. Being able to reply in time, however, ensures that you spark relationships faster.
For this, check on the website every once in a while or enable push notifications for new messages. Besides messages, observe activity on who favorites you and choose whether to start communicating.

Finding a sugar daddy on Craigslist

craigslist logo
Craigslist is among the platforms you can use to get a sugar daddy on any part of the world. For this, however, you have to learn the tricks for getting a genuine sugar daddy on Craigslist. Also, you need to learn how to post ads that will be viewed by a wider audience.
After getting prospective sugar daddies, however, gauge their genuineness by asking for social media handles. In addition to this, you can engage the users in a conversation to assess their expectations.
Although you can use social media platforms to contact sugar daddies, it is less than ideal as it undermines anonymity.

Tips for ensuring your safety with sugar daddy arrangements

If your selected app does not run background checks and offer a rating plan, you should err on the side of caution. As such, be discreet with the details you divulge and take the most secure action.
For instance, when meeting your sugar daddy for the first date, select a public place. This ensures that no harm will reach you as you acclimate to each other’s idiosyncrasies.
Another element to watch is your behavior with sugar daddies. After defining the expectations you have with a sugar daddy relationship ensure to carry yourself appropriately.  In the case that you don’t want your relationship to lead to sexual engagements, wade off flirty suggestive texts.
Also, ensure that you discuss what you both expect the arrangement to yield. This approach, unlike playing along and hoping things to go your way, helps mark boundaries that you cannot cross.
For the nitty-gritty elements of a sugar daddy arrangement, read the article on getting your sugar daddy to give you an allowance.

Rules for all Sugar daddy arrangements

For any arrangement to work, it is critical to set guiding regulations. For sugar daddy arrangements, these rules help ensure the safety of either party. Among the general rules for sugar babies include:

a) Have your own life

The backbone to any delightful sugar dating arrangement is the mystery. To keep the fire burning, you should make meetings occasional as opposed to clinging on your partner.
Among the many mistakes sugar babies do is killing their usual routine and immersing themselves in sugar daddy heaven. While it may be okay for long-term relationships, this move may handicap users from their independence.
As such, sugar babies lose the option to quit engagements regardless of their toxicity. Having this in mind, ensure to commit to your career and development while maintaining the relationship.
In the case that a sugar daddy breaches your agreement, stop the engagement to avoid getting in harm’s way.

b) Don’t travel far: And if thou must, have a return plan

This is less of a rule and more of a commandment. While you hope your first date to bear fruit, having a contingency plan is a significant plus.
When organizing your first date, keep it within a distance you can afford or in a town where you know friends. To prevent losses, you may have your sugar daddy fulfill the promises made before embarking on your journey.
Also, keep enough money aside to cover your needs in case things don’t work out as you had hoped.

c) Do not eat and drink substance whose integrity you question

The internet is full of shady people. As such, it is not a surprise to land a date with ulterior motives. For your safety, eat food you have either ordered by yourself and are confident of its quality.
In the case that you sense ill motive from your date, keep to public spaces, and avoid future engagements.

d) Fishy links in your conversation? Do Not Click

Among all the rules, the latter and this rule apply to both parties. While the internet has brought positive change to our way of living, it has also brought about newer security threats.
The most common threat is falling victim of hackers. If you get a fishy link, avoid clicking it. In the case that a link prompts you to enter personal data after selecting it, it is best not to fill data. Otherwise, fill the wrong data and check for the results.
Sugar daddies should also be keen on the details they divulge to avoid security breaches.

e) Avoid sharing your private information

Before you get acquainted with a prospective sugar daddy/baby, maintain communication on the platform. This protects you from danger and keeps spammers off your private life.
After feeling comfortable with users, you can share your information for faster communication.


Finding a sugar daddy is an easy task. Without adhering to these tips; however, you risk exposing yourself to danger and scammers.
To reduce risk, ensure that you use genuine sugar daddy apps with a quality process of vetting users.

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