Love Energy Spells: How to Cast a Spell for Happiness

Love is a beautiful thing, and we all want to fall in love at one point or the other in our lives. The only problem we all encounter with love from time to time is heartbreak. But then again, not everything that happens to us is supposed to happen to us. There is always a fix to everything as long as you can wrap your mind around it.

Today I would be teaching you all you need to know about averting heart breaks with the love energy spell. Love energy spells are very powerful, and they can get you, anyone, you love as long as you want the person. So, proceed with care, so you do not end up enchanting everyone you come across. And let me give you a spoiler – love energy spells are so easy to cast. Also, they require few ingredients to cast.

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What are Love Energy Spells?

What are Love Energy Spells?So, when asked the question what is love energy spells what would you say? Love energy spells are spells that are cast to get love. The love energy spell as the name applies creates a ring of love energy around you. Love energy spells can be used when you love someone. It also works when you want a person to feel the same way about you. Love spells works best when you have feelings for the person otherwise the spell would not work. So, if you do not feel love for the person, you want to use the love energy spell on, it may not work.

In other words, you can view the love energy spell as a medium where you can showcase your love. What I mean is that the love energy spells help you express your love. And it also brings the person you love to a state where you can talk. The person you are using the love energy spell on would also be understanding.

Love is a beautiful thing, and nobody should suffer from it. Use this spell to change your relationship status and get the person you love. You don’t even need to consult a Sharma, or a master just to cast the love energy spell. You can cast the love energy spell by yourself. You can even cast the love energy spell at the comfort of your home. And the types of ingredients you need are so easy to find.

Right now, just see yourself with a love energy spell, because all you need to do to have it is to keep reading.

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Why would you want to Cast Love Energy Spells?

Why would you want to Cast Love Energy Spells?There are so many reasons why people cast love energy spells. To you, you might be casting the love energy spells to find love. To another person, the love energy spells might be to make their crush fall in love with them. Whatever the case may be, the love energy spells are for everyone, as long as you are cool with the rules. Love spells all depends on what you want.

The reason why some people cast love energy spells is to fall in love with the person they love. If you are already in a relationship, the love energy spells help you keep the person you love.

You do not need to battle with the feeling of uncertainty anymore. A simple love energy spell is just all you need to be sure of your standing in your relationship.

Heartbreak is not meant for everyone. And I am pretty convinced heartbreak is not meant for you as well.

The love energy spells have a very general use. It is not restricted to anyone; neither is it for everyone. The love energy spells are not for the poor; neither is it for the rich.

The love energy spells are not for the educated neither are they for the non-educated. The love energy spells are for everyone as long as they have a good heart.

Your desire to fall in love is the critical criteria for the love energy spell to work. And they want to fall in love is the primary reason why people cast the love energy spell.

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What is the Risk Associated with Performing Love Energy Spells?

Twilight banishing spellsThere are so few risks associated with performing a love energy spell. But then again these risks are negligible. Love energy spells are easy to perform.

This does not discredit the fact that there are risks attached. Especially if you do not cast it with all precision. The main risk associated with love spells is by not following the rules of the spell. If you do not follow the instructions of the spell, there would be complications. And there is no point casting a spell if at the end it brings complications.

Note that this spell can block the portal of love if not cast properly. Although this can also be averted by properly following the instructions of the spell.

Another thing that can cause risk to arise is adding an ingredient that is not part of the ingredient list.

The only exception is when you know what the ingredient you are adding is going to do to the spell. But you have to be very sure before adding additional ingredients to the spell. You should not also cast the spell if you do not have all the necessary ingredients needed for the spell.

Casting love energy spells are safe and have are risk-free if you know what you are doing. Just follow the instructions of the spell correctly.

How to Cast Love Energy Spells

Love spells using your partner’s photoNow, let us go into how to cast the love energy spells. There are different variations of the love energy spells. But in today’s post, we would be looking into how to cast “the ring of coral love energy spell.” We would need about four to five different ingredients to cast this spell. So, get your mind ready, because this is the part of this article that indeed requires your attention the most.


One gold candle
One red candle (best to have a heart-shaped candle)
A couple of coral from any flower
Four pieces of small pink candles
One golden or silver ring



  • STEPS 1: Start by first getting yourself in the right state of mind. Focus on the person you want to enchant with the spell. Think of how much you love the person, and how you want the person to love you. If possible think of the both of you together already.
  • STEP 2: Now, set up the altar where you would cast the spell. You would need the ingredients listed above to set up the altar. First, start with the gold candles. Set the gold candles in your favorite candle holder. Then after you have done that, set the candle at the middle of the altar.
  • STEP 3: Then take the coral of the flower of your choice, and lay it out around the gold candle on the altar. This is necessary to make the altar a portal to connect the both of you. Then take the smaller pink candles, and arrange them around the coral. Then your altar is set, and you are ready to start casting the spell. As you set up the altar keep thinking about the love you have for the person you want to enchant. The time you spend setting up the alter is an extra time you are given to get yourself ready for the spell
  • STEP 4: Next, you have to light all the candles then and sit down close to the altar. Hold the ring with both hands. Close your eyes, and visualize in details how you want the person to love you. Focus on your love desires. You can imagine how you want the person to interact with you and so on. Then when you know deep down in your mind that it is all set, then you can proceed with saying the chant. The chant goes like this, “into this ring; I pour out this energy. By doing this I call you out to me, this wo(man) it is you I need to be with me. Burning like the flame of a candle is my love for you. My enduring love seeks thee.”
  • STEP 5: You are to say this chant seven times. On the seventh time, slowly open your eyes, and blow out the candles. Then your spell is complete. Wear the ring with you at all times, and it would generate enough energy to make the one you love you so much.



In conclusion, cast the love energy spell to make the person you are crushing on, love you. And if you are in a relationship, cast the love energy spell to make your partner love you more. The use of the love energy spell is so diverse that you can use it for any case relating to getting someone you love. Finally, take caution while casting the love energy spell. Stay safe.

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