#7 Free Love Spell To Make Him Crave Me So Much Every day

Have you been searching on Google for the “free love spells to make him crave me every day”?

If the answer is yes then we would like to tell you that you have landed on the right article because this article has the appropriate “spells to make him crave you”.

Now before we start discussing more on this, let’s find out the most complex question which makes you Google for such things –

Why doesn’t he call you?

Yes, this is not just the cause but also the most torturous question that makes your life no less than hell. This does not arise in the first instance but when you have fallen for someone and eventually started to like him or her. The regular chats and late night calls start to end, thereby, giving birth to it (question). If this happens due to any reason then you try to find out the solution but what happens when there is no reason behind it. How will you find a solution to such a situation?

Maybe the other person might have lost interest in you or he/ she might have found someone else. Either way, it is intolerable when you are being ignored by someone with whom you are extremely close to. Therefore, to make things more easy for you, we would like to offer you some of the best spells that will surely do the job.

Spell 1: The Call Me Now Spell –

Starting with the easiest one, this spell isn’t hard to perform. The best part about this spell is that it can be done daily until he or she calls you. All you need to do is –

  1. Get a piece of paper along with your cell phone.
  2. On that paper, simply write his or her name and then place it under your phone.
  3. Always remember that this spell demands the strongest will of the caster. Depending on multiple factors, the effect of this spell might be seen either instantly or within 3 days.


Spell 2: Use the energy of water

Steps to do this spell are as follows –

  1. This is one of the quickest spells that have the ability to bring some of the best results. Simply, place the glass of water in the open window and sprinkle some salt in it.
  2. Thereafter, close your eyes and chant this spell – “Listen to me, call me, we need to talk”.
  3. This must be repeated at least three times, and then you need to drink the water.
  4. This spell has a great impact/ influence and it can make anyone contact you. Furthermore, this is an effective way via which you can transfer positive energy to the person you want.


Spell 3: The power of visualization

Love magic is expounded to the imagination and you wanting to accomplish your goals and wishes. And the catch here – you need to have faith in it and need somebody to decision you with all of your heart. This way, you send positive vibes and energy to the Universe, which then gets settled on the person you wish for.

  1. For this spell, you need a piece of paper. It’d be sensible if it is a quality paper, ideally in red (color of affection); then you should have a needle, all enveloped in large passion.
  2. Within the middle of this paper, write the name of your crush twice, in an order that all the letters of that name form a circle.
  3. While doing it, imagine that special somebody.
  4. Imagine he/ she takes the phone and sends you a message, or does some other thing like that.
  5. Then take the needle and pin it within the center of that circle. Place that paper somewhere close to the phone and leave it.
  6. The spell can add five minutes, hours or days, betting on however massive was you want.


Spell 4: “Call me” spells by using Candles

Candles have always been chosen since ancient times to light up the magic between two souls. Why, if you ask. They have this special ability to infuse magic by taking the help of spells and chants. To do this spell, follow these steps –

  1. Take a yellow candle as it symbolizes positive energy. Also, it helps in stimulating the power of the mind.
  2. Next important thing that you need to keep in mind is that while performing every spell, you need to be alone. The focus should be there and for that, you have to be alone.
  3. Light the candle and let it burn for a few moments before starting the spell.
  4. Now imagine the person who is not contacting you. This spell will make him crave for you.
  5. Using the needle, carve the name of that person on that candle.
  6. Then pierce the needle through the center of it.
  7. Be sure that you don’t extinguish the flame.

Once the spell is over, the chance if getting the call from him or her becomes high.

Spell 5: Bay leaf magic

Apart from the candles, bay leaves are among the most used items to cast spells. This has been used since ancient times too. The magic experts recognize it as a plant protector; therefore, this is used as a way to remove negative energy. Here are the steps using which you can easily cast the spell

  1. Take a larger bay leaf.
  2. Then write the name of your beloved person.
  3. Put the leaf over the phone so that it masks it completely. You can also stick the leaf to your phone but not permanently.
  4. Thereafter, chant this – “(The name of your loved one), call me, call me right now. I want to hear your voice right now. Call me this instant.”

The leaf will help by empowering the energy of your thoughts, thus, making that special one to call you very soon.

Spell 6: Make your ex call you

You two broke up, and you do not understand why. You were head over heels in love with her but currently all that has gone. Perhaps you only need some clarification; however, your ex-lover does not talk to you.

During this case, you’ll still use powerful spells thus you wouldn’t have to be compelled to be the primary one to decide.

  1. This can be a “call me” straightforward spell – you only would like your phone and therefore the tarot card cards Queen and Lovers.
  2. You are represented by queen and lovers are the 2 of you.
  3. Lovers card ought to be placed on your phone.
  4. While you are doing that, chant the following: “May the person I really love (name here)”.
  5. Then place the cardboard of the Queen over the Lovers card and say this – “Call Pine Tree State and will no-one’s feelings get hurt within the method.”
  6. The person you would like will then decide to finally call you, maybe, to clarify some things.

The end result will favor you completely.

Spell 7: Another spell for your ex-lover to call you

If you aren’t aware then we would like to tell you that each week is specifically ruled by a specific planet. On the basis of the magic done by you, you have the pick the day on which you will perform this spell,

This “call me” spell demands action on Thursday. Why? Because the flow of the love energy on this day is the most powerful. Steps to do it are as follows –

  1. Get a green candle along with a picture of your loved one.
  2. Light the candle using a new matchbox and keep the photo in front.
  3. Now place a paper with his or her name written on it.
  4. Say this chant three times by taking a deep breath – “(name of your ex-boyfriend or husband), think about me and call me quickly. Hear my appeal to you. I want the forces of the Universe to go forth and make this call happen. Contact me in any way possible. I’m waiting.”

Once you are done, you will be surprised to get the call from him or her instantly.

Conclusion –

Although, the spells that are discussed here can be done easily by beginners but in case you are not getting results, you can always get in touch with an expert. Also, no matter which spells you are doing, always make sure that you are doing it with utter confidence and focus. Moreover, if these spells aren’t done via the pure heart & purpose, you might lose the impact and this is the last thing you would want to happen.

Thanks again for reading!

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