5 Powerful Free Texting Spells: Love Spells Through Text Messages

Want to learn the Powerful Free Texting Spells; Love Spells Through Text Messages? Sit tight as you’re to discover this awesome and free love chants through text messaging.

From time to time, love is what has led people to perform rituals and get what their heart desires. And if you are looking for love from either your partner, ex-lover, friends, or family members, communication is the most critical factor.

But at times, you might not receive the attention you desire since the person you wish to text you might not be willing to do so. In such a case, casting a spell via text message is your go-to alternative.

Love spells through text messages are the most straightforward rituals. You don’t need to worry about ingredients such as sacred herbs, scented candles, or some weird parts of the plant. All you need is your phone, a strong faith, and a positive mindset.

The text message magic spell has proven to be powerful and effective, helping to open up communication between you and your ex-lover or anyone you desire to text you more often.

When Can Text Message Magic Spell Be Cast?

  • If you desire your ex-lover, family, friends, or lover to be in constant communication with you via text.
  • If you desire to talk more often with the person you are already with.
  • If you desire to connect with someone you have long admired to talk to.
  • If you had a break-up with your ex and want him to start contacting you frequently through text message.

How To Perform Love Spells Through Text

  • Self-texting
  • Begin with balanced emotions.

Love Spells Through Text MessagesBefore you begin casting your love spell via text message, you need to cleanse yourself to magnetize your energy spiritually. Begin by taking a shower or a bath to rejuvenate your energy. As you take a bath, focus on your emotions and your intentions to cast the love spell through text message.

  • Type a new message on your phone dedicated to your own

The new message should be addressed to yourself, and you should type what you desire. For instance, you can type: “My heart feels amazing today.”

  • Send the message and press the home screen.

Once you receive the message, leave it unread in your inbox to act as a reminder of your cast spell.

  • View and delete the message when your wish is fulfilled.

This method will only prove effective if the person you long desired to start texting you respond positively by sending you text messages.

#1 Use of images on a piece of paper

This method involves applying your creative expression on a piece of paper then focusing your intentions on it. Before you get started, you will require some few tools:

  • A piece of paper.
  • A pen.
  • Your phone.


  • On top of a piece of paper, draw two images, one to symbolize you and the other representing the other person.
  • Below the images, write the person’s name.
  • Then write what you would wish the person to do for you. You might mention how you miss them and how you desire to see a text message from them soon.
  • Fold the paper three times and place your phone on top of it.
  • Carry the paper with you as much as you can.


The spell is likely to make your target express romantic feelings towards you, and within no time you will begin receiving multiple text messages him.

#2 Casting spells using emoji

We use tons of emojis in our everyday conversations to convey our emotions, ideas, feelings and many other aspects. Unfortunately, for a long time, people have often underestimated the power of emojis. They can be used to cast a spell provided you have a strong belief in the ritual.


  • Figure out your intention. You should be more specific with your intentions.
  • Figure out how you can represent that intention with an emoji.
  • Craft a perfect message and sandwich it between the emoji on both ends.
  • Text or post the message somewhere such as on your email drafts, phone’s notebook, or on your phone’s to do list.

Consider your spell successful if you begin receiving text messages in the near future from that person you desire.

#3 The visualization spell

Visualization spell is the most straightforward technique to perform provided you have a strong desire and positive energy to the Highest Power of the Universe. To empower the spell, you must have a strong power of the mind which will enable your desire to become fruitful.

What you will require

  • A piece of paper preferably red in color.
  • A needle.
  • A pen.

What to do

  • To get started, craft a visual representation of your goal and how you hope to accomplish it. You can visualize your specific desires such as the kind of person you wish to text you.
  • Using the pen, write the name of the person you wish to text you in the middle of the paper. You should form a circle by the letters of that name.
  • Take the needle and pin it in the center of the circle.
  • Shut your eyes and start meditating the thoughts of your beloved.
  • Try to control the person’s mind and believe he will take his phone and send you a message.
  • When done, take the paper and place it near the phone.

The spell will work in the next one or two days depending on your belief.

#4 Tarot cards spell

Tarot cards spell is a very powerful ritual that can make him start sending you text messages. In this technique, you will require some few tools before casting your spell.

  • Your phone.
  • The Tarot cards Queen and Lovers.

Queen represents you as an adult female while lovers will represent the two of you. Tarot card queens are known to be manipulative while tarot card lovers are known to have a combination of various aspects of love.

What to do

  • Place the Lovers card on your phone.
  • Say the following chant to dedicate the card to the highest power of the universe.

 “May the person I truly love send me a text message.”

  • Place the card of the Queen over the Lovers card.
  • While meditating about him, say the following chant. May the person I truly love send me a text”

Consider your ritual a success if you receive a text message from the person you love. After getting a text message, it is now upon you decide the direction your relationship will take.

#5 Love message spell to initiate a text message

This is one of the easiest love spells chants to perform that brings desirable results even though it might not be instant. You will need the following materials:

  • A piece of paper.
  • A red pen.
  • Your phone.
  • A strong will power and persistence.

What to do

  • Before going to bed, use the red pen and write a short love letter to your loved one.
  • Fold the letter and place it under your phone.
  • Say the following chant: “Send this letter to my beloved. Let him know that I love him. Once delivered, send me a text message the holder of my heart.”
  • Repeat the chant until you fall asleep.

Expect to receive a text message from him the day that follows. If unsuccessful, repeat the spell in the day that follows. This magic love spell requires your patience and a positive mindset. You must believe in every word that you chat in the ritual. Consider the spell successful if the person you desire to text you does it daily.

#6 The use of incense and candle

As the name suggests, you will need incense and candle to cast the spell. You will also need to have the following materials:

  • A white clean cotton cloth.
  • Red scentless candle.
  • Red ink pen.
  • A piece of paper.
  • Incense

What to do

  • Cleanse the space to remove negative energy by burning the incense.
  • Light the candle.
  • Using the red ink pen, write his name of the piece of paper.
  • Take the white clean cotton cloth and wipe the screen of your phone.
  • Place the phone on top of the piece of paper containing his name.
  • While focusing on the candle’s flame, say the following chant:

“Text me now Mr. X. Let my phone give me a notification from you.”

  • Finish the spell by folding the paper and placing it next to your phone for the entire night. Consider your spell successful if you receive a text message from your beloved in the near future.

Bonus tips

For love spells through text messages to work effectively, you have to focus your energy on your beloved. These magic love spells even works to open up communication via email or any other social media platform such as Facebook.

All in all, patience is a virtue you must have. A majority of these love spells through text messages do not work instantly. You must repeat the ritual several days a week and have a strong faith in the magic.


If you want him to be yours and begin sending you text messages, you have no option but follow the steps explained in each spell. If you perform the magic correct, have a strong faith, and maintain a positive mindset, then your spell will work and fulfill your desires. If you don’t see results, it is advisable to contact an expert for help.

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