Magick of Witchcraft Review – Pros and Cons.

magick Magick of Witchcraft Review - Pros and Cons.
In your entire stay on earth, did you ever experience an unexplained things and made you consider that the idea of magic and casting spells can be true?  Most people have several wonders or questions that no one could give direct answers.

Even once in your life, did you experience what others called a miracle, a magic? In this review, we will know if such magic is possible in Magick of Witchcraft. Is it good or bad? Also, let’s discover if such spell and magic could change the way of your life.

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About Rose Ariadne and Magick of Witchcraft

For more than 27 years, Rose Ariadne have been practicing witchcraft. And it has something to do with exercising magic techniques and spell.  She learned it through the help of her Grandmother.

According to her, she has helped more than 1900 students (1986 students to be exact) from varied countries to attract wealth, good luck, and love add protection and create beneficial changes in their lives. She did it through the Universal Magick energy in which every human possesses.

Having the urge to help others and share her ‘magical knowledge’, she created the “Magick Of Witchcraft” which is like a witchcraft academy that is entirely placed in a box.

About The Product

the magickk of witchcraft review Magick of Witchcraft Review - Pros and Cons.
Her grandmother handed down ancient magic techniques and she studied it well to bring changes to others.  Specifically, she studied each ritual, spells as well as techniques on how she could have a connection with the magical energies. And now after 27 years of mastering it, she wants to share it to others through the “Mastering the Magick of Witchcraft”

This is the compilation of spells and other related magical learning that you can easily learn with yourself. It’ is like a home academy in a box.

What’s In It?

  1. A 399-page magic manual which includes:

the magick of witchcraft Magick of Witchcraft Review - Pros and Cons.

  • Step by step casting love spells for beginners
  • Casting protection, and money spells for beginners
  • 51 powerful love spells
  • 31 high powered love spells
  • 99 highly distinct spells
  • How to make your own spell
  • Step by step way on how you can see the future through divination
  • Highly advance spells for love
  • The entire list of magic herbs, oils, plant and crystals
  1. 7 DVD Set of Demonstrations and Magick Tutorials having more than ten-hour video
  1. Sheets to track your progress
  2. FREE BONUS gifts such as affordable love spell mastery, powerful  and advance witchcraft course, limited edition audio Cd for witchcraft masters, free shipping and more

What are the Uses of Magic Spell?

Rose Ariadne said that there’s hidden energy within you that makes the magic possible. Most may not be aware of it, but once you learn how to utilize it properly, you can freely do anything such as the following:

  • You can end financial difficulties through making way to wealth
  • You can find your soulmate or your partner in life that will truly love you.
  • You’ll be able to protect yourself as well as your family from danger
  • You can become more attractive to both women and men
  • You’ll gain inner confidence
  • Healing diseases not just in yourself but others
  • You can cure your broken heart.
  • You can do anything with your inner power.

How to Control Magic Energy?

She said that everyone has the capacity to control magic energy through practicing and discovering the ancient techniques.  According to her, you can control it through the following two simple secrets:

  • You should be open-hearted regarding the magic power through fully believing that you can access its power.
  • You need a guide or teacher that could teach you the detailed steps on how you can use ancient secrets towards controlling your magic power.

Is There Any Magic Proof?

witchcraft Magick of Witchcraft Review - Pros and Cons.
She also enumerates magic proofs such as data showing that the government spent the budget on psychic research, which is beneficent to FBI and CIA. She also cites that the magic energies can come out from your nose, eyes, fingertips and even blood.

These magic energies can kill micro-organisms as well as yeast in five minutes and according to the site, the professor at Cornell University, who is Professor Otto Rahn proved this. When you read the entire statements in her site, you’ll come up with the idea that the whole magic thing might be true and what you just need is to believe.

Website Review

If you are impatient enough, you’ll surely not pay attention to this site because all you can read are long texts. You also need to scroll down a lot. There’s no given pages and category filters for easy navigation of the website.  You can’t even locate the buttons you need to click. It is not also that attractive.

I’m hoping for more modernized site layout and design. I mean, simplicity is quite fine but at least, the content should be organized in a simple and not complex way. It’s also hard to know what service or product this site offers such as the deals, rates and more.  This website is not really attractive.

What are the Contents of the Websites?

The text contains stories of how she helps people rise up from depression through the spell from his grandmother.  The spell helps people from financial difficulties, love concerns, career, health, relationship, and others. She serves as their mentor and guide.  Below is the plot of the story featured in her site.

The Plot of the Story about a Man Who Almost Gave Up On His Life

The owner becomes his mentor and started showing his new spell as well as a ritual in their every meeting. Then she showed him a spell form money attraction. She got the spell from the Old Book of Shadows of her grandmother. And then after that, an unexpected money comes to him. It’s from the tax refund of this rent.

But it’s not the end of money attraction, he got a job offer having $95,000 in a Year through a friend’s recommendation. The effect of the money attraction spell to that man is a long-term financial prosperity.

But since his love life is a bit messy, she then gave him love spell. In their next meeting, she told him about the spell and teach him how to cast it in five simple ways. But the spell didn’t work. The man is too excited to get a fast result. This is why the magic didn’t work. When you consistently think about the spell, its affectivity reduces.

She told him to do the spell again with a simple ritual for him to relax.  Then before their every meeting, the love spell worked on his love.  The girl wants the man back.  The magic spell from his grandmother works.  Aside from this man, there are already thousand people worldwide who experienced real magic regarding happiness, love, wealth, luck and others through her Grandmother’s book.

The Statement of Her Clients

The site also contains letters from her past clients thanking her for the favorable changes she imparts to their life.
Unlike other websites where the customers created reviews, this website doesn’t have such a review section for the past clients. Instead, you can read those reviews of her clients within the long text and paragraphs in the site.

Although the site has a testimonial section, you can find it at the very bottom of her website. The feedbacks seems legit since the whole name of the sender is there. With that, you have a reference.
Some letters go like this:

  • Mercedes Aguirre thanks her for improving her health and helping her out with her romance.
  • Another thank her for helping her become a better student and mother through the calming effect that she gave

What makes Magick of Witchcraft Different?

  • This site offers a different thing compared giving readings or other psychic services. It has something to do with magical stuff like casting spells and the owner the site will mentor and guide you on how to use it properly through her creation, the “Mastering the Magic of Witchcraft”.
  • The magic energies will help you out in the depression or dilemma that you are in, whether it is in your love life, relationship, money matters, and others.
  • While others provide varied persons to give advice, this site offers the service one person. It’s all about her and the changes she made into the lives of others.
  • This is favorable for people who are interested in studying witchcraft.


  •  Mastering The Magick of Witchcraft is crafted by an experienced person
  • It has Good feedbacks
  • You can learn profound magical things such as love spells, money spells, and others through it.
  •  The witchcraft package has several valuable inclusion
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Risk-free (100%)


The website is not that attractive and comprehensive

 Payment Method

You can pay through the following:
payment 1 Magick of Witchcraft Review - Pros and Cons.


While psychics has psychic energies, Rose Ariadne has magic energies, which gives people confidence and control over varied of things in their life.  She has a good background having superb experience in helping others and changing their lives.

The reviews sent to her are also positive and seems authentic, but her site needs improvement.  These days, no one would read and scroll that long for you to understand what the site is offering. The layout should be improved to make more comprehensive to the audience.  That way, her message will be communicated well.

If you want to get a copy of this witchcraft learning package, you can message her directly on her site or you can buy it in Amazon.

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