How to Use Male Psychology to Spark His Emotional Attraction

Remember that song by the Jersey Boys Walk like A Man? As much of a classic song that is, it is true. The best way to trigger the emotional aspects is to walk like one (figuratively) and think like a man.

Trying to connect with a man on an emotional level can be the most complicated, counterintuitive thing a woman can ever do.

We, as women, are naturally nurturing and giving. Have you ever given to a man, and his feelings seem a little indifferent to you? Adam LoDolce, a relationship coach and contributor to the Huffington Post, says, in a nutshell, the best way for a man to emotionally connect with a man is by getting him to invest his time with you.

For example, getting your boyfriend or spouse to do a favor for you instead of doing him a favor will increase this emotional bond. Why? This is because he will have a sense of purpose, and he will feel like he is needed.

It’s no surprise that connecting with a man on an emotional level is what will cause him to fall in love. Learning and knowing how to connect with him is the main factor. states numerous ways to maintain emotional intimacy and keep a man enticed.

8 Ways to Use Male Psychology to Spark His Emotional Attraction:

Remain a MysterySpontaneity is the slice of life. It’s not wise to open yourself up too soon, especially in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Getting to know everything about each other too soon or over-sharing qualities and quirks can lead to boredom. Giving him a little taste of you in increments will keep him coming back for more.

1. Taking an Interest in His Life

Taking interest in any man or woman’s life is such a self-esteem booster on an emotional level. Showing interest in his/her life will help become more vulnerable and increase transparency. Play a game of 20 questions, no matter how silly or serious they are; it will show him that you genuinely care.

2. Show Respect

The more respect you show for a man, the more he will have for you. Respect is the most crucial foundation for any healthy relationship.

The best way to show any man respect is to honor his thoughts, understanding timing in between arguments, and giving him some alone time to spend with his friends.

3. Positive Affirmations

There is nothing more attractive than telling a man how much you appreciate him from time to time. Showing him appreciation reiterates his confidence in himself as well as in you.

Sadly, couples that stay quiet about each other’s positive traits more often than you may notice. Couples who don’t often complement each other are more likely to experience insecurities.

You don’t have to shower him with affirmations every day, but telling him every now again will keep the flame going.

4. Keep it Sexy

It is no brainer that men like sex. In fact, healthy sex life is good for the mind and the body.

Maintaining sexual intimacy is the key component to keeping longevity in any relationship; it also helps with focusing on his needs and deepens his emotional connection with you.

The best aspect of any emotional relationship is knowing when he/she is totally into you. According to Healthline, the following examples are ways of knowing that emotional attraction is mutual.

5. Feeling Like They Actually Get You

If you feel like they notice your transparency, they understand your feelings, or you share mutual vulnerabilities, this is a clear tell-tale sign that you both are experiencing an emotional bond.

6. You Both Are Constantly Thinking About Each Other

Have you ever been caught daydreaming about your significant other? Do you always think about the time that you two are expected to meet up with each other or how they make you feel?

In your daily errands at work, does everything you do draw each other to mind? If so, this is another indicator of a strengthening emotional bond.

7. Vulnerability

This component ties into the first point of him/her getting you. When you are comfortable telling your crush your hopes, fears, and aspirations, it increases their feelings of self-worth and confidence. It also showcases emotional growth within both of you. Vulnerability is so important in a relationship because it creates a certain “safe space” within each other.

Emotional experiences from a man that he shares with a woman are one of the most powerful reasons he will stay with a woman. A man does like a woman who is confident in herself and able to keep herself in control in most cases. This attribute isn’t saying that the ideal woman that a man wants resembles Rosie the Riveter. But a strong woman is one that isn’t afraid to hold deep conversations and isn’t afraid of confrontation. She is certain of herself and can balance masculinity with feminine grace. Understanding this concept and the law of attraction will pave the way for long-lasting relationships.

Every woman and man has different aspects and characteristics when it comes to finding the perfect mate. With that in mind, finding the perfect mate does start with confidence in you. Once you are confident in your emotions and unafraid in expressing vulnerability, you will be able to give and take effortlessly in any relationship. Emotional intimacy is a form of pure and raw sensuality, and it starts with you as a person.

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