Manscaped 3.0 Review

The manscaped 3.0 body hair trimmer is a compact, heavy-duty clipper that allows you precision and comfortable shaving without spending an eternity in the bathroom.

Manscaped 3.0 dock station

Featuring advanced skin safe technology and a higher rotation speed than its predecessor, this ranks among the best manscaping kits for the chest, pubic hair, armpit hair, back, and beard.

  • Rust-proof, ceramic blades
  • Quiet 7000RPM motor
  • Affordable
  • cordless
  • Slip-proof
  • 90 minutes runtime
  • Limited guide sizes
  • Lacks an extending arm

Product details

Weight 12.8 ounces
Battery 600mAh Li-ion
Charging type Charging dock/ USB type A
Blade type Ceramic, snap-in

Full review

Manscaped 3.0

Gone are the days when a yeti-like furry skin represented masculinity. Many men are shifting towards a neater and tidier area below the belt, as is evident from the discussions on multiple grooming platforms.

Being in this article implies that you, too, uphold the need for the tidiness of body hair. However, to maintain a tidy area below the belt, you need the right shaving tools and an equally good shaving regimen.

Given the delicate nature of the nether region, a shaver should provide an even cut without tugging on hairs. Additionally, beginner manscaping kits should keep blade teeth from gnawing on the skin, thus preventing painful lacerations and occasional baby-clean shaves against your will.

Although the market is awash with manscaping kits, few satisfy the test for quality manscaping equipment: compact, non-slip, and convenient.

Envisioned to keep every man’s manhood with the best look and feel, this manscaping trimmer by Shark-tank ticks my boxes for a quality shaver.


manscaped 3.0 Manscaped 3.0 Review

Besides allowing for clean shaving free of lacerations, quality control of a shaver ensures comfort in each use. Unlike my previous body grooming kits, manscaped 3.0 is designed with a curvy shape. In conjunction with the diamond textured exterior, it provides a non-slip grip even when used for wet shaving.

Additionally, the soft-touch power button is placed at a convenient spot, which allows for easy energy control without exposing your hands to muscle strain.

Although this manscaping trimmer offers a slip-free experience, I recommend ensuring that your hands are free of oil, as this will clog the rough exterior and allow for slipping.

Although the razor is ideal for back shaving, the set lacks an extended arm, making it hard to reach areas on your back.

Since the shaver is waterproof, it is ideal for wet shaving and use in the bathroom, thus promises longer service without damaging the motor by water.

This model’s waterproof feature allows for rinsing under running water, which reduces the cost and time of oil cleansing.


A good razor is the marriage of a sharp blade and a strong motor. While the manscaped 2.0 offered a quality 6000 RPM motor, the 3.0 is better by 1000 RPM and features QuietStroke technology. Also, this proved comfortable for continued use as it did not vibrate in hand and, unlike some standard sets, never heated up when in use.

However, for a more comfortable shaving experience, I recommend using the shaver after a hot bath, making it easy to cut through hair.

Battery life

Manscaped 3.0 dock station Manscaped 3.0 Review

A cordless body hair trimmer is a great option as it offers flexibility to tackle various areas without hassle. However, standard shavers have a battery that runs for an hour max, thus less than ideal for my camping needs.

The manscaped 3.0 body hair trimmer boasts a 90-minute runtime, which is beneficial for long travels without access to a power source.

Even better, the trimmer features a rapid charging USB dock, which saves you the agony of waiting twelve hours for a one-hour runtime. However, the shaver is not limited to the dock for charging as it offers an option for recharge using a type A charging cable.

I also like the length of the chord to the charging dock as it allows you to comfortably use the dock without being next to the power outlet.

Function and portability

Among my favourite features of the manscaped 3.0 are its adjustable guiding combs, which can be tuned to lengths between 2mm and 3.5 mm. With this setting, you can select the appropriate size of combs for the desired hair size and realize a smooth fade.

However, I wish the manufacturer made more guard combs for this manscaping kit as this would help handle a wider variety of hair sizes hence unlocking more styles and widening its use as a hair and beard trimmer.

Besides its function, the device can be used as decoration for your bathroom, given its elegance when mounted on the charging dock.

The manscaped 3.0 body hair trimmer is ideal for travelling as it consumes little space and makes no notable difference to the weight of your bags owing to its compact, lightweight design.

LED lighting

Manscaped 3.0 LED Manscaped 3.0 Review

Among the factors which dictate the quality of body grooming, light ranks high on the list.

Unlike my previous manscaping kits, this featured LED lighting, which helped achieve a uniform shave and spot areas I had shaved dismally.


Manscaped 3.0 features Manscaped 3.0 Review

When gauging a manscaping hair clipper, the safety of the blades and rust resistance are among the elements I accord most importance.

With the rust-proof ceramic snap-in blades featuring an advanced skincare technology, the manscaped 3.0 yield a clean shave and ensure that no skin irritation is experienced after shaving.

The skin-safe technology reduces the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation, therefore, allowing you to attend to your daily routine with the least disturbance.

This technology also protects from direct contact with the blades, reducing the chances of nicks and cuts. Although the blade is built to protect you from nicks and cuts, ensure to take enough caution when scaping the scrotal area.

For this, I recommend pulling the skin tight and using small strokes instead of sliding over the crevices.

Since the blades are rust-proof, the shaver assures you durable service and comfortable use until the blades wear out.

To retain the quality of its service, ensure that you replace the blades with new Manscape 3.0 blades. However, the blades from its predecessor, the 2.0, also work as good.

Although this body hair clipper is advertised as a nick-free shaver, it requires utmost attention as the blades are sharp.


Although it falls on neither extremes of manscaping kit prices, the manscaped 3.0 shaver assures value, which I consider worth its price tag.

More so, the shaver can serve as an all-body shaver, thus saving you from investing in more devices. However, the clipper cannot function as a perfect shaver for head hair. It lacks the elements to help you achieve uniformity in areas including but not limited to ear tapers.

Frequently asked questions

Can manscaped 3.0 be used on the face?

Among the sets I have used before, the manscape 3.0 shaves even the small facial hairs, thus ideal for facial hair and the moustache. However, during wet shaving, ensure to shave against the hair gradient to fall more hairs.

Given the sharpness of the blade, however, ensure that you apply little pressure to the clipper, thus preventing nasty scars.

Does manscaped 3.0 come with multiple guard combs?

The one that I bought did not. However, the comb on the shaver can be tuned to varying sizes, thus giving you the intended hair size.

How do I reduce nicks when shaving?

I would recommend investing in good shaving cream, taking as much time as you need to trim your hair and applying little force to the clipper when in use. Where possible, find the most comfortable position and avoid movements when in use as sudden motion may bring your skin in contact with the blade.

Factors to consider when buying a manscaping kit?

  • Weight- for maximum control to maneuver various nooks and crannies when shaving, invest in a light shaver.
  • Waterproof– to ensure use in the bathroom, a waterproof clipper is a great choice. Besides the freedom of use in the shower, waterproof clippers ensure a long mortar life as no liquids can penetrate the mortar chamber.
  • Slip-resistance- the rougher, the better. It is key to get a shaver that fits well in your hand and does not slip under wet, soapy conditions to ensure your safety and maximum maneuvering.

Final verdict

Clippers are a safer way for manscaping as they reduce the risk of cuts, irritation, and ingrown hairs compared with traditional shavers.

Given the high mortar power and slip-free performance, I recommend the Manscaped 3.0 to shave body hair and beard trimming.

However, the blade does not assure you a quality hair shaving experience as it lacks the range of guiding combs and ear tapers that come with head shavers.

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