Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Review

With its powerful motor and quality accessories, Manscaped perfect package 2.0 kit is an excellent hair body clipper for all hair types and shaving regimens.

Besides promising you a shaving experience free of hair pulling, this clipper helps manage the mess created when grooming and curb odour from your nether regions.

Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit

  • High motor power
  • SkinSafe razor tech
  • Quiet operation
  • Waterproof
  • Rust-resistant ceramic blade
  • Affordable
  • One-hour battery runtime
  • No fast-charging dock


  • The lawnmower
  • Moisturizer
  • Shears (nail grooming kit)
  • Crop cleanser (body wash)
  • Crop preserver (ball deodorant and moisturizer with the anti-chafing dry liquid gel)
  • Crop reviver
  • Shaving mats
  • High-quality storage case (the Shed)

Full review

The lawnmower 2.0

To manscape or not to manscape. That is the question that dominates grooming platforms, with some advocating for a bush below the belt as a show of manhood. However, you will agree with me that Manscaping suggests efficiency and organization and helps curb body odour.

Although the goal is clear, keeping your hair trimmed, the main issue ranks in finding a manscaping trimmer with enough power to cut through your hair without pulling. While there are some notable models at your disposal, the Manscaped perfect package 2.0 manscaping kit is my favourite.

It gives you the required results without nicks (if used with caution and without speed) and provides you with the necessary elements to maintain your nails and curb body odour.

Even better, this kit proved an excellent accessory for handling crotch, facial, underarm, chest, and leg hair. This makes it a quality all-body hair clipper as it saves you from investing in a part-specific shaver.

Motor power

Quality motor power is among the factors I consider most when selecting a shaving machine.

Clippers with a high RPM (rotation per minute) allow you to hasten your grooming sessions and ensure that you save power and gain a smooth fade with a 6000 RPM, the Manscaped 2.0 motor cuts through hair faster than my (now defunct) previous standard clippers without tugging on hair curls.

Even better, the lawnmower features a QuietStroke operation, which ensures in-hand comfort and improves your control. The wireless clipper comes with a rechargeable AA battery, which offers a 60-minute runtime.

Manscaped perfect package 2.0 clipper Blade and Guide combs 

A quality motor and a right blade is my ultimate duo for a quality shaver.

The Manscaped perfect package 2.0 body hair trimmer is fitted with quality rust-proof ceramic blades which shield you against allergic reactions and elongate your shavers service. However, a sharp blade can prove deadly if used without the required amount of care.

Having nicked me a few times before adopting the machine, I recommend that you always use the shaver with a guide comb fitted on and stretch the sack when trimming hair. Also, ensure to operate slowly on the crotch area as if mishandled, the blades are bound to take bites on your skin.

The Manscape 2.0 perfect package kit also features guide combs sizes of; 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12 mm, which give you the freedom to select the hair size that appeals to you the most.

The plow

Although most shavers promise to give you a clean shave, none ideally reach a baby-soft skin. This body grooming kit admits this and solves the problem by providing a double-edge steel razor, which helps me finalize the shave and rid various hair spots.

While the idea of a sharp steel razor around the merchandise scared me, the blade is fitted with a rough handle, which maximizes its grip and ensures you apply the right amount of energy for shaving.

For a comfortable shave, I recommend using the plow for wet shaving (after a hot bath), as this softens your hair, making it easier to cut with little effort.


Contrary to my doubts, each item in the kit, including the nail clippers, is made of stainless steel, ensuring durable service. I also found each item up to the standards of the man grooming gear, which was unbelievable for the price of the kit.

Owing to its waterproof build, the shaver can be cleaned under running water. However, ensure that you oil the blade regularly to maintain its quality.

Although the shaver comfortably fits in hand, it lacks a rough cover for increasing grip; therefore, you should be careful when using it with soapy, oily hands.

The Crop cleanser

Manscaped perfect package 2.0 crop cleanser

A deodorant is vital in my grooming regimen for looking good and smelling better.

A testament to their vision, the Manscaped perfect package 2.0 includes a body wash with active pH control, which helps reduce body odour for up to 24 hours.

Personally, the body wash is an excellent option for aftershave cleansing as, unlike its bar counterparts, it doesn’t retain unpleasant hair particles.

However, what made me love the Manscaped body wash was its antibacterial, anti-chafing design, ensuring that you don’t feel itchy after each shave.

The cleanser proves an excellent option for combating smell compared to talcum powder, as it does not deposit a white precipitate on your pants.

Crop preserver

Crop preserver Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Review

How far does a good body grooming regimen go? With the crop preserver, your scent is bound to be elevated and fresher than ever.

Like the body wash, the ball deodorant has antibacterial and anti-chafing properties, hence curbing friction and improving your overall fragrances. The crop preserver aids in curbing inflammation since it consists of aloe and hazel extracts, which also aid in hydration.

The Shears/ Nail kit

Nail pack Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Review

The manscaped perfect package 2.0 kit is indeed a far cry from my usual man grooming kits.

Featuring a complete nail grooming kit with a nail file, a pair of safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, and an ear pick, there is no stopping before reaching the grooming climax. Even better, all these accessories are made of stainless steel, thus offer durable service.

Even better, I found the sheer bag decent and of good quality, thus ensures that your armoury is in one safe place as long as you use the kit.

Given the quality of this grooming kit, it passes for a great gift for your partner and an excellent investment, which pays by eliminating the need to buy additional stand-alone grooming accessories.

The magic mat

Grooming is a messy task. With the war between your mower and the hair, hairs always fall scattered on the ground forcing you to spend more time cleaning the floor (or exposing you to your wife’s wrath).

To reduce this mess, the kit comes with a pack of shaving mats that keep all your shaved hairs in one place for easy disposal. Even better, the mats double as reading material to keep you busy as you prepare for a facelift.

However, don’t yield to the temptation to read the magic mats as they will cast a spell of nicks, which will make you rue ever manscaping the crouch.

The Shed

Travel bag Manscaped Perfect Package 2.0 Kit Review

Among the items I love most about the manscaped perfect package 2.0 kit is the travel bag. Like the sheer bag, the travel bag is made of quality material and accommodates all the elements with additional room for your dental maintenance accessories.

Thanks to its compact design, the kit fits easily in my travel bag and makes it easy to retrieve its components without making a mess.

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the sharp blade without severing my genitals?

To begin with, your genital area is not a field of nails. As such, be gentle with the shaver and avoid exerting pressure on the clipper.

Also, avoid using the blade without guiding combs and pull skin before running the clipper over it gently, thus preventing the edge from gnawing overlying skin.

Finally, ensure that you use the shaver for wet shaving as it will soften the hairs, thus making it easy for the shaver to mow through.

How long frequently should I replace my manscaped blade?

Depending on the frequency of use, you should change the blade after 2-4 months. When replacing the blade, hold the clipper facing you and press it gently forward, detaching it from the handle. After removing the old blade, place the new blade on and slide it backward while pressing it down.

Final verdict

Whatever your hair grooming regimen, the manscaped perfect package 2.0 puts together a set of clipping equipment that helps you achieve a smooth shave and style without a persistent itch.

While the shaving kit is advertised as the best shaver for men, I recommend it for either gender. However, given the blade’s sharpness, it is essential to be careful; else, you may end up treating severe lacerations.

If you have already tried Lawnmower 2.0, do you rate it as highly as I do, or am I losing my mind? Leave your comment/ air your concerns below, and we can discuss more.


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