Maxkon UFO Designed Air Fryer Review

Let’s be honest with each other; this fryer looks sci-fi fantastical and you can completely understand why they call it the Space Ship Air Fryer. But will this appliance’s performance impress as much as its appearance? We put this to the test and what we found was out of this world.

Maxkon UFO Designed Multi-Purpose Healthy Air Fryer Oven Cooker




  • Can it Get Any Healthier?
    As it goes with any extraterrestrial encounter you probably wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t experience it for yourselves. We heard the murmurings and the confident claims, but we doubted all these statements.  Can you truly make tasty deep-fried foods without using any fat or oil? The Maxkon Space Ship Air Fryer has just proven any skeptics (and us) wrong with its delicious deep-fried delicacies that don’t require a single drop of oil during the entire cooking process!
  • Rotating Into the Future
    Combine cutting edge cooking technology and visual food rotating and you get 3D heating. Besides the fact that it looks pretty impressive, this ensures that food is cooked evenly. Leaving you to delight in a meal that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • The Ultimate Fast Food
    Maxkon probably had to remind them that our galactic counterparts have to be able to dine at the speed of light when they created the Space Ship Air Fryer. Healthy meals can now be made in a jiffy. Chips took us an average of 15 minutes and a chicken for about 30 minutes.
  • Send Pre-Heating to Prehistoric Times
    Everybody knows the feeling of having to stare at the oven light for what feels like hours, just waiting for it to go off so you can continue with your cooking. The Space Ship Air Fryer has just added years to your life by cutting out all this wasted pre-heating time. Their patented turbo air technology makes the hot air flow from top to bottom which makes pre-heating unnecessary.
  • Pick and Choose
    You can try to think of cooking processes that this Air Fryer won’t be able to do, but I’m afraid you’ll be fighting a losing battle. You can roast, bake, barbeque, grill, steam, you-name-it. The Space Ship Air Fryer is dominating the multifunctional scene and crushing any competition.
  • Exciting Extras
    With so many add-on options, the Space Ship Air Fryer can be seen as the ultimate grown-up gadget. We felt like we were kids busy building our very own Transformer whilst collecting all our Space Ship Air Fryer accessories; the uncontested cooking king and his knights of steel (or non-stick material in this case). You have so many to choose from: the dual rack, the rotating cage, the rotary barbeque set, the pizza pan, the steamer, the rotisserie…Are you licking those lips yet?
  • Not Just Empty Promises
    The manufacturer is so certain of the quality of the product, that they don’t simply imply the optimal performance or multi-functionality without backing up their claims. This product comes with a one year warranty and by asking around we found that it’s very rare that the warranty ever has to be used. But it’s easier to trust a brand that has that kind of trust in their own product.


For the first time since we started reviewing air fryers, I am standing defeated and astounded: what cons? We tried to be like picky old spinsters finding the tiniest fault in whoever could possibly share their house with them and we came up with nothing.

The only thing that could possibly irk people is the confusion around the branding. Many people order the Maxkon Space Ship Air Fryer, only to be sent a Lantark Space Ship Air Fryer.

What people don’t understand is that these are sister brands and that Lanark & Maxkon are sister brands and that it is exactly the same product with only different branding.


Product Features

Maxkon UFO Airfryer review 300x300 1 Maxkon UFO Designed Air Fryer Review



The Maxkon Space Ship Air Fryer follows in the footsteps of its namesakes, paving the way for a new kind of Air Fryer.

You can now keep an eye on the cooking process even if you were standing across the room from the fryer. With the entire lid being made of glass you have visibility from all sides.

You can happily watch your chicken rotate even if you’re not close to the Air Fryer.

I can’t imagine a space ship made of non-impressive material and the Maxkon is no different.

The cover is made from incredibly thick glass in order to resist the high temperatures. By using a high-quality, heat resistant carbon tube they have ensured that it will have a long service life.

Its impressive digital control panel is very user-friendly and already has 6 pre-set/default cooking settings; chips, fish, meat, chicken, pizza/pies. But if you don’t want to use the default settings, you can simply set the temperature and time you need to cook your chosen meal.

If all these options of different food make you a little anxious about the possibility of washing dishes the size of Mount Everest, rest assured; cleaning is made easy with a detachable bowl as well as cooking utensils and parts all being dishwasher safe.

Price and Value for Money

Maxkon UFO HA-01R

The Maxkon Space Ship Air Fryer is very well priced compared to other models. It may not be a familiar household Brand name like Philips, however, that definitely shouldn’t stop you from purchasing this product.

The price becomes a petty issue in light of the value you’ll be getting for your money. This truly is an all-in-one cooking appliance and there’s no doubt that what it has to offer, far outweighs its price tag.



370 mm wide x 370 mm high x 370 mm deep.



This bad boy has the ultimate cooking capacity of 13L.


What Can You Cook?

What Can You Cook?

With all the cooking options at your fingertips, it’s no surprise that you can cook almost anything. We popped some popcorn, made some spring rolls, grilled fish and chips, baked pastries; we even tried our luck with those unconventional options such as nachos and pizza with yummo success.


Final Verdict

Shamelessly our favorite fryer so far. They claim aliens have technology that far surpasses our own.

If I should believe that based on what the Maxkon Space Ship Air Fryer has to offer, then I can only say: beam me up, Maxy!

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