The Perfect Medical Assistant Thank You Letter Samples + Examples

Are you looking for the perfect thank you letter for a medical assistant that has samples and examples you can follow?

If you’ve done a great job on your Medical Assistant Cover Letter and resume then, you’ve probably landed a few job interviews. It is essential to follow up after a job interview.  A day or two after your interview, you should write a follow-up letter to thank the hiring manager for their time spent interviewing you. This letter should be written in business format, just like your Medical Assistant Cover Letter and be printed on the same paper you used for your resume and cover letter. It also needs to be checked thoroughly for any spelling or grammar errors, just like you did with your Medical Assistant cover letter and resume.

The purpose of the follow-up letter is to provide an opportunity for you to express your interest in the position again and to keep your name on the hiring manager’s mind. You can also briefly restate your experience and skills.

Below is a Medical Assistant Thank You Letter Sample:

Greg Barnes, HR Manager

Seattle Hospital

908 Main Street

Seattle, Washington 98124

Dear Mr Barnes,

Thank you for scheduling an interview with me last Thursday, May 5th. At 9:00 AM. I enjoyed discussing the Medical Assistant position open in your hospital and would like to be considered for the position. After talking with you at the interview, I feel my qualifications are exactly what you are requesting. My customer service skills are excellent for good rapport with the patients, a necessary ingredient for a medical assistant.

I look forward to hearing from you on May 15th, as we discussed in my interview. If there are any questions that you have, please call me or send me an email.


Ashley Keats

Ashley Keats, CMA

(555) 987-1010

Medical Assistant Interview Follow- Up Phone Call:

After sending your follow up letter, allow time for the interviewer to read your letter and respond. If you do not hear from the interviewer within a week or by the time the interviewer told you that he or she would get back to you, you should telephone to inquire.  When you telephone, ask if you are still being considered for the position of if a decision has been made. Make sure that you are speaking directly into the telephone, using good dictation and voice volume. Also, you need to identify yourself and give some brief details so you can jog the interviewer’s memory. Always be professional and polite, and remember to thank the interviewer for speaking with you. It’s best to say goodbye and wait for the interviewer to hang up before you hang up the telephone.

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