How to Write a Perfect Medical Assistant Resume with [Example]

Do you want to write a perfect Medical Assistant resume that can land you the job?

Here, you will Learn How to Write a Perfect Medical Assistant Resume with Examples. State Medical assistant resume objective even if you’ve no experience.

When writing your resume, it is good to look at Medical Assistant Resume Examples to reference. You want to make sure that your resume stands out, does not have grammatical errors or misspellings and flows well. It’s good to have several family members and friends proofread your resume before you send it out. They may notice something that you overlooked. If you need further help writing your resume, a great resource is Knock them Dead Resumes Standout Advice from America’s Leading Job Search Authority (Resumes That Knock them Dead)ir?t=tipsforthelot 20&l=as2&o=1&a=144050587X How to Write a Perfect Medical Assistant Resume with [Example]. The book shows more excellent resume examples that you can use when writing yours.

One thing to keep in mind when writing a Medical Assistant Resume is that it’s slightly different from a regular resume. For the medical field, often, a functional resume showing what skills you have and what you can do is more beneficial than a standard list of jobs. Healthcare employers want to know what you can do for them. You still need to list your previous employment, but your skills should be the focal part of the resume.

Listed below is a Medical Assistant Resume Example.

Once you have become a certified medical assistant, the next step to get the job in the same field requires knowing how to write a medical assistant resume. Being the most versatile allied health professionals, you have to work with patients, field phone calls, keep meticulous charts, and ensure that tools/equipment are sterilized. This is not just the end because it is much more than that for you to do in a single shift.

While writing a medical assistant resume, you need to keep in mind many things like the following –

  1. Including all the duties/skills in your resume that an assistant should have.
  2. Carrying the knowledge of administrative as well as clinical tasks knowledge.
  3. Experience in assisting doctors as well as physicians.

Depending on the job, the medical assistants are either administrative or clinical, but they all have one thing in common – they keep a medical practice humming. However, there is one more difference – the things included in the resume of a medical assistant. To get success in this field, you need to gear up, and to help you with the same, we have compiled a few resume templates which will help get you what you want.

Resume example for someone new to this job –


This is important if you are a newbie. You must understand the importance of office assistant objectives for resumes. A quick example of this could be –

Sorted out, the conscientious medicinal colleague with the foundation in patient consideration and office the board looking for a position at the clinic.


Here’s what you should write in your key strengths –

  1. The number of months or years you did the internship.
  2. Any experience in particular like as a receptionist or an office assistant in a rehabilitation clinic.
  3. Any detailed knowledge of any particular medical terminology and administrative best practices.
  4. Any certificate that you have or anticipate to have in the future.


This is where you fill in all your educational details. Don’t leave any detail such as the college/institute name, the year when you completed the course, an extra certificate that you have and find relevant to the job.


Any experience comes here, for example –

Medical Assistant Intern, Northeastern Shore Hospital (Lewiston, ME) from January 2016 – December 2016

  1. Gathered patient data and performed essential signs tests.
  2. Arranged lab tests for testing.
  3. Sorted out and sanitized medicinal gear.
  4. Taken care of arrangement booking.
  5. Coded tolerant outlines and kept up exact patient records.
  6. Maintained the patient waiting area.

Don’t forget to write significant things about yourselves like this –

Steve doesn’t yet have a huge amount of experience as a medical assistant; however, he has a foundation that incorporates temporary positions and working in different medicinal/regulatory workplaces.

You must keep in mind that if you are still studying, then it’s fine to list where your education progress stands. The key qualities toward the start of the resume are the territories that Steve needs the reader to concentrate on as they audit his experience. Along these lines, he channels the reader down through the focuses he most needs to pass on, rather than simply tossing a great deal of general data at the reader.

If you are an experienced medical assistant, here’s a good example that answers your query: how to write a CV?

The objective –

It must have the total number of years of experience you have had like this –

Experienced, proficient CMA with 12+ long stretches of working intimately with patients and giving individual care.

Core Competencies

  1. Profoundly evaluated patient consideration
  2. Exhibited capacity to adopt new ideas and aptitudes rapidly, just as instruct others
  3. Demonstrated record of keeping up legitimate restorative and prudent conventions
  4. Skilled at speaking with patients, guardians, and restorative staff


Any experience comes here, for example –

Certified Medical Assistant from 2010 – present

  1. Facilitate with doctors and nursing staff while helping with indicative strategies, including getting examples, taking fundamental signs.
  2. Evaluate patients by playing out a wide scope of standard fundamental checks, including yet not restricted to circulatory strain, glucose, pulse, urinalyses, and throat societies.
  3. Train new representatives on a day by day errands and the centre’s standard working systems.
  4. Picked up the telephone lines, refreshed medicinal records, booked arrangements for patients
  5. Take stock and oversee medicinal hardware and instruments.
  6. Manage the clinic’s internship program.


This is where you fill in all your educational details. Don’t leave any detail such as the college/institute name, the year when you completed the course, an extra certificate that you have and find relevant to the job.


  1. Understanding consideration and correspondence
  2. Performing indispensable tests while limiting patient pressure and inconvenience
  3. Instructing others to perform medicinal undertakings and obligations
  4. Teaching patients on post-arrangement care
  5. PC abilities: Electronic restorative record support, Microsoft Excel, email customers, and introduction programming

Since this is related to an experienced professional medical assistant, you need to showcase this experience perfectly. Likewise, as a part of professional life, note that while her obligations may have been genuinely comparable from employment to work, she doesn’t rehash the shots verbatim. Nothing other than this will make the reader look at the resume more.

Lastly, we have a Certified Medical Assistant with ten years of experience but wants to jumpstart their healthcare career by pushing their focus to teach –

The objective –

It must have the total number of years of experience you have had like this –

Committed, thorough medicinal expert trying to use 10+ long stretches of involvement, first-class tolerant consideration, and tutoring knowledge into educating, preparing, and coaching therapeutic assistant applicants.


  1. Preparing and instructing staff on conventions and best practices
  2. Dealing with restorative office staff to give phenomenal patient consideration and backing for the medicinal staff.
  3. Creating forms around strategies and conventions to guarantee proficient, extensive patient consideration
  4. Tolerant effort and open mindfulness training
  5. Bilingual (Spanish and English)


Any experience comes here, for example –

Certified Medical Assistant at (the name of the place)

  1. Oversee everyday activities for the Urology Clinic at a huge urban showing emergency clinic, focusing on preparing and creating a restorative staff.
  2. Lead extensive medicinal services checks and schedules, including imperative signs, sustaining help, ambulation, and every day individual consideration.
  3. Train new representatives on the standard working methodology
  4. Create and execute new practices and methodology to improve proficiency over the division.
  5. Give visit, far-reaching quiet updates to guarantee consistent consideration for patients.
  6. Keep up tidiness and a quiet domain in test rooms.
  7. Screen therapeutic supply stock and organize arrange as required.

Certified Medical Assistant at (the name of the place)

  1. Given high calibre, proficient, and sympathetic pre-operation and post-operation care for patients at an outpatient careful office.
  2. Helped the staff of 4 doctors with restorative systems.
  3. Arranged and supplied treatment rooms.
  4. Talked with patients and estimated crucial signs, weight, and stature.
  5. Arranged patients for arrangements.
  6. Booked and affirmed tolerant arrangements.
  7. Cleaned and disinfected medicinal hardware per stringent rules.


This is where you fill in all your educational details. Don’t leave any detail such as the college/institute name, the year when you completed the course, the extra certificate that you have and find relevant to the job.


Knows the following –

  1. PowerPoint
  2. MedTrack medical supply inventory software
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Electronic Health Records maintenance

So, in order to pursue the dream of becoming the teacher, here in this resume, we have emphasized more on patient care and great organizational skills. Also, we have extended the list of skills to showcasing the following – mentoring, training, working with people. Furthermore, you must include the experience that you have gained by working on projects which are outside the usual medical assistant duties.

Medical Assistant Resume Examples

John Waters
765 Main Street
Seattle, WA 98106
[email protected]

Objective: Seeking a position as a Medical Assistant where I can utilize my previous work experience as well as my education give excellent healthcare to children and families.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Hardworking and dedicated Medical Assistant with experience in the field
  • Flexible, Determined and Personable with the patients
  • Able to work under pressure and deal with high traffic environments
  • Enjoy working with people and sensitive to patients needs

Clinical Skills:

  • CPR Certified HIPAA Certificate Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology Instrument Sterilization Phlebotomy
  • Vital signs Taking EKGS ICD 9 and CPT codes
  • Patient care Injections Urinalysis
  • Medisoft Pharmology HCT/HGB
  • Minor surgery WBC/RBC Microsoft Word
  • Keyboard (40WPM) Excel, Power point Customer Service
  • Telephone Reception Oral/ Written Communication HIV Prevention Certificate
  • X-ray Developing Lazer Treatments Filing Charts
  • Setting up nails trays Autoclaving Wrapping Instruments
  • Surgical Tray Set-Up

Work Experience:

Medical Assistant
May 2006-September 2011
Seattle Dermatology Downtown Office
Seattle, WA

  • Responsible for restocking rooms, providing biopsy care, writing physician referral letters, removing moles and sutures.
  • Handled patients called on a multi-line phone system and took patient intakes including vitals and medical history.
  • Prepared the botox and collagen chemicals for use
  • Billed Medical Insurances and helped schedule appointments for patients

Medical Assistant
March 2003-September 2005
Dr Noel Beet
Seattle, WA

  • Responsible for the front office, taking care of patient billing, doing patient intakes and vitals, scheduling appointments and answering the phones
  • Assisted the doctor during surgeries and vasectomy, and reversals.

Medical Assistant
April 2001- March 2002
Downtown Seattle Medical Clinic

  • Handled patient intake, took medical histories and vital signs, conducted EKG’s, took blood draws and administered pregnancy tests.
  • Answered the phone lines, updated medical records, scheduled appointments for patients and billed insurance companies


Medical Assistant Certification from Westbrook Community College, graduated March 2001


References are available upon request

Conclusion –

The key to writing the medical assistant resume is showcasing the right points under the correct headings and arranging things according to the motive. All the above resume templates showcase or depict three different cases. Yours might be different. Therefore, you must focus on how you are going to display things or facts in your resume.

Also, before you set down writing your resume, you must watch out for the aim first and then start by including the top skills of yours, for example, the number of experience, the dedication etc. Everything has a solution. IIfyou are stuck somewhere while writing your resume, comment below, and I was sure that we would amaze you with a quick solution.

If you think that such a piece of information regarding the medical assistant resume examples should be shard then be our guest and share it on various social media channels. Who knows, such an act of yours might prove best for someone else.

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