Medical Assistant Resume Skills – What Should Your Resume Include?

Do you want to learn the perfect medical assistant resume skills and make a good impression on your medical assistant resume? Well, there are some soft and hard skills worth including in your medical assistant resume. Additionally, there are some medical assistant resume objectives to include in your resume to make it stand out.

What Is a Medical Assistant Resume?

The medical assistant resume can be likened to a television advertisement of the product you want to sell: yourself. If you think back on the advertisements that have effectively persuaded you to try out their products or services, you’d probably remember them as brief yet striking, with salient features probably endorsed by a celebrity to the accompaniment of a catchy jingle. But most importantly, you’d remember it advertising something you wanted or needed.

Well, you can’t have all that, but your medical assistant resume can still be striking, brief yet replete with relevant skills that your prospective employer is looking for. Resist the temptation to list down all the skills you’ve acquired during the medical assistant training program and externship. Just as you wouldn’t like to spend your time listening to all the properties of a bar of soap, human resource managers don’t have the inclination and the time to do so.

What is the Meaning of SKILLS?

Skills refer to the character traits that enable someone to do something flawlessly using their knowledge, which in the long run leads to improved performance in physical tasks. In the corporate world, skills enable employees to stand out from their colleagues.

A skillset is the candidate’s outstanding abilities, experience and knowledge needed to professionally perform a particular job. The skillset is a combination of aspects the applicant is good at and useful for a given position, such as leadership, management, accounting, etc.

Skill sets build someone’s professional knowledge and help them perform their job responsibilities well. Example of skills includes soft skills such as interpersonal skills, teamwork skills, and hard skills such as repairs and operating machines.

Where Do You Put Skills On a Medical Assistant Resume?

Skills are so essential that you shouldn’t ignore them in your resume. You need a professional skills section in your medical assistant resume. You should place the skills in a prominent place on a resume, a place they can be easily seen.

Also to remember to include your key skills in your professional resume summary and cover letter. You can mention several skills in your work history section and some in your education section as well.

Which skills can you put in your medical assistant resume?

If you want a resume that will give you more interview calls, you need to know the skills to put on a resume. In this article, we are going to show you:

  • Where to put work skills on your medical assistant resume.
  • What skills to include in your resume.
  • How to list work-related skills on your resume.

Why Should You Have An Outstanding Medical Assistant Resume Skills?

As we are all probably aware, the HR manager doesn’t have much time to go through every detail in your resume. On average, the HR manager spends ten seconds scanning at each medical assistant resume. This means that to have your resume catch the HR manager attention, you will need to note down the skills that make you unique.

Even though there are a lot of skills you should put in your medical assistant resume, sometimes the HR manager barely sees the skills. The problem is that you don’t list the skills in a format that can easily be seen.

Below are some tips for medical assistant resume skills:

  • Prioritize your abilities

Tailor your medical assistant resume skills by highlighting abilities the particular job posting is looking for. If they are looking for a bilingual medical assistant in a pediatric clinic, emphasize your proficiency in several languages and underscore your experience in dealing with pediatric patients. If they are looking for an administrative medical assistant at a large hospital, draw attention to your proficiency with various data processing software and transcribing prowess.

  • Emphasize your skills

Your skills are like your talents, and you should let the hiring managers know them. If you know the hiring managers are looking for a qualified wound dressing expert, mention that in your resume. Moreover, if the hiring managers are looking for experienced data clerk entry with a particular software program, mention that in your medical assistant resume, trying to be as specific as you can.

  • Include more specialized skills

After listing the skills in demand at the top of your medical assistant resume skills, it’s time to include the more specialized abilities you possess. For clinical skills, particular expertise in drawing blood, particularly if you are certified for phlebotomy, would be an advantage and proficiency in carrying out laboratory examinations and x-rays. Specialized tasks such as familiarity with the operation of specific medical equipment may confer an added advantage.

  • Include administrative skills

Additional administrative capabilities you can include in your medical assistant resume skills include familiarity with insurance coding and filing, medical billing, bookkeeping, and medical transcription skills.  Familiarity with various types of software and computing equipment would be a plus.

Prioritize on the significant positive outcomes that occurred due to your skills/abilities

Alternatively, your other medical assistant resume skills can be stressed not by spelling them out but by reporting significant positive outcomes that occurred as a direct result of your abilities and skills. For example, instead of pointing out that you are organized end efficient, you can give your claim credibility by citing specific circumstances, such as catching up to three months worth of delayed bookkeeping entries within five days. Another possible accomplishment would be if you suggested a particular change, no matter how minor, in-clinic operations that led to significantly more efficient patient service.

General Tips for Medical Assistant Resume Skills

Prioritize Your Information

Put your best past medical information in your resume. You can talk about your past experiences, such as your core assisting jobs and education, at the top of your resume. Doing so will be a simple way to show the HR manager your incredible skills and why you are worth the position.

Don’t Forget To Include Your Contact Information.

This is the most basic step you should take for your resume. You can include your name, professional email address, and functional phone number. Put your contact information somewhere on the resume where it is going to be seen well. You can include your contact info at the top left corner of the resume and make your name and number bold.

  • Example of correct contact information include Susan Jones, CMA – [email protected] +189-444-5671
  • Example of incorrect contact information: Susan Jones, Australian Certified Medical Assistant, 778 Main Street, Sydney, Australia, 75201 – Email: [email protected] +189-444-5671

Customize Your Resume

By customizing your resume, we imply that you should make your resume reflect the job you’re applying for. If the job details specify looking for an expert in sterilizing medical equipment, mention that in your resume. If the job details mention some certification, mention any certification you can. For instance, you can mention the First Aid + CPR Certificate if the company is looking for an expert in the field, something that will make the HR manager feel like you made an entire resume just for them.

Cover Letter

Never forget to add a cover letter to your resume to give a summary of what it is all about. In the cover letter, you can sprinkle some of your skills, and you will surely get the job. In your cover letter, use a friendly tone and legible fonts.

Don’t Forget To Mention Your Volunteer Experience.

Even if you have no medical experience, mention something that closely related to the job requirements. For instance, look at the two scenarios:

Right: Efficient medical assistant with adequate experience. Had proven skills in inpatient care while in college and outstanding skills in sterilizing medical equipment.

Wrong: No medical assistant experience yet, but I will be glad to join your team.

That first scenario stands out because even though the medical assistant doesn’t have any experience, he/she mentions what is relevant to the job requirements. In scenario two, the applicant has already portrayed a negative image of him/her self.

How to Describe Your Medical Assistant Skills

Your certified medical assistant resume skills must catch the hiring manager’s attention and make them hire you instantly.

First, list your most recent skills. You can add 5-6 areas where you applied your skills as a medical assistant. For instance, you can talk about your typing speed skills in administrative tasks such as typing 60 words per minute, excellent data entry skills, and much more.


Appropriate skills format

Certified Medical Assistant at City Hospital, 2018 – 2019


  • Computer skills: – Assisted the facility with data entry, where I used their program software to capture the details of patients, make schedules and appointments. I had 33% fewer errors than average.
  • Time management: – Received positive reviews at the City Hospital in time management. I fulfilled assigned tasks earlier than expected; I reported early for the job, etc.
  • Teamwork skills: – Related professionally with colleagues at City Hospital, a fast-paced, urgent hospital.
  • Telephone skills: – used my friendly tone to make follow-up calls courteously.
  • Communication skills: – applied my active listening skills and turn-taking skills to provide the needed in-patient care.

Inappropriate skills format

  • Worked as a data entry in City Hospital.
  • Helped with lab work.
  • Assisted with documentation of patient visits.

As you can see, the first example gives more detailed skills in your resume as opposed to the second, which misses the mark.

What if you don’t have experience?

Your work experience doesn’t have to be long enough to be included in the resume. Even a week or two of volunteering can fit your resume. You can include the skills gained in your short term work, such as externship. For instance, you can bullet list your skills as shown below:

  • Served as a medical assistant in a small private facility for two weeks, where I was tasked with handling phone calls, documentation, handling patient scheduling, and data entry.
  • I used my accounting skills and managed inventory and supplies.

It is wrong to say you don’t have any medical assistant experience.

How to Put Skills on a Medical Assistant Resume

As you are already aware, it is how you have presented your medical skills in your medical assistant resume that will get you hired. Your font is a paramount factor, and you should remember to bullet list your skills to make them easily skimmable by that tired HR manager.

The HR manager wants to know if you have the skills needed for the job and if you can prove them in your professional medical assistant resume. Therefore, list your medical assistant skills that match the job description. Then, back up your skills with your experience and education.

Some of the basic skills you can mention in your medical assistant resume include:

  • Detailed patient care skills such as administering injections, documentation, and taking vital signs.
  • Exceptional skills in basic computer program software such as Spreadsheet for data entry.
  • Outstanding medical inventory management skills.
  • Detail-oriented, good customer service skills and time management skills.

You can check the job posting to find out what keywords the hiring manager wants. Below is a brief list of skills to give you a good head start. Skills are categorized into two: hard skills and soft skills.

Hard Skills

These are the technical skills and abilities you need to do a specific job perfectly. Hard skills to include in your medical assistant resume include computer skills, data analysis, bookkeeping, multiple languages, accounting…and the list continues.

Soft Skills

These are social skills that someone possesses. They are also referred to as people skills or personal attributes that makes someone outstanding in performing a job. Example of soft skills includes good communication skills, teamwork, adaptability, time management, leadership, decision-making, and much more.

Final words

Since the average HR manager spends ten seconds looking at each resume, your medical assistant resume skills should not belong. It should also not contain unnecessary details. All accredited medical assistant training programs are expected to have groomed all their trainees sufficiently to become entry-level medical assistants. Despite this, an effective medical resume may still confer an added advantage during the hiring process. Make the most of it.

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