Medical Assistant Salary 2021: Ways You Can Earn More Money

Do you want to become a medical assistant and know about medical assistant salary? If yes, that’s an excellent choice because the career allows you to work in different sorts of environments.

The job is quite rewarding when it comes to payment, giving you that professional satisfaction.

This article will focus our attention on medical assistant salary for 2021, which states have the highest salaries for medical assistants, ways to make a lot more money in the shortest time as MA.

According to, here’s Medical Assistant Salary in 2021 in New York City, NY, US Area.

Medical Assistant Salaries in New York City, NY, US Area

Who is a Medical Assistant?

As we are all probably aware, Medical Assistants are health care support workers. This means that their salaries are similar to other health care support staff. You are already aware that to become a fully-fledged medical assistant, he/she has to go through intense training and receive academic certifications. Of course, this rigorous training is appropriate because medical assistants handle delicate duties in a healthcare facility, which means that their salary scale must be above average.

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Where do medical assistants work?

Medical Assistants work at the doctor’s office—hospitals, outpatient care centres, residential care facilities, etc.

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Job Description for Medical Assistant

In most cases, medical assistants work in an office setup. It can be a doctors’ office or any office within the healthcare facility. Other roles of Medical assistants include preparing treatment rooms, cleaning the rooms, walking patients to waiting rooms, interviewing patients, taking patients’ vital signs, such as temperature and blood pressure, writing down patient’s information such as their symptoms, and keeping medical records.

What is the Average Medical Assistant Salary in 2021?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a medical assistant in 2021 is $30,000 to $46,000. These salaries vary greatly depending on the different settings or specializations of a medical assistant.

Other factors that affect the earnings of a Medical Assistant include their amount of experience, the specific facility that has employed the MA, different certifications earned by the medical assistant, the demand for a Medical Assistant in a geographical area, and the area of specialty for the Medical Assistant.

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In which States do Medical Assistants Earn Highest Salary?

You are now already aware of the countless services Medical Assistants provide. You are also aware of the factors that affect the earnings of a Medical Assistant; geographical location is one of them. This section will learn of the best states to be a medical assistant as far as earnings are concerned.

In which States do Medical Assistants Earn Highest Salary?

Top 5 Highest Paying States for Medical Assistants 2021

1. California $46,000

California takes the number 1 spot because of one amazing reason; the cost of living in California is over 5% higher than the national average. Moreover, California has more healthcare facilities than available practitioners.


2. Connecticut $44,000

Connecticut is a contender in this list because it enjoys a high growth rate in the healthcare sector. Connecticut provides such an excellent package to Medical Assistants, making it a good geographical location to work.

3. Washington DC $42,000

Washington ranks third on this list because of several factors. It has an abundance of people, and it is the nation’s capital. The Consumer Price Index is exceptionally high, which means that the national average salary of employers must also be high. Employment opportunities in the city are also high.

4. Massachusetts $40,000

Massachusetts has a high demand for medical assistants, especially those with a master’s degree or extensive experience.

5. Ohio $36,000

Ohio is another state where medical assistants have ultimate career benefits. The cost of living in that state isn’t high, but the earnings are extremely friendly.

How Much Do Medical Assistants Earn in Different Settings?

According to BLS (2018), the largest employers of Medical Assistants are:

  • Offices of physicians (roughly 60%). Medical assistants are paid $35,000 annually.
  • Hospitals (12%), paid $38,000.
  • Outpatient care centers (9%), $35,000.
  • Offices of other health practitioners (9%), $32,000.
  • Offices of chiropractors (4%), $31,000.
  • Nursing and residential care facilities (3%), $29,000

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What is a Medical Assistant’s Starting Salary?

As of December 2018, the national average earnings of a Medical Assistant with a degree, certificate, or diploma program, but on an entry-level, was $30,000 annually. However, such Medical Assistants are exposed to other benefits, including healthcare insurance, a pension plan, paid time off, and social security benefits.

This means that the extended time used to acquire training and certifications in both campus and college will not be wasted. Moreover, the prospects of finding a decent job after graduation are extremely high.

Are Medical Assistants Paid a Salary or an Hourly Wage?

According to the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), most Medical Assistants receive hourly wages, with the earnings depending on their job description, experience level, and credentials/certification.

As an entry-level qualified medical assistant, you can expect your hourly wage to range between $13- $17. In most cases, wages vary depending on which state individual works in and their specialty areas.

How Much Do Rural Medical Assistants Make?

If you’re not comfortable with the chaotic urban life, you might consider applying your medical assistant skills in a rural setup. Keep in mind that the cost of living in rural areas is far much cheaper. Hence you are likely to save a lot of your earnings. Below are the top-paying rural areas for Mas:

  • Alaska; $42,230
  • Northwest Colorado; $35,790

In these two areas, the cost of living is way below the national average. Rents might be slightly cheaper in such areas, and you can only part with a few dollars for a cozy apartment. If you are lucky enough, you might not spend additional expenses on commuting, and you might have a big yard for farming.

How Can You Earn More Money as a Medical Assistant?

If you are looking to get one of the best paid medical assisting jobs, you should have appropriate accreditation and certifications. This means that you must consider taking your certification exam from a recognized body such as the AAMA, American Association of Medical Assistants.

Once you have AAMA certifications, you will be a Certified Medical Assistant capable of providing the highest standards of care in the various medical environment.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities prefer employing the best CMAs who have the proper certification to ensure they achieve the highest level of qualification in their profession.

Moreover, make an effort to be a Registered Medical Assistants because RMAs have an advantage in salary scale over unregistered or not certified. Since more medical facilities are looking for CMAs or RMAs, taking the exam to gain this extra qualification is a wise move.

Upon completing your training or studies as a Medical Assistant, the first step to a new career is enrolling in an online or school-based MA program to receive certifications/accreditation.

Note: When choosing a Medical Assistant degree, diploma, or certificate program, experts advise that you select one accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

If you complete a program from an unaccredited school, you will be denied an opportunity to sit for the AAMA certification exam, which will affect your future career prospects.

Medical Assistant Skills in Demand

The more unique skills a medical assistant has, the more in-demand the medical assistant will be, which means their chance of getting hired is extremely high, and their potential pay is higher.

But you should be aware that a majority of MAs have a lot of common skills, which are not likely to help increase a medical assistant’s salary.

Below, we have briefly mentioned some of the skills employers most want their medical assistants to have and what they are most willing to pay a higher salary for.

  • Internal medicine: These are usually not general practitioners but Mas who specialize in a particular area of medicine.
  • Obstetrics/Gynaecology: These are Medical Assistants who deal primarily with women’s health issues, such as reproduction, menopause, and pregnancy.
  • Triage: These refer to Medical Assistants who figure out which patients are the highest priority and therefore must receive immediate medical treatment.
  • Family Practice: These are MAs Working in a medical office that focuses mostly on providing generalized care for all family members.
  • Medical Records: These are Medical Assistants who specialize in organizing, processing, and inputting patient data into hard copy and electronic medical records.
  • Billing: These are Medical Assistants who handle administrative tasks relating to getting medical bills paid, e.g., sending invoices and processing payments.

Medical Assistant Salary Boosters

Many factors can affect the earnings of a medical assistant. The most obvious factors include the medical assistant’s salary negotiating ability, the hours worked in a week, or the cost of living in a given geographical location.

Other major factors that can affect what a medical assistant receives as earnings include:

  • Amount of applicable experience: You can advance your experience as a medical assistant by earning certifications in a different specialty. Most common areas where you can advance include office administration and receiving a license in nursing.
  • The specific industry or setting where the medical assistant works: You can apply for vacancy MAs positions in industries that pay a handsome package. Once you’ve got the position, you should have outstanding negotiation skills.
  • Demand for medical assistants in the geographical area.: Because hospitals, health care centres, private and community clinics are expanding due to population increase, this means that the workload for Medical Assistants will be on the rise. Thus, the demand for medical assistants in a given geographical area will affect the earnings.

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