Free Menstrual Blood Spells for Love that Work Instantly

Do you know that there are menstrual blood spells for love you can cast to make your partner loves you even more, or be obsessed with you?

Also, did you know that there are free menstrual blood spells for love that work instantly you can actually perform yourself?

If not, then we would like to have your attention here because this article right here will provide every information for the same.

In multiple ways, you can use menstrual blood for doing white magic as well as dark magic. You can reclaim your power and give free reign to your thoughts.

The blood magical is so vast that you need to know its depth. Also, one of the most important aspects of blood magic is how menstrual blood is used for it.

At the time of menstruation, the lack of physical energy in us makes us think that our emotions are unproductive. Our social conditions make us grow in a mundane world. When a woman’s body expels menstrual blood, there are many different phases of internal power that take place. During

this time, via right actions, you can give rise to the true power that that within your spirits.

A woman who menstruate deeply know how they get used to the pumping rhythm of passivity and power during multiple occasions of the cycle.

This cycle is almost similar to the waxes and wanes of the moon.

So, are the free love spells using menstrual blood safe?

This is one of the biggest questions that keeps on rising and we have the answer to it.

The best thing about such black magic spells is that there is no need to sacrifice anybody. Why? You all know – the menstrual blood can be obtained freely and easily from the body. This is completely safe as there is no danger involved.

Why menstrual blood is so powerful?

The very specific reason that satisfies this answer is that it has personal connections to you. More, importantly, it is considered a taboo. For example, the witchcraft practicing by using it.

But clearly, the menstrual blood is the true power of a woman.

For the same reason, this blood can be used for both, light as well as dark magic – for binding any man you desire the most. Other intriguing ways in which it can be used are discussed below.

Often, woman/ man use menstrual blood is used to cast spells and gain sexual attraction abilities, domination, fertility, and love. Its prime link is often established with the force of the pull. This is why it acts as a powerful method of attraction. There are many other ways of putting it to use as well. Check out the different ways here –

Preparing yourself for moon flow magic Spell

In the starting two days of the flow, make sure that your body has achieved physical comfort. Take some rest and keep yourself warm. It may be true that your body isn’t feeling the full physical strength but then again it certainly is sending messages with the changing pace that matches the rhythms of your flow.

Most importantly, spending some time in nature or experiencing the natural world is what you should do.

Meditation is also the key here. If you are free for some time, make better use of it by recollecting what you have done and what you plan to do.

Breathing in and out on the count of four is also regarded as a good activity for relaxing. Try doing this for like four times – don’t force it but feel the air flowing down your nostrils and then filling your lungs. Gentle breathing has always been supported as it provides a powerful path to get in touch with your inner body.

All those who are drawn towards the physical activities, feel how it will be for your inner body. At times you might find it desiring to organize things around you or your biological cleansing echoing on a material level. Even at the time of washing the utensils o anything, you might find the urge to play with the flowing water. Always welcome these urges and try to explore all of them.

Keep a Moon flow Diary

Conducting black magic using the menstrual blood is very powerful. Get to know this by keeping a diary. When a woman is menstruating, all the energy is being drawn inwards. Even when your physical energy is on the wane, your creativity, intuition and spiritual energy continue to grow. The starting days of the menstruation are the good times to reflect, rest, record dreams and let the magic work.

Use your Book of Shadows to record the following –

  • Moonflow insights
  • Reflections
  • Period dreams
  • Menstrual magic rituals and workings

Store your menstrual blood by drying it –

This way you can even use the blood when you are not menstruating. Collect it in a jar by taking the help of menstrual cup as it is very easy that way. To keep it fresh, make a separate area in your fridge to store it.

The blood dries in two weeks time. If it is exposed to air, it will dry more quickly. In the event when you need a large amount of dry menstrual blood, spread it very thinly on a saucer and let more blood come into contact with the air.

With menstrual blood, empower your magical tools & objects –

The menstrual blood can be used to color/ dress the candles. It can be used to benefit you and it does not affect another person in any way.
If the blood black magic requires, you can even dress your personal objects such as your Book of Shadows.

How long does it take for the menstrual blood to take effect in doing a love spell?

It has been claimed by many spell casters and sorcerers that menstrual blood acts as the most effective method when it comes to manipulating a men’s will. If the man drinks the menstrual blood, he becomes addicted to that woman.

Many specialists also warn that you should not cast love spell using menstrual blood on one’s own. According to them, it may result in a very powerful hex. Therefore, it is wise to say that even the powerful black magic love spells are safer than any blood-related ritual for love.

The results –

In general, if we talk about the impact of a love spell then be assured that it will stay in effect for at least a few years. As per the psychics, a woman who has cast a love spell on a man gives birth; the impact or result is washed away with the blood of the baby. This might make the man fall out of the relationship and break all the ties with that woman.

Usually, the consequences of such love spells with blood are equally bad for a woman as well as the man.

What behavior deviations are seen in men?

Usually, men become smitten by alcohol, lose sexual efficiency, and become irritable and aggressive. It affects not solely the men’s personal relations, however conjointly their relations with colleagues and friends. One in all the foremost common aspect effects of a love spell is jealousy. Jealousy makes it unendurable to measure with the person and ends up in social degradation. Specialists claim, it causes money and career issues and shortens life. A love spell will strengthen inherent mental abnormalities or cause a schizophrenic disorder.

Consequences of a love spell in the family

If you wish to solid a love spell on a person mistreatment blood, bear in mind this love spell is each terribly powerful and dangerous. A strong-minded person can resist it which is able to impact his health and temperament. As a result, you’ll get unsuccessful in him and alter your mind regarding your future prospects.

Unfortunately, the results of this wizardly influence may be passed on from one generation to different, inflicting misfortunes, conflicts, sterility or a celibacy wreath. Anyway, somebody can need to pay money for it. Female off-springs are going to be tarred-and-feathered with loneliness.

Check some of the effects with love spells using menstrual blood

Using these spells, you can easily get a man to fall in love with you. Not just the whole process of casting the spells is effective but easy also. The effect takes the minimum possible time to come into action. Also, the removal of its effect is not that easy. It’s not that anyone can come to remove its effect. If you are not able to cast the spells correctly then get in touch with a professional. These people take full responsibility as they have strong control over the methods.

Conclusion –

The menstrual blood is different from the regular blood and has a close association with sex chakra. This means that one can easily enjoy sexual benefits instantly. The love spells done using menstrual blood helps in binding the man to the woman. Just make sure that the whole process is repeated after every   6 months. Also, remember not to use this spell on multiple men.

Thanks for reading!

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