Miss Travel Review: Legit Travel Dating Site or Scam?

It takes two to tango. Similarly, venturing new places with partners yields sweeter experiences and amazing memories. In the sea of sugar daddy dating apps, Miss Travel ranks among the top sites in travel dating.
Like SeekingArrangement and WhatsYourPrice, miss travel also is among the dating sites created by Brandon wade.
A testament to the app’s productivity is the user reviews and features on press hubs ranging from Daily mail, Marie Claire, ask men to lonely planet.
In this miss travel review, I will discuss my personal experience of the app and the quality of interactions. Also, I will delve into features that separate the powerhouse in the travel realm from its counterparts.

How it works

how miss travel works
Unlike sites whose sole motive is connecting people, miss travel enables this while satisfying users wanderlust. The app categorizes members into generous members and their attractive counterparts.
Generous members are endowed partners, in some cases sugar daddies seeking travel companions. The attractive members, on the other hand, are those seeking to travel while getting their bills covered for.
To engage attractive members, one should sign in to the site and search for members that share their interests. Next, a user should invest in credits to gain the ability to connect with users.
In the case that an attractive member sparks your interest, you can plan to travel together. However, generous members can either cover bills in totality or partially depending on your agreement.

Signing up

Among the details, I found pleasing on the app was the natural and free signup process. After selecting their website, the app required my email address and chosen password to join.
Next, select a username and reenter the password you selected for the account. On the following form, choose your gender, sexual preference, and age. Unlike other apps, Miss travel is specific on each parameter.
As such, the algorithm has more items to compare against before recommending a match. After completing the profile, the app puts your profile under review to ensure you are a genuine user.
When under review, however, you can check profiles that meet your criteria. Also, you can add them to favorites for easy contact upon account validation.


Besides the precision of data collection, I also found the interface of the app easy to navigate. With every tab placed on one page, making a selection is an easy task.
On the search tab, you can fine-tune your searches depending on trips, people, and location. For more options, scroll down the page and load more options. Here, you can narrow down your options to a more relevant result.
What makes miss travel stand out is the ability to search by travel. This allows you to view partners traveling to your location or a similar destination with you.
With the travel search, you can specify the duration of travel and trip cost in addition to other parameters. To appear on search tabs of travel partners, create your trip and define the destinations and duration.

Miss travel cost

misstravel premium
While you can operate on a free plan, it can get pricey to sustain engagements on connects. By upgrading to a miss travel premium plan, you gain unlimited messaging ability among the many perks.
The prices for premium membership plans are as follows: a 30 days’ plan for $59.99 per month — a 90-day plan for $164.97 and a six-month plan for $299.94.
Although the prices rank among the costly premiums in the dating arena, they are affordable for people that can maintain a usual travel schedule.
Among the perks that premium members enjoy include:

  • Unlimited Messaging abilities.
  • Invisible browsing
  • Ranking on the featured tab in the search results

To ensure that you get an attractive travel partner, you are updated on new members that fit your criteria. Among the media by which you can transact on miss travel include; MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit/debit cards.
To avoid recurring charges, you can opt-out of your premium plan. Otherwise, the app renews the package upon expiry at similar rates.

Editing your profile and uploading images

miss travel profile
To edit the profile, select the profile icon on the top right. By doing this, you access the options to manage your profile and upload pictures.
After uploading photos, it may take up to forty-eight hours before verification. As such, the app restricts nudity and further checks for the genuineness of profiles.
To upload images on their site, ensure that you have the latest Adobe Flash and also the newest version of your browser. For your security, you can upload photos as public and private.
This ability allows you to regulate the number of people that view your profile, thus, maximizing your privacy. Also, I found it beneficial that the app provided for revoking the photo permissions you grant to users.

miss travel4 Miss Travel Review: Legit Travel Dating Site or Scam?

Member structure

The odds of miss travel seem to favor generous male members and attractive female counterparts. With a massive audience of female members, one can select the ideal travel partner within any region of the world.
Given its structure, the site is ideal for sugar daddy/ sugar baby dating.


Among the parameters that constitute a good dating site is the protection of user data. Seemingly, this is among the areas the app stresses the most.
Apart from the verification process, the app invests time in monitoring in-app activities. In the case that a user disrespects another, the app takes appropriate action, which may include suspension.
In addition to customer support, users can view others anonymously and regulate those who can view their profiles. Unlike popular travel dating apps, miss travel follows up on the trips to ensure that every user holds their half of the bargain.
Although the app is focused on maximizing safety, it is critical to follow security measures. For this, you can use the apps protection tips. When on the app, ensure that you don’t share personal information including but not limited to banking details.

Deactivating a miss travel account

miss travel 7 Miss Travel Review: Legit Travel Dating Site or Scam?
To deactivate a miss travel account, go to settings, and scroll down to access the deactivate my account option. However, some details ranging from your chat history and username may be left active.
To resume service, you are required to log in and regain the data you had before deactivation.


Although the app excels in their game, it leaves a loophole for attractive members to be scammed. For instance, there is no method to ascertain the wealth of members to gauge their travel worthiness.
Also, various users have claimed to come across many fake profiles which undermined the quality of service. To avoid getting in harm’s way, keep your friends updated on your whereabouts.
There is also no means for users to rate their travel partners, which is essential data in matchmaking. In addition to this, it takes longer for users to get photos verified, which limits the ability to mingle.


Miss travel, like other brainchildren of Brandon wade, is among the top dating apps in its niche. Besides being free of gimmicks, the app is straightforward to use and also bears a vast audience.
While it may be viewed as a sugar daddy dating site, miss travel can be used by younger partners. In some cases, you can delegate tasks, therefore, reducing the burden from either party.

My suggestion

To help members gauge their counterparts, the developers should consider adopting a rating system. Here, members can assess travel partners and offer ratings depending on various elements of travel.
With this data, the app can rid itself of spammers and help users make better-informed decisions. For a foolproof verification, the app would consider strict verification processes which could include video calls.
As such, they close the gap for deception by con artists. For personal security, users should engage on Skype before laying down any plans.
This helps authenticate the user you are contacting is real and not a scammer.


As far as travel dating goes, miss travel ranks the guru in the niche. A testament to its function is the higher rank than its counterparts and positive mentions on media platforms.
While some people intend to scam users, the number of authentic users is more significant. To yield meaningful engagements, be keen to observe tips for online security. Before plunging into the experience, you should be of eighteen years and above.

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