Mobility Scooter Safety Tips: Practical Tips for First-Time Users 2021

Mobility scooters have dramatically changed the way of moving around disabled people. Not only that, but you can also use them if you have difficulty walking due to an injury or medical condition. To make your life easier, mobility scooters help you go a long distance, shop, and for other purposes. That’s why; the popularity of mobility scooters among people around the world is on the rise.

Understanding and knowing the mobility scooter safety tips will help you to use the machine properly. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong scooter, which may be troublesome and difficult for you to move around. You need a mobility scooter to improve your mobility, not to harm you, right?

Are Mobility Scooters Safe?

Though mobility scooters grow a sense of freedom inside you, you may cause any potential damage to the machine or yourself. Therefore, you need to know the basics of operating a mobility scooter. You are mostly recommended to read the user manual that comes with the machine to use it safely. It will help you to understand how to drive and maintain the machine.


When you use a mobility scooter at home, you need to make sure that you have enough space to maneuver the mobility device comfortably. While driving on the sidewalk, you should follow the rules of maximum speed there. Otherwise, your mobility scooter may collide with somebody or something resulting in harming the machine or someone.

Mobility Scooter Safety Tips

If you cannot go for a long walk with your friends and family, a mobility scooter should be the best solution for you. You can even perform shopping and other necessary things in your day-to-day life with a mobility scooter. Then, you might need a mobility scooter for the outdoors because it has been designed for these purposes.

Mobility Scooter Safety Tips

However, through this article, I will share mobility scooter safety tips so that you can use it safely, whether at home or outdoors. The safety tips will help you to remain safe all the time while driving your mobility scooter. So, without making it more descriptive, let’s jump into the main section of the tips you need to incorporate.

Take Care of Your Personal Things

While moving with your mobility scooter, you may need to take your bag, purse, and other necessary items with you. You should not hang these items on the mobility scooter so that they can cause any inconvenience while driving it.

The strap of a handbag may get stuck in the wheel’s wheels or handlebars, causing significant damage to them. It can also create a potential accident for you because it will hinder the smooth speed of the machine. Sometimes, it is seen that the long hair of women can get stuck in the wheels.

Drive with care

You must be vigilant to the condition of road and pavement while driving your mobility scooter on them. Though most scooters come with an anti-tip mechanism, you should not haul over the sloppy or cracked paths directly. When you come across these ways, you should not take the direct route. Instead, it would be best if you approached there diagonally to protect you and the scooter from any unwanted accidents.

Always consider remaining as level as you can when you are on a sloping path. The sidewalk may also be a steep terrain for you to move. There may have crack and patches, so drive carefully and wisely to avoid any accidents.

Consider speeds and the law of driving.

You are not allowed to drive at high speed on the pavement, right? You know that a pavement and shopping centre are for pedestrians to use, not for any vehicle. But, disabled people can drive their mobility scooters on them. It should be a useful mobility scooter safety tips for you to drive slow when you are on a pavement or shopping mall.

Mobility Scooter

Maybe, you don’t require a license for your mobility scooter. But you need to register the vehicle with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). According to the rule, the maximum speed of your mobility scooter should be 4 mph. If you drive your scooter at speed on the pavement or shopping mall, chances are you may not collide with pedestrians.

Check everything before you start.

What if the tire of your mobility scooter is flat? Apart from that, there are other potential inconveniences that you may have to face on the way to your desired place. So, it should be a great idea to check everything from tires to the joystick, whether they are working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand the topic better, I have come up with the most frequently asked questions. Not only that, but their best possible answers will also cover the item you get.

Do I need to ensure my mobility scooter?

There is no rule for the insurance of your mobility scooter or wheelchair. But, you can do it, and the experts recommend ensuring your mobility scooter temporarily or permanently.

Do you have to be disabled to use a mobility scooter?

There is a myth that only disabled people can use a mobility scooter. But, you can also use a mobility scooter for your more effortless movement if you have a medical condition or difficulty walking.

Can you drive a mobility scooter if banned from driving?

There is a little to no chance to get banned from driving your mobility scooter. Even if you are prohibited from driving, you can still apply to uplift the ban from driving the vehicle.

How long do mobility scooters last?

You should ensure proper maintenance and care of your mobility scooter. Otherwise, it may not last as much as you are expecting. However, mobility scooter tends to last only 3 years or more.

Final Thought

By following these mobility scooter safety tips I have mentioned above, you can keep protected while driving the machine. Not only that, but you can also save others from the possible collision with them. You may collide with an object harming you and your scooter.

Therefore, you should drive the mobility scooter with care. Also, you must follow the user manual before starting to drive. Never force your scooter more than 4mph when you are on the pavement and at the shopping mall.

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