Mobility Scooter Vs. Power Wheelchair: What’s Difference?

Mobility scooters and power wheelchairs need not only for disabled persons but for aged people. You know that when we cannot correctly use our body parts as we age. Therefore, it becomes difficult for older people to move comfortably from here to there. But mobility scooters and power wheelchairs have made life easy for moving around, whether at home or outside.

But you don’t require both of them, right? So, you need to understand the difference between a mobility scooter vs power wheelchair. Then, you will make a straightforward decision to decide which one will be better to facilitate you to maneuver. This article has been designed well to make you understand everything you need to know following the topic.

Mobility Scooter Vs. Power Wheelchair: What’s the Difference?

If you have health issues like dementia, mini-strokes, and other potentials, you may find difficulties moving around. So, mobility scooters and power wheelchairs are not just for disabled and aged people; you may require to use them. These mobility things have made it way more comfortable for you to go for a walk.


Though the primary basis of the mobility scooters and power wheelchairs is almost the same, there are still a few noticeable differences. Having a smaller turning radius and compact, power wheelchairs are versatile in use, and you can use them in narrow doorways. On the other hand, for both indoor and outdoor use, you can use a mobility scooter. It has a basket which helps you to put your belongings in it.

What Are Mobility Scooters & Power Wheelchairs

What Are Mobility Scooters?

For the persons who have a mobility difficulty, they mostly use a mobility scooter, no matter whether it is motorized or manual. These scooters are a great way to help you move around quickly.  A mobility scooter is likely the most reasonable and mainstream route for seniors with versatility issues to get about rapidly and without any problem.

What Are Mobility Scooters

Planned for indoor and open-air use, they can reach more than 10 miles for every single charge. In general, they will have a stylish intrigue that makes them more appealing to seniors who aren’t correctly prepared to focus on being in a force wheelchair always and arrive in an assortment of styles and hues.

What Are Power Wheelchairs?

You will see power wheelchairs in the hospitals and airports for the senior persons to move around fast. These power wheelchairs eliminate the difficulties of disabled persons and injured. They come with either 4 or 6 wheels to make the mobility more fast and secure. You can go with a power wheelchair from 10 to 20 miles for a single charge, unlike a mobility scooter.

What Are Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs allow the person to rest on the chair because it can be reclined. You can also sit in an upright position, lean forward, and do various things in a power wheelchair. In general, they will be more minimal than a versatility bike and have a littler turning sweep, improving them for tight indoor regions like lifts, restrooms, and thin passages.

How Does Mobility Scooter Work?

A mobility scooter comes with more than three wheels in most situations. There may also have a footrest and handlebars to hold while running the scooter. Most mobility scooters have a battery onboard them, which needs to charge from an electric outlet. You can also charge the battery separately with a separate charger.

Don’t think that mobility scooters run just on an electric charge. There are other types of mobility scooters in some countries that use gasoline. However, there is a tiller on the scooter to use for moving it forward and reverse. Also, it helps you to control the speed of the scooter.

How Does a Power Wheelchair Work?

The core difference between Mobility scooter vs. power wheelchair is the way they work. Power wheelchairs can be operated easily due to having a joystick to control the speed of the wheelchair. You can adjust the seat of the wheelchair so that you can get relaxed on the chair. You can operate it yourself or take help from others to move the chair.

How Does a Power Wheelchair Work

As the name suggests, power wheelchairs also have batteries inside the central part. Like the mobility scooters, you also need to charge the batteries from an electric outlet. When you load it entirely, you can move around at least 10 to 20 miles. Make sure you have charged the batteries when you see they are entirely drained.

The Pros

You know that everything under the sun has its merits and demerits. In the same way, both mobility scooters and power wheelchairs have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find them one by one.

Mobility scooters

  • Low maintenance
  • Cheap operating costs
  • Don’t produce too much noise
  • Adequate air quality

Power wheelchair

  • Electric power start
  • Quick and easy maneuver
  • Movement on difficult terrain
  • Perfect for both aged people and children

The Cons

As mobility scooters and power wheelchairs provide you with many advantages of moving around, they have their demerits. Let’s discuss the disadvantages based on our experience. However, the benefits them prevail.

Mobility scooters

  • High buying cost
  • No storage space
  • It May make you lazy
  • High depreciation rate

Power wheelchair

  • Repair and maintenance is costly
  • The price of them is high
  • Larger size and weight
  • Difficulty to move fast

Mobility Scooter Vs. Power Wheelchair: What Should You Choose?

When it comes to moving around quickly for the disabled and injured people, both offer mobility to them. Their primary features are mostly the same. Still, I prefer power wheelchairs to mobility scooters. Power wheelchairs are compact and do not require a considerable way to move around.

Mobility Scooter Vs. Power Wheelchair: What Should You Choose

So, you can use power wheelchairs indoors as well as outdoors. The joystick of the wheelchair allows you to control the speed of the vehicle. With the wheelchair, you can go for a walk, shopping, and other things you need daily.

Final Thought

Disable, aged and injured people need assistance while moving around. If you have health conditions like dementia, you also need a power wheelchair or mobility scooter to go for a walk. These little vehicles have become life comfortable and relaxed. But you need to understand the difference between a mobility scooter vs power wheelchair.

From my point of view, I choose a power wheelchair more than a mobility scooter. It should be a great way to move around, walk with others, go shopping, and do other daily activities regularly. Therefore, I recommend finding a mobility scooter convenient more than a power scooter when it comes to choosing between them.

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