More Japanese Sugar Babies are Searching for Sugar Daddies

Young beauties in Japan, who want to capitalize on their good looking, are dating with middle-aged men who are willing to become their “mentors” or “sugar daddies”.  Yes, you’re right. This kind of mentors or daddies must be rich.
Japanese Sugar Babies
This latest Japanese trend of hooking up with an older guy, in some ways, is very similar to “compensated dating,” a popular practice where teen-aged girls get involved with older men who offer money or gifts in exchange for companionship or other favors.
However, is a totally different concept between compensated dating and sugar daddy dating. Obviously, sugar daddy dating is not something between hostess and client. It’s more like getting presents and gift (including emotion support and so on) from friends. There’s the real connection between them. It makes people feel warm. That’s why increasing Japanese girls are searching for sugar daddies.
Besides, we must admit that women having more and more difficulty in working place.  Not just money, sugar daddies could offer some resource to sugar babies. The growing popularity of sugar daddies has been somewhat attributed to this. On this point, it’s similar to China.
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