My Sad Story of Being a Sugar Momma

I was a sugar momma. I never want to claim to be a sugar momma, but now I think about it that is exactly what I was.So I met this guy online. This guy was not somebody I was attracted to. He is not my type. One day, he just came to me, but he is never my type. I thought he is not interesting, and totally a loser. So that day I did express some issues about someone I actually really care to him. But anyway he was like I will never disrespectful, and I will never treat you like that. What happened at the end is I was falling for this dude.
being a sugar momma
However, this dude was doing things exactly opposite to what he said to me that night. This man basically just used me as everything that he needs. He had whipped me clean of everything.
This man had nothing. He was staying in somewhere. He could not pay for the place that he stayed. The secure guys locked the door of where he lived so he could not get in and get his stuff. I helped him to get in and pack his belongings, and got them into my car. I bought him clothes, shoes. I bought those shoes that he could go to some events. I took him to family events, wedding events. I tried to get him to suit inside, so he would not feel alone. I also bought him a car. But I ended up I feel that I had been brainwashed by him all the time. He acted he is really innocent.
I was not rising up in a very strong person. So if someone showed me, love, I would accept the love. But that man I met is faking his tears, and faking whom he really is. That person I was dealing with is basically can get everything he wants from me because I believed him at that point. I fell for him at that time because he showed me his attention. I want to be attention. That feels so good that he wanted to hold my hand to go to the mall. He also held my hand when I was driving. That was funny that everything I like he likes. That made me feels that I really found someone who is my soulmate.
What makes me know I was a sugar momma is he actually made me fall for him, and I wanted to do everything, but everything to him, take him to everywhere that he has not been before, take him out to eat. He has not sat down and eaten some fancy food. So when he came to me and said that he wants a car, I really bought him one. But in the end, he does not know how to appreciate all the things that I gave him, and he has a bad attitude. Overall, I admit that I was falling for him, but do I miss that relationship? No, he is not the right one for me. Besides, I’m sure this relationship would not cause me to lose heart. 

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