Nama juicer Reviewed 2021

Juicers are a large part of you living healthy with the different juices you get from different ingredients. Not all juicers are designed equally as each juicer is capable of juicing certain ingredients way better than others. Having the best juicer just right on your countertop is so convenient. You can make your favorite juices any time you want to with the perfect taste that you would like to experience and all this happens at an overall low cost. If you are in the search for the best juicer, then the Nama vitality 5800 juicer is what you have been looking for. This article will give you a detailed review of this juicer.

Overview of Nama Vitality 5800 Juicer.

The Nama 5800 cold press juicer has been designed to offer you the best juicing experience. The juicer makes smoothies, nutrient-rich and delicious juices, plant-based milk as well as frozen desserts. The product focuses on three main things which are; more juice, best flavor, and less time. To achieve this, Nama cold press juicer has been manufactured by a world-class manufacturer of kitchen home appliances, and with over 40 years of experience

The Nama Cold Press Juicer utilizes a true taste extraction technique, where the auger slowly presses vegetables and fruits against 6,612 micro-perforations present in the juice strainer. The action opens up the food cell membranes and releases the deep-seated enzymes and nutrients as well as maximizing the extraction of poly nutrients and minerals giving pure flavors and rich colors in the juice.

Features of Nama Vitality 5800.

The Nama Vitality 5800 juicer has a hopper for safety. The top of the hopper is designed to prevent small hands from entering into the juicer while allowing whole products including carrots to be inserted into the cold press juicer. This gives you the confidence to allow your children to make juice for themselves. It has an additional side part that allows whole fruits such as apples to be inserted into the juicer.

The hopper also has a larger platform for adding handfuls of berries without spilling. This part is inclined to make it easier to slide the berries into the juicer. The hopper can be attached in two orientations; allowing both left-handed and right-handed individuals to use it. The appliance comes with safety sensors that prevent it from functioning if all the parts are not assembled correctly.

The juice strainer comes with 6,612 micro-perforations that allow the highest micro-nutrient extraction and the results are a smooth juice, simple for your body to absorb. This is a top standard juicer that will keep all the nutrients and vitamins as well as the enzymes present in the juice.

Next is the auger. The auger is the core of true taste extraction. The auger in the Mama vitality 5800 has been made with the patented latest technology to preserve the nutrients and the natural flavor by minimizing oxidation. Many augers are very similar, but that featured in the juicer has undergone decades of refinement to make it the best auger to-date.

The auger is made of alter which is a high strength plastic that is BPA free that is also used in aircraft and medical equipment. The top of the auger has a double leaf design that allows it to spin at a slow rate. Moreover, it has a more even compression as it pushes against the strainers. The curvature of the auger has been designed for long term durability as well as performance.

Next is the spinning brush. It spins to clean the inside of the chambers and also the strainers simultaneously. With this, clogging is reduced and efficiency is enhanced.

When you buy this juicer, it comes with three strains. The juice, smoothy, and Sorbet. The smoothy strainer is used for added texture and pulp in your juice. The juice strainer with the 6,112 micro-perforations ensures silky smooth juice. The Sorbet strainer is used for making frozen desserts.

The chamber has a pulp control level. It controls the amount of pulp in your juice. The best thing is that it can be adjusted according to your preference. The design of the chamber has also focused on cleanability. The pulp control level can open easily when you are done preparing your juice and simply run water over it to clean.

The Nama cold press juicer has a strong motor that uses only 150 watts of power. It is less noisy to allow it to run while your kid is asleep and strong enough to juice whole products including carrots without having to chop them.

Next, the juicer comes with two bins which are specifically designed for pulp and juice. The pulp bin is open and also easy to clean. The juice bin has a handle that allows easy pouring and has measuring lines. The corners of the juice bin have been designed for accurate pouring and minimizing spills. A lid has also been included for temporary storage. When you are done using the bins, they can be nest together for easy storage

Other key features of Nama Vitality 5800 Juicer.

More juice.

The Nama juicer offers up to 60% more juice using the same quantity of ingredients when compared with the average high-speed juicers.

A better flavor.

The auger uses a slow pressing speed of exactly 43 revolutions per minute. This speed keeps the nutrients as well as flavors intact through minimizing heat generation and oxidation.

Less time.

You spend less time chopping the fruits and vegetables as well as preparing any other ingredients since the juicer uses a Pure Press Technology. This technology is a perfect balance of speed torque and filtering.


Despite being a versatile juicer delivering high performance and reliability, the Nama Vitality 5800 has one drawback. This juice has a less detailed instruction manual making it hard for new users to use it, which can turn out to be very challenging to users with less or no knowledge about cold press juicers.

Vegetables and fruits.

Due to its Pure Press Technology, the Nama Vitality 5800 can juice almost if not all fruits and vegetables to make nut milk, juice fruits, green juices, frozen desserts and smoothies, and sauces.

This juicer is for any person who wishes to juice almost if not all the fruits with minimal time and less noise to get the best taste and flavor.

  • Easy to clean.
  • 10- year warranty on the motor.
  • Safe for all family members.
  • Free domestic shipping.
  • The instructional manual isn’t well detailed.

Customer comments.

The Nama Cold press juicer is a work-horse machine.
A solid performing product that is backed up by the best manufacturer.
The only downside is the short warranty on the parts.

In conclusion, the Nama Vitality 5800 juice is the kitchen appliance that you are missing to make your kitchen perfect. This juice is a real work-horse and will juice all your vegetables and fruits allowing your family to stay healthy entirely. Get yourself a Nama cold press juicer for the perfect juicing experience.


1. What is a NAMA juicer?

Nama Cold Press Juicer is a device or rather a type of juicer designed to extract juice from fruits and vegetables as well as vital micronutrients, using patented technology. Nama juicer is designed to produce sweet and nutrient-rich juices, plant-based milk, smoothies, and frozen desserts.

2. Is NAMA juicer BPA free?

Yes, Nama juicer is BPA free, hence no health hazards of taking harmful chemicals in your body. This juicer is made of completely BPA free materials. The auger is made of alter which is a high strength plastic that is BPA free that is also used in aircraft and medical equipment.

3. How do you clean Nama juicer?

Nama juicer is designed to allow easy cleaning within a short time. To clean the juicer, open the chamber using the pulp control lever as well as the juice cap, then simply clean them with warm water. You can also brush gently to remove any stuck pulp. Also, the juicer has a spinning brush for cleaning the inner parts of the chamber as well as the strainers, making cleaning very easy. Finally, allow the components to dry and then reassemble them.

4. Is NAMA juicer good?

With no doubt, the Nama juicer is just but the perfect juicer you need. This juicer has a great reputation attributed to its excellent performance and durability, not forgetting the delicious and nutrient-rich juices that it makes. Also, the fact that it can juice almost all fruits and vegetables makes it very good.

5. Where can I buy a NAMA juicer?

Nama juicer can be obtained in various stalls and online platforms. You can buy your Nama juicer from the NAMA manufacturers stall or website, or Amazon.

6. What is the benefit of cold-pressed juice?

The main benefit of a cold-pressed juice is that you get all the nutrients in the fruits and vegetables used to make the juice. This allows you to have all the health benefits available in the fruits and vegetables, as cold press juicers do not involve heat to extract the juice.

7. What can you not put in a juicer?

Even though juicers like Nama juicer can handle most fruits and vegetables, there are things that you should not put in your juicer due to various reasons. They include whole apples, broccoli, avocado, kale, spinach, pineapple, whole citrus fruits, among others. Some of these things are harmful when juiced as a whole, while others are harmful to individuals with certain health conditions. For instance, apple seeds contain a poisonous ingredient called amygdalin, therefore, the seeds should be removed before juicing. On the other hand, some are not very juicy, instead, they are good at making smoothies, for example, avocado.

8. Can juice make you gain weight?

The type of fruits and vegetables that you use to make the juice determines whether you will gain weight or not, therefore, the answer is yes or no. Generally, most juices will not make you gain weight, however, those with fewer calories can result in weight gain when consumed frequently.

9. Does Juicing make you poop?

Yes, juicing aids in pooping but cannot make you poop directly. Juice contains nutrients and water, therefore, juices should not make you poop, but on the other hand, some juices contain sorbitol and dietary fiber that helps relieve constipation as well as regulating bowel movement, making you poop or easing excretion.

10 Is it better to juice or blend?

Generally, both juicing and blending are good and have health benefits, however, the two processes are not the same. Generally, the juice is better than blend, this is because the juice contains concentrated nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and vegetables that are easily absorbed in the body. On the other hand, the blend consists of all the components of the fruits and vegetables, that is the whole fibrous part. This is an added advantage as you get all the fiber and other antioxidants found in the fibrous part. However, the nutrients are not readily absorbed like in the juice.

11. Which is healthier smoothies or juicing?

Both smoothies and juicing have health benefits, however, one is healthier than the other. Generally, smoothies are healthier than juicing as you consume all the contents in your fruits and vegetables, unlike juicing where you consume only the nutrients and water leaving the other fibrous part.

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