The 5 Best Nanit Smart Baby Monitors Reviewed

As a parent, you must be familiar with an essential baby gear that aims to monitor your baby’s activities as they sleep; that is Nanit Smart Baby Monitor which has gained global liking with users rating it ‘very good.’

Even though Nanit Smart Baby Monitors are expensive, the qualities in the package justify the price. The product comes packed with hilarious specs which includes excellent picture quality, outstanding sound quality and made from pretty durable external material.

This article will look at the in-depth review of the Nanit Smart Baby Monitors, including the top-rated baby monitors on Amazon, pricing options, how Nanit works, and much more. Be patient to the end…let’s begin our talk!


What, exactly is a Nanit?

It goes without saying that we are living in the 21st century, which has experienced massive technological innovation. Day by day, smart gadgets are infiltrating our homes, and Nanit is one of those gadgets.

Nanit is an American technology company that focuses on building smart gadgets tailored for monitoring the baby both in the day time and at night while they sleep. The Nanit Smart Baby Monitors are some of the products built by the company.

These monitoring devices utilize computer vision to monitor the baby’s sleeping habits and provide critical alerts to parents. The gadgets have a high-resolution lens that streams all activities of the baby through the Nanit’s app on the phone, with the help of Wi-Fi.

Nanit provides summaries of the baby’s sleep patterns, including information on how long it took for the baby to fall asleep, their sleep duration, and how many times the baby turned.


Good for parents who:

  • Wants to monitor all their baby’s activities while sleeping.
  • Wants to improve their baby’s sleep habits.
  • Wants to know how long it takes for the baby to sleep, their sleep duration, and their sleep patterns.


The Best Nanit Smart Baby Monitors

If you are looking for the best Nanit smart baby monitors, you will find it in our list below, based on customer’s testimonials and Amazon rating:

1. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Where to Buy: View the lowest price

This product opens our list as a must-have piece of baby gear for the family because it aims to help parents to know what happens in their baby’s crib as they sleep. The product has gained popularity among users because of its ability to give stunning HD clarity, provide personalized sleep guidance, and the ability for parents to stay connected with their babies with the two-way audio.

Other amazing specifications of the product is the ability to live stream all activities of the baby in HD, outstanding night vision, and the ability to zoom to get a closer look at the baby.


  • Best view of your baby day and night.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and continues with HD streaming even at downtime.
  • Smart notifications of any slight changes in the nursery.
  • It contains temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the environment.
  • It is supported by a lot of smart gadgets including iPhone, Android, or tablet.


  • Has a speaker for 2-way audio.
  • Long battery life
  • Clear sound and image
  • One can view with more than one phone with a maximum of three users
  • One can have multiple cameras attached to their account.
  • Has notifications to alert you of the temperature and humidity changes in the nursery.


  • The floor stand is not adjustable.
  • Lacks natural sound to soothe the baby while they sleep.
  • In case one expands to use a second camera, the monitor does not offer split-screen.

2. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Stand

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Stand

Where to buy: View the lowest price

The Nanit smart baby monitor and wall stand is another awesome product that has gained popularity in recent years. Users like this product because there is no complicated setup process and the cords are also not exposed. Nanit stand rests against the wall behind your crib, giving a perfect overhead view of the baby.

Just like the wall mount monitor, the Nanit wall stand gives smart notifications by tracking the sound and motions within the nursery. Nanit wall stand also has temperature and humidity sensors that monitor any slight environment change in the nursery.


  • Soft glowing night light.
  • HD video and audio, which gives an accurate view of the baby.
  • Night vision.
  • Pinch-to-zoom abilities.
  • It has a cable management system that keeps cords safe from fingers.


  • Nanit is supported by sturdy weighted legs that keep the camera securely in place.
  • Setting up the gadget is extremely easy.
  • The cable management is extremely long and far from the crib for safety reasons.
  • The excellent angle of the view.
  • Perfect video and image quality.
  • The humidity and temp display is incredible.


  • The ‘Insights’ feature is a subscription model and can prove to be financially draining because of the monthly subscription.
  • Some users complained about the connection problems with 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi, with some suggesting that the system is only compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.
  • One can only access the live feed and camera management menu through the mobile app.
  • The design of the wall stand is poor.

3. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand

Where to buy: View the lowest price

This is another incredible product that can help you monitor all activities in your baby’s crib. With the Nanit floor stand, you can track not only the baby’s sleep but parental habits as well, including tips to improve your baby’s sleeping trends based on their ages.

The product can help you to stay connected to your baby with two-way audio and background audio. With remote viewing from any location, you can get your baby the personalized sleep guidance which can make them comfortable over time.

The product can show your baby’s entire night plus an activity feed that shows you the action as it unfolds. One factor that has made the product so popular is the ability to help soothe your baby to sleep, with the calming sounds of nature. Moreover, parents can sing to their little ones through the Nanit app or use two-way audio to speak.

Users can also connect multiple stands with multiple cameras so that they can get a better view of their little one’s location. Moreover, the product has privacy features which include granting access to other members of the parenting team.


  • Has Insights feature
  • Has a great camera and incredible image quality
  • Has night vision
  • Has the ability to control temperature and humidity.
  • The presence of nature sounds which can be controlled by a remote.
  • Ease of use and setup.


  • Some users complained of frequent loss of connectivity
  • Night vision lights are extremely bright and very distracting.
  • HUGE design flaw.

4. Nanit multi-stand

Nanit multi-stand

Where to buy: View the lowest price

Nanit multi-strand is by far the best baby-gear for your little ones, coming packed with amazing features which includes a world-class camera that gives excellent picture quality, perfect view of the whole room when you are away, and much more.

Why we liked it

  • Contains chargeable battery
  • Convenient camera mount.
  • Long power code which measures 8 feet.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
  • The product has gained popularity because it gives a perfect view of the room when you are away.


  • High camera resolution which guarantees picture clarity and sharpness even in night vision mode.
  • The camera stays connected to the network even at a slow internet connection.
  • It contains smart sensors that detect sound, motion, temperature, and humidity report.
  • Exceptionally designed hardware and software
  • Crystal clear audio and video.
  • Incredible ease of use, more especially when it comes to installation and setup.


  • Reviewers complained about Wi-Fi connectivity issues, terming the product unreliable.
  • Other reviewers complained about the extremely bright lights that became distractive to the baby’s eye, occasionally waking them and making them start crying.


What is the difference between Nanit and Nanit Plus?

There are some slight differences between Nanit and Nanit plus. Since its foundation, the Nanit Company has worked around the clock to improve its technology on baby monitors. Initially, the original Nanit was thought to have incredible features such as small square camera, perfect overhead view, easy mounting and installation, wide-angle lens, higher resolution, sound and motion detectors, clean night vision, two-way audio, and much more.

Since Nanit received a warm reception after its launch, every parent embraced the product, but some features were missing. Customers asked the company to add extra features to Nanit, and the company listened by developing Nanit plus.

Nanit plus proved to be an outstanding product and came with extra features such as calming sounds and the ability of the parents to communicate with their children.

Features of Original Nanit

  • The presence of nightlight that gives a clear view of the baby.
  • Cable management function to improve the safety of your little one.
  • Sleep tracking function giving insightful data, trends, tips, reports, and general information about the baby.
  • Has the overhead camera with advanced features such as night vision.


Features of Nanit Plus

As already mentioned, Nanit Plus is an upgrade of the original Nanit and comes with the following extra features:

  • Two-way audio which lets you speak with your little one through the Nanit app and the same time issue commands with the same app.
  • A wide variety of soothing nature sounds ranging from the chirping birds, humming noise to crashing waves.
  • Advanced security features such as user permissions which control the people who access the baby in the nursery.

Nanit was regarded as an award-winning product, but Nanit plus has stripped it off the title because of the added extra features. What makes Nanit plus stand out from Nanit is the advanced security features that aim to bring parents happy days and restful nights. The additional features are perfectly framed and tailored for the baby to monitor how they fall asleep or awake, how many times they turn, and any source of distractions.


Buying Guide for Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

With tons of specifications, it can be a bit challenging to decide on the features to look for before buying Nanit Smart Baby Monitor. Since we value you, we have already researched the market to tell you the factors to consider before purchasing a Nanit unit:


The camera is the most critical factor to consider because as we are all probably aware, the higher the camera quality, the higher the resolution. The camera should provide a clear and smooth video stream experience.

Nanit Insights

This is a subscription service that utilizes the captured data to provide more insights about your baby’s sleeping habits. Nanit insights contain a sleep dashboard, which indicates sleep trends in visual representation. Nanit insights also provide sleep tips by advising on the best time to let the baby sleep.

Cable management

Check for the positioning of the cable, and whether it is safely kept away from the baby’s reach. Most modern Nanit smart baby monitors come with a cable channel that can be attached to the wall.


If you are a parent who travels frequently, you should check for an easily portable gadget. The Nanit system must contain parts that can easily be unplugged and packed as you move to new locations.

Warranty and return policy

Since human beings manufacture the Nanit system, it is not short of flaws. Given that it is an expensive investment, you should consider the warranty and the procedure for the return policy.


Final Words

As we are all probably aware, sleep is one of the most critical factors of your child’s mental development because it refreshes their mind and sharpens their reasoning.

Since your baby needs to be comfortable at night while sleeping, it is also an excellent step to invest in Nanit smart baby monitors. But you must make smart investments by carefully choosing the best monitors that suit your baby.

Among the factors to consider before purchasing that expensive monitor is the design, camera quality, ease of mounting, portability, ability to regulate temperature and humidly, and much more. Be part of history by making your baby dream big and save every memory.

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