Ninja Air Fryer 1550-Watt Programmable Base Reviews

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Whether you are looking to purchase an air fryer just so you can cut down on the used oil for healthy eating purposes, or you expecting guests over the weekend and you need a cooking device that you can use to prepare yummy and healthy food, Ninja Air Fryer is a product you gotta check out. The Ninja air fryer 1550 watt programmable base cooking device is the best choice. This device is versatile since you can cook multiple recipes at a go. Whether you want to make that crispy chicken that your kids would love or prepare your favorite vegetables, with a click of a button you can achieve this with the Ninja Air Fryer 1550-Watt Programmable Base cooker.  

So, What’s Ninja 4-Quart 1550-Watt Air Fryer?

Ninja 4-Quart 1550-Watt Air Fryer is a cooking device suitable for frying, roasting, sautéing and even steaming using the circulation of hot air with the need for oil. The ninja air fryer can prepare multiple recipes in different cooking methods. Controlling the device is super easy as it is programmable and has a timer for controlling the cooked foods. It has two pressure levels and five settings of cooking methods. These two features allow you to prepare your food with the right temperatures and time. It has a non-stick pot, and this automatically reduces the need to use oil in cooking. Therefore, you can still enjoy your french fries without using too much oil which is a healthy option. It has a tender-crisp mechanism that locks in the juice from the food allowing it to cook slowly to attain a crunchy feel.


The features and benefits. Some of the outstanding features you will love on this device are;

  • Non-stick pot: A non-stick pot means that you will not need to use a lot of oils when cooking your food. The fryer is equipped with a non-stick pan that allows you to prepare your food with either little or no oils. How? The device has a mechanism that traps in the juice from the menu hence allowing it to cook slowly without getting stuck. This makes it easy to prepare crispy foods like french fries and meat without adding water or oil.
  • Programmable: The ability to choose the preferred cooking method, pressure and time make it possible to prepare countless recipes with this air fryer. The Ninja air fryer has buttons where you get to select your preferred cooking method. So, if you want to prepare your vegetables, choose the preferred method, the pressure needed and time to ensure they are not overcooked. Also, this makes it possible to prepare some foods that require high heat and pressure, such as baking.
  • Wide range of temperatures: The fryer has cooking temperatures that range from 105 to 400 degrees suitable for sautéing and baking
  • Easy to clean: All the cooking parts of the fryer are removable for cleaning. They are also dishwasher machine compatible which makes it easy to clean. If you want to make homemade dried foods such as fruits, vegetables or even chips for snacking, the Ninja air fryer is perfect for this. But, you have to preheat the device for about 3 minutes to get it to the right temperature to dehydrate the food.
  • Large cooking pot: The Ninja air fryer is equipped with a 4-quart cooking pot that can make food for about five people.

Who is the Ninja Air fryer 1550-watt programmable base suitable for?

If you require a cooking device to prepare your kids their favorite snacks such as fries in a more healthy manner, the Ninja air fryer wills serve the purpose. It eliminates the need to use a lot of oil up to 75 percent. It is also ideal or cooking food that requires different cooking temperatures. It is easy to control the heat pressure with the device since it is programmable, making it suitable for beginners. So, this is a great family cooking device that every home should consider purchasing.


Ninja air fryer programmable cooking device is recommendable due to the great features it has. The ability to prepare different kinds of food stress-free makes it a reliable gadget for every home. Although it has high power consumption, it makes foods pretty quickly. Note that the device also produces a foul smell of burning plastic for the first weeks of using it.

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