Older Women Dating Reviews [Pros vs Cons]: Complete Walk Through

My honest older women dating reviews, what I liked, what I didn’t like Pros vs Cons]: You will find a Complete Walk Through to the service, from creating your account, making contacts, subscriptions, and deleting your account.
What’s your take on dating older women? Perhaps enjoyable and fulfilling. In either case, you must do it in the right way.
Most people find older women to be mature, stable, confident and experienced. This is a big plus; because you expect the little to no drama. For a fact, the majority of these ladies are either divorced, widowed, or career ladies that aren’t just married.
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Cougars lead a busy life. As such you cannot find them on streets or bars. They rarely are flirtatious. They maintain a stable nature. So if you like them, there is only one better place to find them: older women dating.
Older women dating is a website dedicated to hooking up mature, stable and experienced women with young, agile men. Unlike other sites, this website does not limit its membership. People of the right age can register regardless of their geographical location. This allows people to find their matches faster within their region.


Let’s look at how you can be a member of this time-saving site.

How to Sign up to OlderWomenDating.com

How to Sign up to OlderWomenDating.com
Joining older women dating is free of charge. And, you can use your email or Facebook account. I guarantee you that you can’t get lost while signing up. You need a valid email and a phone number to register. The registration page is as below.
How to Sign up to OlderWomenDating.com
Upon registration, a verification code is sent to your mobile number. Use the code to verify your account. You will then be prompted to start building your profile.
How to Sign up to OlderWomenDating.com
You need to upload a photo. You can upload from your computer or use Facebook. This step is not mandatory but necessary.
The last step of your registration is to give a headline and a small description. It better be outstanding.
Part of my home screen appeared like this:
How to Sign up to OlderWomenDating.com
I like the layout of the site.

OlderWomenDating.com Profile settings and quality

Setting up your profile requires a whole lot of information. I can say that this is the most cumbersome step. You have to specify numerous details to make it easier to land on a match. Precisely, you have to answer 21 questions to optimize your account.
OlderWomenDating.com Profile settings and quality

This is crazy!

However, the best part with this site is that you can make changes anytime you want. That means you can improve the quality of your profile with time. Among the features, you can change include your profile information, photos, add hobbies, relationship history to mention but a few. Do you like fun? There is a fun section where you can answer fun questions too.
The other desirable feature is you can add up to 26 photos as a free subscriber. With this number of picture, People will get to know you better. Viewing images is free of charge, unlike other sites that charge credits.
If you are a VIP member, you have the advantage of being featured. Your profile will appear at the top of the page whenever searches are done.
Profile information you give is very detailed – you can know the character of a person in an instance, thanks to the clarity and conciseness of the data. This kind of precision will win your hearts.

Security and privacy

The site and the app are built to be secure. Any wrong details even during registration can lead to account suspension. Such security makes older women dating an excellent place to be. However, the site is not vigilant on background searches. Possibly, there are numerous fake profiles.
If you love your privacy, older women dating got you covered. You can enhance the confidentiality of your profile and photos in a few steps. To effect, the changes, click the setting icon on the left side of your profile picture and select Settings.
OlderWomenDating.com Profile settings and quality
With these features, you stay private as long as you like.

OlderWomenDating.com User interface and site usability

Interacting with the website is one thing that I find interesting. The aesthetic appearance, content and response time, match the requirements of a typical dating website. Designers of this site put in mind feature aimed at optimizing the user experience.
The screen display is very appealing. It is many looks like Facebook. Though some people call it outdated, it still is worth giving a try.
The level of clarity of the display screen is of a high standard. Each icon is strategically placed, making it easier to see incoming messages and notifications, and effect settings. For instance, the upper part of the screen has all the significant buttons you need.
OlderWomenDating.com User interface and site usability
Similarly, the left side just below your profile picture offers some essential features you can easily access.
OlderWomenDating.com User interface and site usability
As you can see, all the links on the website are readable, and the best part is they are understandable.
What do you value most in a website or an app? You will agree with me that having an easy time makes your experience one of a kind. Such a unique experience contribute to you getting what you want in the shortest time. In summary, older women dating offers the best user experience any dating site can provide.

Making contact on OlderWomenDating.com

This site is just amazing. It offers numerous features to allow you to contact cougars of your choice freely and easily. You can freely browse the available profile. That means you see their pictures. Still, you can ask them to upload more.
It gets better…
Sending flirts, liking peoples comments, sending winks and greetings to members you like is absolutely free. And, with the detailed description you gave while registering, or updating your profile, it makes it easier to find your match. All these are even made better with a chat room and ability search without being charged.
You can do a quick search.
Making contact on OlderWomenDating.com
Just enter the aspects you are looking or a click the search button. This feature is found on your home screen.

Subscriptions on OlderWomenDating.com

To fully enjoy the services, you’ll need to upgrade. You have to be a premium member. This option comes with numerous benefits such as;

  • Increasing your visibility by 500 percent
  • Phone services throughout day and night
  • Enjoying privileges offered on all older women dating platforms – apps, mobile apps, and computer.

Subscription plans are 3. You can pay using your credit or debit card, PayPal, money order or bank check. When you use credit cards and PayPal, the response is immediate.
The breakdown is as below:
Subscriptions on OlderWomenDating.com
Here’s what you should know:
If you choose a one-month subscription, it will automatically renew. Other subscriptions do not renew automatically. Canceling your profile should not be a huge task – call customer service, email customer support or take a look at the subscription status page.


You can register with site regardless of your geographical location. This has made the site to be one of the largest. For instance, there are over one million members from the United States only. Each week over 80 000 people visit the site.

Deleting profile

Deleting your account is more straightforward than setting it up. Access settings through the icon adjacent to your profile picture and select membership.
Deleting Your OlderWomenDating.com Account
Clicking on membership gives you two options, i.e., disable account and subscription status. Select the disable account option.
Deleting Your OlderWomenDating.com Account
If you have any automatic renewals, you have to turn them off first. Enter your password then lastly click on the delete button.
The uniqueness of this site is that it stores your information for up to 2 years in its database, but they will not be visible to other people. Within those two years, you contact the customer support to reactivate your account. When the two year period elapses, the account will be permanently deleted from the database.

The amazing part of Older Women Dating

Unlike other dating sites, some essential services are free. You can like or comment free of charge. Most other sites require some credit to accomplish this.
The site is easy to use, thanks to the user-friendly interface. In a real sense, it is almost similar to using Facebook. You can’t lose your way; icons are well placed – large and readable.
Privacy settings are also great. You can hide your profile whenever you need it.
The best part is you can change your information at any time.
And lastly, there is an app.

What I did not like

To get a match, you need to fill in a lot of information – you must have a detailed profile to win someone. That process is cumbersome.
You cannot view and reply to send messages without being a premium member.


At times it is not easy to strike a relationship – love affair, friendship or marriage. For some people, it might take a painfully long time. Note that when you get old, your chances of finding a partner quickly diminishes.
Older women dating is a place that can help you locate your ideal match. It offers the right algorithm that ensures you fall in the right hands. For cougars, they have a chance to satisfy their cougar needs, while for cubs and older men they can land on appropriate friends or lovers. Some successful stories lead to marriages.
This site is easy to register and use. Any person above 18 years can register. Your privacy and security of your information are guaranteed on this site whether you are a cougar, cub or older man. So if you want a relationship, try this site.

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