Omorc 6 QT 1800W Air Fryer Review

While it is a new player in the realm of kitchen appliances, the air fryer abounds with benefits and praises. Besides reducing the fat content in meal preparation, an air fryer allows for efficiency in terms of power and grants you the ability to prepare meals even faster.

Additionally, air fryers lower acrylamide (a probable carcinogen) levels in food compared to traditional oil frying. Owing to the benefits it offers, it is no wonder the air fryer ranks top of kitchenware inventions.

Given the positive attitude shown by the market towards the product, many players have engaged in the production of these lifesavers. While this move offers more choices, it brings a headache of choosing among the many options for a fryer that best suits your needs.

The Omorc air fryer not only ranks among the best options for a family but also among the best air fryers costing under $90. While the price ranges on the affordable side of the price spectrum, Omorc’s functionality proves that inexpensive doesn’t always imply inefficiency.

For a deeper insight, we took the fryer to the test hence put forth this Omorc Air Fryer 6 Quart 1800w Fast Large Review.

Design and interface

As far as first impressions go, the Omorc air fryer succeeds in making a positive one. Besides its appealing finish, this air fryer comes in sizable dimensions (16.5 x 13.5 x 15 inches) thus doesn’t consume considerable countertop space.

Available in black and green, the fryer offers you a choice without compromising your house décor. What I found outstanding with this set, however, was the touch screen control and knob options.

This defies the norm of typical air fryers that employ buttons for adjusting various parameters. Even more, the set is easy to clean as it is built of non-stick material hence making it easy to rid of contaminants.

While the size may be a turn off for some, I found this set ideal for preparing meals for a family setting. Even more, the basket was easy to retrieve and slide into place upon placing your food substance.


Among the noteworthy features that place the Omorc Air Fryer on the best-rated fryers include:

  • Touch screen control
  • Nonstick basket (dishwasher safe)
  • 8-15 preset options for meal preparation
  • 1800 Wattage
  • The large size of the basket
  • 2-year warranty
  • Recipe book attachment
  • Knob for oily, wet or soapy finger control

While the touch screen control is a redefining feature among the latest air fryers, Omorc set a mark by infusing a knob with the touch screen control. When cooking, I found it challenging to use the touchscreen with wet and oily fingers.

As such, I quickly accessed the functionality through the knob without dirtying my fryer or having to dry my hands now and then. With its large capacity, it was reasonably easy to prepare huge portions and have them uniformly cooked.

To avoid overcooking either side; however, it is essential to turn the food halfway through its cooking time.

Cooking experience

While air fryers are known to be masters of culinary creation, not all fryers are equal. Among the many options, the Omorc Air fryer ranks among few that excel in the preparation of food.

Besides the ease of accessing the basket and setting preferred cooking presets, the Omorc air fryer can accommodate a considerable portion of food, which is only rivaled by a few. Given my knack for roasted chicken, it was bound to be among the first recipes I tried on my new set.

Within 25 minutes, the chicken was well roasted and ready to be feasted on. Unlike some sets, the Omorc air fryer was free of a plastic smell, thus allowed food to smell as good as it looked.

While the recipe book abounds with many culinary ideas, I found a few useful as some defied my tastes and preferences in food. However, ensure that your countertop can withstand high heat before mounting your fryer on it as fryers emit heat while cooking.

For a more comfortable cooking experience, I would recommend using the fryer in a well-ventilated room and letting the food dry off before plunging it into the device.

Tip: To avoid food from sticking on the grill, grease it with some oil before placing your food in the fryer.

Noise level

Every great invention has its quirks, the Omorc air fryer not excluded. Owing to its cooking mechanism, the set emits noise from the fan as it circulates warm air in the chamber.

While this is the case, I found the noise bearable as compared to that emitted by other kitchenware. To curb white smoke and sizzle noises of excess oil, place some water or a slice of bread to seep any oil drops that may drip from the food items.


Besides the health aspect, efficiency has been among the principal selling points of an air fryer. When it comes to energy; however, it depends on both the size of the set and the manner to which you put your settings to use.

Given that size ranks the outstanding feature of the Omorc Air Fryer 6 Quart 1800w Fast Large Review, the next step was to figure the use for optimal efficiency. To save energy time, I found it proper to start with the food that required the most cook time.

As time progressed, I added other meals that required lesser minutes when the time remaining equaled their cook time. By doing this, you prepare meals in one go, therefore sparing a backload of money in the form of power savings.


Another feature that stands out in this Omorc Air fryer 6 Quart 1800w Fast Large Review is the ease to clean. Owing to its non-stick build, the fryer is less susceptible to stains; thus it was easy to clean after meals.

I would, however, recommend that you avoid any washing products that would scour the surfaces of the product. In addition to this, be keen to prevent greasing regions of the air fryer that are not friendly with water.

Editor’s Comment

Unlike most kitchenware, the Omorc has received a positive embrace from the market and a countless number of reviews.

As such, I found it worthy of testing and confirming various praises that were heaped on the set. True to the reviews, I found the Omorc an ideal set for preparing large dishes without surpassing your budgetary allocations.

While there has been an issue with heat emittance, this was easy to curb by placing a heat resistant material on your countertops.


Cutting weight does not necessarily imply forfeiting your favorite meals in a bid to evade high-fat content. While there are many air fryers at your disposal, I would personally recommend the Omorc given the smoothness of operation I enjoyed from the set.

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