7 Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Slip and Fall in the U.S.A

Calling a slip and fall lawyers is extremely important if you suffer from an injury as a result of a slip or fall accident.

Getting compensation from a “slip and fall” injury would necessary because this injury is an accident caused by a person falling and suffering an injury from a dangerous place.

Slip accident can cause by bad flooring, wet floors, an outdoor accident can be caused by weather-related hazards.

Having a proficient slip and fall law firm on your side can be helpful in case of these accidents.

A premises liability lawsuit can help in the case of an icy patch outside a door, a crack, or pothole caused by a slip and fall accident. Thousands of people experience a slip and fall injury from accidents each year.


Each year you could be overwhelmed with the number of persons who reach out to a slip and fall lawyer after sustaining a serious injury from a slip and fall accident, you maybe won’t be surprised at all, because you are one the 8.9 million people who visited an emergency due to a slip injury this year.  Slip accident is the second-leading accident which causes untimely death in homes and communities, this accident accounts to 25,000 fatalities in 2009, this records is according to the National Safety Council.


Common Types of Slip and Fall Injury Cases

There could be a cause of action or a legal source for filing for a slip and fall accident claim, especially a situation when you injured in a fall on another’s property. These can be true regardless of the place the fall took places, such as a fall in a parking lot or parking garage, or indoor like a fall in a grocery store or apartment complex

Nevertheless, to recover financial compensation for your injuries, you will need to have proof to show you were harmed and also the accident was caused by the carelessness of another party such as commercial or landlord property owner.

For instance,  you do not need to show that a property hazard was not repaired in a well-timed fashion, or that a maintenance company claimed to perform services that were never actually done.


.Evidencing negligence is a difficult task for an appellant who is unacquainted with the law – this occurs when facing a knowledgeable attorneys and insurance adjusters – for this, it is very important to be able to represent a skilled and argumentative personal injury lawyer, who is like the slip and fall attorneys of The Reiff law firm.

A free initial consultation can be made when a person who is being calls for it and these can help to analyze the details of the accident to help determine If the person has a claim.

All accident should be assessed on a case-by-case basis for the premises liability lawyers in Philadelphia to make this strength of mind, this makes it impossible to definitively state if a claim exists without reviewing the situations of the fall.

On the other hand, you may have a claim if you were injured in one of the following scenarios, which are all common in Philadelphia slip and fall cases:


You slipped on an icy sidewalk or fell in an icy parking lot

By every fierce winter season that strikes Pennsylvania, the ice slip and fall lawyers are contacted by injury victims who fell on slick, slush, snow, or unsalted patches of ice.

Despite the fact that winter conditions do not automatically create liability, it could be possible to recover compensation for a slip and fall accident on ice If a property owner falls to “act within equitable time after a notice to remove [snow and ice] when it is in a dangerous condition, “that is the standard Pennsylvania courts established for property owners in Harmotta v. Bender (1992).


You slipped in a puddle at a bar, restaurant, or grocery store

Businesses that help to prepare or sell foods and beverages are very especially prone to spills and leaks that can cause dangerous slicks or puddles.

This spill caused an unreasonably unsafe condition for shoppers or diners, and was not cleaned within a realistic time; a resulting injury could give rise to a claim.


You slipped on a surface that you didn’t know was dangerous, because a business failed to use warning signs

A “failure to warn” could give rise to liability, when a surface is slippery, such as a freshly waxed floor in a mall or department store, the owner is generally responsible for marking the danger with appropriate signage.


You fell because of other property hazards or structural damage

In some cases a wet or waxed floor is not the cause of a slip and fall accident, examples of property defects are broken or rotten flooring materials, broken or unsecured support railings, poorly installed carpeting, and inadequate lighting, this can also lead to preventable accidents in the absence of proper maintenance and repair.


Slip and Fall Law

The law of negligence covers all slip and fall injuries and accidents. The property owners must care and make sure the property is safe.

This includes ensuring that the building has no structural defects, inside or outside, that could cause a slip and fall injury to occur.

In some states, a property owner has to reduce the problem areas caused by weather- like standing water and icy spots.

From time to time the person injured does not know for sure what caused their slip and fall injury.

That is why it is important to ensure that full research is conducted to ensure that the source of the problem is discovered.


Some of the best of slip and fall lawyer firms in U.S.A include;

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  3. Lindner Law
  4. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Law Corporation
  5. Ellis Law Corporation
  6. Cohen &Marzban Law Corporation
  7. The Reiff Law Firm

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