Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D Review


Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D Review

Philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D


The sensor touch 3d is an extremely fine new product from Philips Norelco. Through its sensor touch, 3d electric technology users can now take their shaving experience to the next level.

The new technology added by Norelco works great for the skin and doesn’t create any form of discomfort. The portability option gives you a great benefit through which the sensor touch 3d shaver can be taken anywhere.

Review Overview

  • Ease of Use – 8.6
  • Functionality – 7.7
  • Blade Options – 9.4
  • Close shaving – 8.2
  • Durability – 7.1


Despite these reviews, the sensor touch has received a great welcome from the majority of the market, so that these problems may be the result of some individual handling or rough usage.

Currently, the sensor touch 3d is priced at $190, which is very high and can be a drawback.

But if we compare the innovative features and new technology with the price, we can definitely say that this product is greatly worth the cash for the number of benefits it offers to consumers.

Following are some of its general features:

  • Multidimensional shaving
  • Internal tilts and external movements and curves
  • Auto adjustment option for adjusting to every skin surface and type
  • High-quality blades to manage every single hair type
  • Unique trimming options for cutting and trimming long hair
  • Lithium battery for high powered results in shaving
  • 3d flex technology for a unique and creative shaving experience
  • Self lubricant option through a jet clean system
  • High comfort level

These were some of the general features of the sensor touch shaver. In actual use, it has even more unique functions. The creative 3d system allows the user to feel and experience a truly scratch less shaving process.

The cutting and trimming process now takes as little as a few seconds, and the gyro-flex technology of the sensor touch now provides users with a complete irritation-free service.

Even a single application can completely cut off every single hair on the skin and doesn’t require multiple application of the shaver.

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Another great part about the sensor touch is its water-resistant quality which allows the user to continue his shaving session while taking a bath or with a wet face. This also creates less irritation on the skin and prevents roughness and fiction during a shave.

The grip handle has also been specifically designed to meet the needs of consumers. The smooth grip gives a great feeling and helps in a smooth shave.

The multi options of the sensor touch 3d shaver now allow the user to select what is best for his skin. There are three basic options such as automatic, eco and intensive application.

All these work for different purposes. This gives the sensor touch a great variation in shaving. Jet clean technology is another great part of this electric shaver.

Though having a sensor touch shaver, you won’t have to worry about the cleaning and irritation issues as it creates a smooth operation through its self lubricant and charging options. This is a great benefit for its users.

Norelco Sensotouch 3D problems

There is also a slight problem attached to this product. Some of the users complain about skin burning issues, and according to them, they had to wait for a whole week to cool down the skin before moving with the second phase.



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