Philips RQ1280 Review: What I Like/Don’t Like

The Ultimate Philips RQ1280 Review

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The Philips Norelco 1280 provides you with an amazingly smooth and clean shave. There is nothing better than this when it comes to shaving, be it hard or soft hair.

The skin is not damaged, and there is no irritation what so ever when you shave, in fact, it gives a very pleasant feeling rather than an annoying one.

Philips RQ1280 Advantages:

It provides a very smooth and clean shave to its users. You don’t have to worry about some hair getting left out and going over and over on the same spots.

You can have both a wet or dry shave. A wet shave with shaving cream is preferred because it is generally quicker and smoother.

It weighs around 1.2 pounds which makes it easy for you to control it. Some shaving machines are very heavy, and since you have to hold it in the same position for around about 5 minutes, your hand starts to ache.

There is a jet clean system that makes your life a lot easier, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up once done with shaving.

It is cordless, which makes it easy for you to carry around. You can fully charge it and then go to remote areas where there is no electricity and still enjoy the luxury provided by Philips Norelco RQ1280.

It charges up quickly and takes only one hour to charge. Once done with charging you can use it for about 20 days without having to charge again.

Shaving with razors can be very annoying and time-consuming. It would easily take you around about 15-20 minutes to shave with a razor, but with Philips Norelco, more than 50% of your time is saved, and you can get it done within 5 minutes.

The best part is that there is no compromise on the quality of the shave you get.

Philips RQ1280 Basic Features:

It comes with a charging stand which makes it very easy for you to charge and even carry around when you are on the move. There is a protective cap provided, making sure that no dust or other chemicals get into the system and damage it.

The latest technology has been used in the making of Philips Norelco. It costs around $279 and comes with a jet cleaning system. There is also a travel lock that you can enable when you are on the move, making sure that the machine does not start itself accidentally while in the luggage.

Apart from that, there is a battery gauge that lets you know how much time you have left on the battery so you can charge it again on time. Apart from that, it also has an indicator that lets you know when to replace the shaving head once it wears out.

Besides all the good stuff, there are some minor problems as well with the new Philips Norelco, which are as follows:

It is costly and tough to afford for a normal person. If you have the money, then there is no other shaving machine you should buy than this.

The life span of the Philips RQ1280 shaver is not very big.

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