How To Attract a Sugar Momma at a Party?

Today we are going to share a story that would probably give you some hints about how to pick up a sugar momma. Maybe you have already had some kinds of experience for dating a fabulous old lady, or maybe you are still a new bird and want to give it a try. But it does not matter which type of relationship you were in. Let’s hear a real story from a cougar about how did she meet her beloved man first.
Attract a Sugar Momma
Alright so I am in a committed relationship, or you can call that life partnership with my boyfriend. We met at a company party. I saw him across the room. He motioned over to his VIP area where he sat. What really attracted me when I first met him was confidence. He has confidence come to me and said can I get you a drink, and then we started a conversation.
Offering a drink is always a good opening line. The pickup line is just “hey, can I get you a drink?” But what struck me about him and what he told me back on that night was both of our personalities really clicked together. It was not just about chemistry, or you know being attracted by my boobs, or whatever else he saw that night. Yes, I have to admit that the physical chemistry was there, but it is really about the personality. So what I thought I would share with you are some of the dos and don’ts of trying to pick up a cougar. So many guys have struggled with this, and today let us show you some moves.
If you ask me where can I find a cougar, I would say there are lots of old ladies that want to find a younger guy. If you really think about it, there are cougars everywhere. There are lots of old women love to be with younger guys. It is just the manner that the younger guy approaches them is the problem. So here are some things that knocked me in the past.
If you walked to some cougars, and you say something like is your last name Campbell because you are so amazing. That’s maybe the worst thing that you can do. Because obviously, you are coming up with a line that she could not reply and she does not want to hear that crap from anybody. If you do that, she will just flick you away.
Telling a girl that you are good in bed, and telling that you are good at going down and diving a girl orgasms is another false movement. Who wants to hear that? If you are lucky to get in bed with her, show her. There is a song from my fair lady that tell people do not talk about lies, and show the girl the real deal.
Another important thing that guys should highlight is that you need to look at the person in the eye and show her how special she is. You need to let her feel nobody was in the room just you and her. That is an important part. If you can let somebody feels special, you are going to be winning all over the guys in any of the rooms.
You have to walk up in that confidence and arrogance together. Walking up to a girl and telling her you are so good at sex is not going to make this working. I think when a guy walks to a girl with those kinds of flirtation and confidence, and that is probably the most attractive part from a girl’s perspective. Also do not forget to ask her some questions, and make her feel special.

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