How to Cast a FREE Simple Picture under Pillow Love Spells Chants

Do you want to master How to Cast a FREE Simple Picture under Pillow Love Spells Chants?

Do you want to make your love wishes come true with the use of someone’s picture? Do you want to conquer someone by placing their image under your pillow? Do you wish to learn how to keep someone and make them love you indefinitely using their pictures?

If yes, worry no more because this article is going to give you a step by step guide on how you can influence someone’s thoughts by placing their pictures under your pillow.

The spells explained below aren’t risky and doesn’t require a lot of tools to perform. All you need to have is a strong belief in your inner mind to enhance the psychic power of the love spells.

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Factors To Consider Before Casting Love Spells Using Their Picture Under Pillow

Just like other love spells, the picture under pillow love spells binds you to the person you admire. You must follow specific rules mentioned in each method to have effective results.

  • You must have been in contact with your target. He/she should be someone you have interacted with either visually, verbally, or physically.
  • Distance isn’t a factor for this love spell. Even if a person is in another city or a different geographical location, the spell can perform its magic, provided you have a strong belief.
  • The picture you use for the spell must be the exact picture for your target who could be your crush, your ex-lover, or someone you are dying to fall in love with.
  • The best time of the day to cast the spell is at night when you know you won’t have any distraction.
  • After casting the spell, avoid telling other people about your magic activities because the psychic power of the spell might be dissolved.

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Method 1 (Picture and a candle)

As the name suggests, you will need a picture of your crush and a red candle. Note: The candle should be red because the color red represents love in the world of magic.


  • Before midnight, sit on the floor of a dimly lit room with your legs crossed.
  • Light the candle before you and focus on the flame.
  • Take your crush’s picture and place it on your heart.
  • Close your eyes and focus on positive thoughts about the person or your relationship. You can meditate the two of you talking, kissing, and walking on the streets while holding each other’s hands.
  • With deep emotions, say the following chant from deep down your heart:

Harming none, I call on the higher forces to make my desires fulfilled. Make person X love me and come for me. Make the person obsessed with me. I call the higher forces to make this love spell work for me.”

  • Repeat this chant three times then blow off the candle.
  • Put the picture under your pillow then sleep and wait for the spell to do its magic.


Method 2 – Spell to make the person feel love for you

This is another powerful picture under the pillow love spell that doesn’t require complicated ingredients to perform. You will need the following items:-

What to do

  • At night, before going to sleep, lock yourself in a dark, quiet room.
  • On a flat surface, arrange the candles to form a triangular shape.
  • Place each rose flower at the foot of the three candles.
  • Place your crush’s picture in the middle of the triangle.
  • Light the candles and focus on the flames.
  • Flood your mind with the person’s thoughts, trying to be as positive as you can.
  • Say the following chant:

“With this great triangle, I bind your thoughts using this spell. Ooo man, love me! Come to me! Have the same desire I have for you. Show me endless love without pride.”

  • Wait for the candles to melt down until the wax touches the person’s picture on the three edges.
  • Take the picture and place it under your pillow.
  • Repeat the procedure for three consecutive nights, and wait patiently for the spell to do its work. You must have a strong belief, strong feelings towards the person, and a sound positive inner mind.


Method 3 – Love Spell Using The Young Moon

As the name suggests, you have to cast this spell when the moon is emerging from the horizon. For this kind of spell to work, you have to focus your thoughts, feelings, and desires towards your target. 

You will be required to use the photograph of your beloved one recently taken because that has more psychic power. You will need the following ingredients for your spell:

  • A young moon
  • A strong desire in your heart.
  • Picture of your crush.
  • A piece of a pen.

What to do

  • Wait for the young Moon at night. It is believed that such a moon has strong intuition given that powerful forces surround it.
  • Using the pen, write your crush’s name behind the photo.
  • Focus on your crush’s photo and flood your mind with good intentions about how you want that person to treat you.
  • While looking up to the moon, say the following chant:

“I invoke the highest powers of light, air, wind, and water to come forth and bring person X to my life. Let his/her love to me grow day by day as this young moon grows. Ooo! Moon, grant me the love that I desire. Through this moonlight, I attract my mate.”

  • Repeat the chant three times to increase the power of the magic.
  • Take the picture and place under your pillow.
  • As you go to sleep, flood your mind with the person’s thoughts.


Method 4 – Thread winding love spells

You will need the following items:

  • Your crush’s photo.
  • A long red thread.
  • A coin,
  • A piece of red cloth.

What to do

  • While seated in an isolated room with your legs crossed, put the person’s photo before you.
  • Put the coin on top of the photo.
  • Wrap them with the red cloth.
  • Wind the thread around the red cloth.
  • With strong desires and feelings towards your crush, say the following chant;

I summon the highest powers of the universe to cooperate and bring person X to my life. I’m not winding this thread but winding love. Wind person X’s thoughts and make them think about me, the same way I’m winding this thread. Make the person love me and come to my life.”

  • Unwind the thread around the piece of red cloth.
  • Take your crush’s photo and place it under your pillow, then wait for the magic to work.


Method 5 – Using your photo and your crush photo

This love spell involves using both your photo and your crush’s photo. You will need to follow the following procedure:

  • Before going to bed, light up two candles, red and white.
  • Put your crush’s photo under the red candle and your photo under the white candle.
  • Start meditating about the kind of love you desire. You can flood your mind with the person’s thoughts.  
  • Try to have a positive mind, and think how both of you are happy together. You should avoid negative thoughts as much as you can.
  • Say the following chant:

By the powers of the universe,I send out these pictures to the highest powers to bring us together with love and trust.”

  • After the chant, put the photos to face each other and place them under your pillow.


Method 6 – Love spell using Love Voodoo

This spell is mostly used by those who prefer to create a healthy relationship characterized by love. For this spell to work effectively, you must have two main ingredients, persuasive power of the mind and a picture of your crush.

What to do

  • For Voodoo love spell, you will have to sew two white puppets using a white cloth.
  • Assign puppets gender characteristics. You can mold one to have male characteristics and the other to have female traits.
  • Dedicate intense energy to the puppets, and using a red piece of rope, tie the dolls together to symbolize a healthy relationship.
  • Take your crush’s photo and fix between the puppets.
  • Say the following chant;

These objects represents my crush and I. I invoke the highest powers of the sea, air, water, wind, and sun to come forth and create a strong bond between my crush and I. Transfer his emotions.”

  • Place the puppets under your pillow and ensure no one sees them.

Note: You should see results within a few days depending on how firm your belief is and the strong feelings you have towards your crush.


Final words

Love spells using someone’s picture can work their magic accordingly depending on how you have cast them. You must place your crush’s photo under the pillow to enhance psychic power and make your desires fulfilled. Such love spells are suitable for lovers who desire to create a strong bond or improve their love affair. These love spells are also perfect for people who were previously in a relationship but separated due to unforeseen circumstances.

Note, these love spells using your crush’s photo can be done even if the other party is not interested. If you are utterly alone, unhappy or dissatisfied with your relationship, you don’t have to worry. You have to choose one spell that suits you and follow the procedure correctly to get desirable results.

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