Best Portable Baby Jumpers 2021 (Review)

If you’re looking for the best Portable Baby Jumpers for your baby, but not sure what to choose, here are the top 5 best portable foldable baby jumper.

I think you’ll agree with me that babies love to move and kick almost every time. It is cute but it could be overwhelming having to keep an eye on them always especially as they become more active.

This is an issue that needs to be solved as you want your baby to have fun and stay protected.

A baby jumper is a solution to this issue. A jumper provides an avenue for your baby to have fun, exercise, as well as get them prepared for sleep. 

If you are shopping for a portable baby jumper that you can easily move around, don’t worry as we have got you covered.

We have come up with our best 5 portable jumpers with everything you need to know to buy the right one for your baby.


The Top 5 Best Portable Baby Jumpers 2021:


1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Our Top Pick

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo – Our Top Pick


The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is one of the best jumpers out there. Featured is a seat that allows your baby to fully spin at 360 degrees. In addition to this, at every turn of his body, there is an activity with which he can interact with. 

There is also a bonus feature that most jumpers don’t have; you can fold it into a nested position for easy mobility from place to place.

What’s even better?…the seat is height adjustable and when dirty, it is washing machine washable. It has a lighted musical piano that babies would love. 

The Fisher Jumperoo costs higher than normal doorway jumpers, but this is because it is also an activity centre, too.

When your baby isn’t jumping up and down, there are hanging plushies they can reach out to as well as toys in the tray.


  • It has sounds and lights to motivate the baby to jump.
  • It has many different toys to grab baby’s attention.
  • The seat is machine washable.


  • It’s bulky.
  • It does not store flat.
  • There are only three adjustments for height.


2. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper – Best Jumper For Large Babies

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper


If you have got a big baby, then you need a jumper with a big seat, high weight limit and an adjustable belt. 

The colourful baby Einstein activity Jumper comes with a foldable design that supports storage and transportability. 

It can accommodate up to different height sizes hence it can grow with your toddlers with a weight limit of 25 pounds.

It features a 360 degrees spinning seat that allows your baby to move easily and reach any of his favourite toys. Furthermore, the seat cushion is removable and machine washable while the rest of the body can be wiped and sanitized since it is plastic.

Finally, this activity jumper offers up to 12 different fun activities. There are also additional loops to hang your baby’s toys as well.



  • It’s versatile.
  • Has a collapsible design.
  • The seat is machine washable.
  • It will always keep the baby occupied.
  • It has five height positions available.



  • It is expensive.
  • Some features require batteries.


3. Jolly Jumper With Super Stand – Best Portable Baby Jumper


Jolly Jumper With Super Stand


If you want your jumper with you on the go, you need a portable Jumper. Doorway jumpers are the most portable and economical.

This baby jumper is not as condensed as a doorway jumper, but it is very versatile.

It has a simple design makes it perfect for outdoor events — be it’s a camping trip or a friendly visit, it fits in your car boot, with extra space for your other luggage.

It doesn’t require a door frame for installation as it comes with a portable high frame which folds flat for easy storage.

During play, your baby spine is fully supported by the jumper, keeping your baby free from injuries. The stand was designed to withstand high jumping action and its free-standing frame leaves you with no worries about your kids harming themselves.

It is recommended that you place this jumper on a rug or carpet rather than a plain wooden floor for optimal performance. This gives your child a better jumping experience leaving wonderful expressions on their face while you watch.



  • It is portable.
  • It supports proper posture.
  • Can be easily folded.
  • It is safer than doorway jumpers.
  • It is the free-standing meaning you do not need to use a doorway.



  • It does not come with any attached toys.
  • It is not as compact as doorway jumpers.


4. Jolly Jumper With Door Clamp -Best For petite Babies


Jolly Jumper With Door Clamp


If you have a small baby, you must keep them safe in a jumper. Get one an adjustable harness, smaller leg holes and a lower weight threshold designed perfectly for petite babies.

Different from the other jumpers, this one’s looks like a wearable safety harness. This means it perfectly fits your child’s body preventing them from falling especially if your child has a small body. This product can also work for bigger babies as long as the weight does not exceed 28 pounds.

Being a door Jumper, it is attached to the door frame meaning it won’t eat up space in your living room.

You can adjust the height using a few chain links coupled with an amazing design that allows the baby to have fun through Jumping but not high enough that they can have injuries.



  • The seat fits tighter to the body.
  • It’s good for small spaces.
  • It stores well.
  • It is a unisex design.



  • Your door and frame must fit certain specifications.
  • The spring is exposed, which could lead to pinched fingers.


5. Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center – Best Whole Body


Skip Hop Explore and More Baby Center


All door jumpers are small, portable and provide massive fun for babies. Make sure you get one with strong clamps for maximum safety and 2 bungee cords for optimal stability.

This is not your regular baby jumper. With a unique activity design, your baby gets to have fun as well as develop higher motor skills and brain function for years to come. 

The whole-body approach to play and learning is something we love. Other things to love in this jumper include a 360-degree rotating seat, four movable toys with room to extra room to attach more and a discovery window. This is one of the features I love the most.

The discovery window is an opening that allows children to see their feet. Your child gets to learn how their leg movement causes the jumper to move. 

There are three stages of activity with this jumper…you can use it as a simple chair jumper that is stagnant, a moving cruiser, and a stand-alone play table.



  • 3 stage activity design that gives your baby long years of play.
  • Discovery window for spatial awareness.



  • Some of the toys can harm your baby’s finger. 


Buying Guide – What to Consider Before Buying The Best Portable Baby Jumper

This cannot be overemphasized. If you have it in mind to purchase a jumper, make sure you do all the needed research to ensure that this product is perfect for you. Take your time and check out reviews by other users and you may be surprised at your findings. Remember, always do your research; your baby’s health depends on it.

Also, these factors below will guide you in making the most informed decision possible when searching for the jumper that is best for you and your baby.


This is a very important detail. You have to consider the weight of your baby before you buy a weight capacity is usually written in each jumper, and they vary from jumper to jumper. So make sure you check out these details before you commit to any purchase. Go for the one that will suit your baby’s age and weight. 


Whenever you want to buy a jumper, have a detailed look at the seating and answer the following questions. Will the seats be removed and cleaned when there is a spill or accident? Are the seats cushioned or comfortable for your baby? Is it easy to disinfect and wipe out the seat material? Are the leg holes spacious enough to allow your baby to jump or play without rubbing against his/her legs? 

Looking at these questions, make sure choose a jumper with a seat that can be washed easily or be wiped down and sanitized easily. 


If you are going for any jumper, make sure the seats are cushioned enough to support your baby’s back and spinal cord. Babies do not have that strength to support themselves. Therefore, you must find out whether this new baby jumper will be able to provide that needed support for your growing baby.


Branding is not everything, but it is important to also note that most popular brands do their best to keep the fan base happy. Hence, this will be of immense benefit to consider named popular brands rather than buying from an off-brand. 

Keep it in mind that this is not always true. There are cases where brand names have had issues as well with their products causing accidents. Just make sure you do your research before committing to any product.


If your baby jumper is supported by just a single strap elastic band, you need to get another jumper. Jumpers need more than 2 elastic bands to safely support the weight of your child.


Carefully check your jumper to see if it has adjustable settings. As time goes and your child grows, you should be able to adjust the height of the bouncer to use it over time.


In the long run, your baby will outgrow this jumper and it will need to be stored. Get jumpers that are easy to fold and can be packed easily. This is very important especially if you are always on the move or travelling.


Most baby bouncers have inbuilt sound, colours and flashing lights. Have a look at the way your baby plays at home and take note of what he/she enjoys doing. Get a Jumper that has those types of toys to keep your baby happy and entertained. Be careful of toys that have attached strings as they can pose a strangulation hazard.


You have to consider the colour theme of the room you want to place the jumper in. Go for neutral colours that closely match what you already have in the room. A neat and seamless look isn’t a bad idea. Babies love bright colours as well. You can as well go for that and your baby will love their new jumper set.


A smaller house needs a compact jumper. Go for a compact jumper if this is your case.

Adjustable height

This is very important. Make sure you can adjust the height of your jumper, so you can ensure your baby’s feet are positioned properly on the floor for the right development.

Bungee cords

Next time if you are choosing a doorway jumper, get one with dual bungee cords or a shorter single strap length to maximize stability and minimize the risk of injury to your child. 

 Final Thought

We’ve just helped you find out the 5 best portable baby jumpers available on the market and the different things to factor in when you decide to buy a baby jumper. It is our wish that you find this article helpful.

Remember, safety is the most important thing to consider whenever you want to buy a baby jumper for your child…Happy shopping!

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