Power 6 QT XL Air Fryer Reviews

Besides the cardiovascular risk implications, traditional oil deep fryer implies various cardiovascular risks owing to the fat content and presence of acrylamide (a probable carcinogen). While this is the case, it does not mean forfeiting your dearest meals. 

Thanks to the Airfryer, you can unleash your culinary maestro without facing the consequences linked with consuming oil dipped food. While there are many Airfryer options on the market, the power air fryer ranks among the best in terms of affordability and efficiency.

For a proper insight on the gadget, I tested the fryer out and prepared this Power Air Fryer XL 6QT Review.


For this power air fryer XL 6QT review, we examined various elements that constitute the best air fryers on the market. Among these features include:

  • Fryer Material 
  • Fryer Wattage 
  • Fryer Capacity
  • control
  • ease in cleaning
  • Warranty
  • Cookbook 
  • Cooking time
  • Functions and cooking methods

Fryer Material

Unlike fryers made of plastic, the power Airfryer XL is designed with a metal interior. As such, it does not emit gases that may not only affect your respiratory health but also ruin the aroma of your meals.

Since the basket is made of stainless material, there are no chances of rusting, which would result in an overall poor taste of food. In addition to this, the non-stick mesh is easier to clean, thus making it easy to remove food and oil stains.

Owing to the metallic build, you are assured that the basket will not succumb and crumble to high heat levels in the air fryer. However, the set had a smell for the first two cooking attempts that I associated with the fact that the set was new.

Fryer wattage

The faster the wattage, the less the time you take to prepare a meal in your air fryer. With a wattage of 1800W, the Power air fryer ranks top on the spectrum of high watt fryers. 

This, in combination with its size, allows for efficient use, thus reducing the energy costs. I preferred to cook foods at a go thus saving energy. For this, I put food into the fryer as per their cooking time, therefore, keeping the power that would be used when preparing each dish separately. 

Fryer capacity

Among the top features in a Power air fryer, XL 6 QT review is the basket size. While it does not rank top among the big air frying baskets, it can accommodate a family setting and prepare well-cooked huge portions at a go. 

Typically, I used the set to prepare meals that could satisfy up to seven people. However, I found the 11*11*13 gadget dimensions limiting for people with small countertops. While considering the fryer, however, I would recommend that you avoid placing it on fragile countertops 


The greatness of an air fryer is the marriage of improved functionality and cooking ability. With the easy interface of the Power air fryer, you can easily maneuver its use without breaking a sweat.

To ensure your safety, the gadget is fitted with a cool-touch handle and a button guard. These two ensure that you don’t bruise your hands by handling hot material and also that the basket does not detach during its use.

Even better, there is no need to preheat the oven as it has mechanisms that ensure evenly cooked meals. Owing to this fact, you can minimize energy costs and enjoy shorter cooking durations. 

Besides energy, the set requires little oil to brown food, therefore, it reduces the effect of oiling food and cuts on investment on oil. For a smooth transition depending on the meal being cooked, the set has numerous presets that range from fries to poultry. 


After the price, efficiency, and size, the ease of maintenance ranks fourth among the elements I consider when choosing an air fryer. Unlike its counterparts, this set is built of non-stick, easy to clean material that is approved by the FDA.

Owing to the vastness of materials used in the making of kitchenware, I consider the FDA approval to gauge how safe an article for your health. In addition to this, the fryer has removable dish washable parts, thus saving you the struggle of scouring the basket by yourself. 


While I have not adequately tackled all the recipes in the recipe book, the few I have gauged have proven resourceful. However, this may depend on your food choices and preferences. 

Noise level

Unlike the sets I’ve previously handled, the power Airfryer was reasonably silent. However, you are bound to get some noise after handling foods with high moisture content.  To curb these noises, I found placing a slice of bread below the basket as an absorbent of ample help. 


What made me consider this product worthy was the vastness of applications one would put it under. However, be keen not to insert a more enormous load than the basket is meant to handle as it can compromise the closing of the set.


The smell of new products- while the set is free of odors, the first two times of cooking may leave a smell acquired from the material. For this, I would recommend wiping the set thoroughly before its use. 

Editor’s Comment

Given the variety of air fryers available in the market, selecting the set that best suits your needs call for more than choosing the one that you set your eyes on first.

To avoid the hassle, however, consider the power Airfryer XL as it proves a winner both in terms of size and efficiency. 

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