Powerful Candle Spells and How to Cast Them in Step by Steps

Did you know that when you blow off that candlelight on a cake and make a wish is a form of spellcasting?

Many people have heard of spells and how it works but still, don’t believe it. spells are real and you might have practiced it unknowingly, an example is blowing off that candle on a cake with a wish in your heart which might eventually come true.

Candle spell reveals your heart desired intentions and give you happy ending happiness just like in movies.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Some find happiness in work while others find it in being with their loved ones. Even if you are not fortunate with love -you deserve to be happy and that is falling in love with the person you always desire to love.

And that can only happen when you cast a love spell. Love spells are beautiful because of the added color to a boring life or job. Candle spells have been used in ancient times and have been very effective.

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What are candle spells?

Candle spells are spells, tricks or rituals performed with the use of candles to attract love, luck, money, and power. Candles are believed to hasten or make spells effective because the candle contains strength and fire (light) which is a form of energy.

Candle spells are in different forms just as the colors of the candle differs, each color has what is meant for and used. And most times the size of the candle is not an issue just that you will have to always use a new candle for a new spell- it is believed by some people that used candles makes your spell not to work and it makes your spell casting becomes ineffective.

To cast love spells one will need to use a red, white or pink candle because these colors represent love and the candle can be in a shape of the person you which the spell is to be acted upon be it male or female shape candle. Just on that, for your spell to work, you will need to clear your mind of any grudge and have good intentions, you also need to be a focus on what you want so that there will be a flow of energy and connection between you and the lighted candle. If the spell is cast with good intentions it makes the person you love think about you and desire to be with you as the candle burns out so does the person fill the burning desire to be with you.

Candle spells can also be used for job opportunities or job promotion how? When you cast a spell with good intentions and the right color of the candle it brings you luck in your workplace or business. The green color candle is believed to represent fertility luck and abundance. Candle spells help you in getting ideas for your business projects or bring you luck if you are seeking employment.

Candle spells also help in connecting you with the right people- for love or job. When you say your incarnations right and use the right candle, you get good luck with the right people and find happiness in all aspects of your life.

Why do you need to cast candle love spells?

You cast love spells using candles to experience love- the kind of love you only see in the movies or happen once in a lifetime. People loved to be loved and cared for so when you cast a love spell, you get to experience a burning desire and love from your lover just as the candles burn.

People cast a love spell to experience a change in relationships. You need to cast love spells if you have never been loved as you deserve or if you were a victim of an abusive relationship and want to feel love and happiness, then the candle love spell is right for you. You will feel love like never before, the desire to be loved and to show love will be magical.

Finally, people cast love spells to be happy and live a depression free life. Love spells keep your partner to be loyal to you and will always want to please you and make you happy. You become a priority to your lover and all he thinks about is giving you a happy and fulfilling life. When you are happy you will have no reason to worry and be sad and will likely leave longer and enjoy being loved. These are just a few from the numerous reasons why you need to cast a love spell.

Why you need to cast a job spell.

Job hunting can be tiring and the best option for you is to cast a job spell. A job spell gives you luck and opportunities to get your dream job or business.

With a job spell, all you need is to apply for your dream job and have high hopes that you will get the job and it will work. Note that what makes your spell works is the motive and energy behind it.

When you use job spells it might enable you get a raise in salary or a long-awaited promotion because you are good at your field and have the best solution which is the spell to get your boss give you a raise and he might just approve or sign that promotion and can increase your salary in order for you to live in luxury.

Why wait when you can get a job spell to give you that comfortable life you’ve always dreamt of.

Finally, you need a job spell to undo all the wrongs or curse in your life. Sometimes when luck doesn’t work for you all you need is a job spell to ward off every negative thing and reverse or turn to positive. You will get more open doors and luck. With a job, spell knows that you will succeed and have a lot of Fortune.

The risk associated with candle spells.

Candle spells like others have some risk factors associated with them. Some of these factors include the risk of failure, the risk of the wrong usage of items for the rituals and finally the risk of losing everything- that love you’ve always wished for and might never get to accomplish the desire of getting your dream job.

When you want to cast a candle spell, you always have that question running through your mind- what if it fails?

What if he or she doesn’t love me? What if I don’t get that dream job or what if I get demoted rather than promoted?

These thoughts alone can sometimes block your intentions and create doubt in your mind which might cause the spell to be ineffective.

Most times, candle spells can be very tiring because you have to use a particular color or shape. For instance, love spells require a red, pink or white candle but if you don’t find these types of candles you might decide to use a different color which might bring harm than good. When you use the wrong color of candle and perfume you spell might be harmful to you because when casting the spells you burn out the candles. Candles spell will also require you to use incantations which you aren’t familiar with and any mistake will make it useless.

Finally, candle spells are sometimes irreversible because it has to do with the burning of the candle and this could be dangerous because you might end up losing that person you love forever when you make a mistake. You might end up living a miserable life because all your dreams and desires will be gone when that candle job spell fails. I urge you to be careful before you indulge in spell casting so that you will succeed and not fail.

How to cast love and job success spells.

After learning about love and job success spells, I believe you are now ready to cast the spell. This section is to help you know the steps to cast a spell.

Love spells can be performed by a professional or you can do it yourself. You will also need to have a good motive to why you are casting the spells and might also need to be friendly to the person you love and will love to be spelled. The spell is just to attract the right people to you and not a guarantee that you will get the job or the person will just fall in love with you without saying a word or writing an application.

Every spellcaster have a list of things he might want to use to cast the spell, but some common love and job candle spells items are:

  • Candles (mostly red)
  • Herbs ( mostly Rue leaves)
    Coin or currency
  • Fabric (red)
  • Ribbon
  • Matches
  • Olive oil.


  • Apply olive oil on the candle and put it next to the coin, then light the candle
  • put the leaves inside the fabric
  • tie the fabric the ribbon, by giving it two knots, one for you and the other one for your lover.
  • place the fabric close to your heart and think of the person you love and say these words aloud.
    As the flames burn this candle so those my heart burns with love for you my beloved ( mention your lover’s name). You are my beloved and I desire to be by your side forever, to share happiness and love.
  • let the candle burn out completely. Then put the coin and fabric in your pocket or bag and carry it always until you find your lover. The same applies to job candle spells you will only need to change the words.



If you are having trouble with finding love and desire to have a beautiful love life and succeed In your job hunting then candle spell is just what you need- to feel satisfied and happy. With a well-casted spell and right usage of materials, you will get the happiness you deserve and it is always said where there is love there are peace and blessings. It is important to seek the help of a professional spell caster so you don’t end up ruining your chances and getting negative results at the end. Love spells are not for you to take advantage of the person under the spell nor is for you to maltreat them so also are job spells, it is to not to make you lazy but to help you live a fulfilling life.

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