Powerful Employment Spells: Spell To Get Your Dream Job

Employment is something everyone wants. Being employed gives you a source of income. It also gives you a means of livelihood. In the world today, the rate of unemployment keeps increasing. How to keep this figure as low as possible has been the concern of many people. Being unemployed is a feeling nobody want to have. And indeed nobody deserves to be unemployed.

Now, if you’re are unemployed, or you’re scared of being unemployed, do not fear anymore. The powerful employment spells are there for you.

Whenever you feel as though you need job security, employment spells would do the task for you. In today’s spell, we would be talking about everything employment spells. I know that at the end of this post, you would have enough confidence to cast an employment spell.

In this post, we would first start with what employment spells are. After that, we would proceed with the reasons why people even cast the employment spell. Knowing these reasons will go a long way. It would ensure you understand the whole idea of everything employment spells.

Then we would also consider the risk involved in casting employment spells if there are any. Lastly, we would look at how to cast employment spells. After all, that is the central part of this article. So, with further ado, let’s jump into today’s business.

What are Employment Spells?

Employment spells are spells that are cast in other to get employment. An employment spell would help you get the job of your choice. So, instead of applying for any job all in the name of working, employment spells can change that. Employment spells can get you a job that would make you feel fulfilled.

It is impossible to find a job you love and not be happy. So, we can also say employment spells make people happier. Employment spells also help people to solve most of their financial problems. Many times people run into all sorts of financial constraints. But employment spells can change that. When you have a job in a well-paid organization, you hardly lack anything.

Employment spells might seem somewhat crazy to someone new to casting spells. Some people feel as though casting employment spells is just a waste of time. They feel employment spells are not powerful enough to get the job done. On the contrary, employment spells are powerful enough to get you any job.

What employment spells doesn’t entice the people who would be interviewing you. If the employment spells are to affect the people interviewing you, you’d need to charm a lot of people. What employment spells do is that it changes you from inside. Employment spells make you better, and people tend to favor you more because they believe in you.

Why Cast an Employment Spell?

When asked why cast employment spells, a lot of people straight answers would be to get a job. You can cast employment spells for a whole lot of reasons. Although, employment spells are cast to get jobs. People also cast employment spells because of their desires for a particular job.

Without a doubt, there are different types of job. We all know that people who are higher at the food chain tend to earn more than they work. Whereas people that are lower at the food chain earn less than they work. An employment spell can help change the course of your hierarchy in the work food chain.

Another reason why people cast employment spells is to be able to sell their labor services in any sector. In the world today, there are so many people with different qualifications. The possibility that you are the most qualified candidate for a job you’re applying for is quite slim. But with employment spells, your qualifications do not matter. Your level of education is not a constraint when casting employment spells. As long as you can do the required job, you’re good to go.

Employment spells can also help you keep your job. In cases where there is a threat to your job, cast employment spells to change it. The employment spell would also make whoever your employer is to be more charitable with you. Your works would be more commended. And in the end, you would be preferred, because you cast an employment spell.

The Risk Associated with Performing Employment Spells

There is some minor risk associated with casting employment spells. The risk with casting employment spells are associated with not following the instructions. By not following the instructions for performing employment spells properly, the spell might not work. And if the spell does not work, there is every tendency that you did not follow the instructions properly. In the case where the spell does not work, you would have to confront the shame of it.

Casting employment spells have minimal risks associated with it. Employment spells are so easy to cast. You do not also need to worry about gathering so many difficult to find ingredients. Employment spells could also leave you feeling disappointed when not done well. The rules are what makes employment spells effectively.

It is also important to note that employment spells are powerful. Many people think that because they are employment spells, they would not be effective. But that is not true; employment spells are disastrous when not cast well. It could even cost you your current job if you have one. So, if you want to cast employment spells always make sure you know what you are doing. But in all, employment spells are safe as long as you can adhere to the rules and regulations. Do not feel discouraged by the risk associated with performing employment spells. Because the risks associated with casting employment spells can be avoided.

How to Cast Employment Spells

Employment spells are unique in their way. In that, you need just a few ingredients to cast. Moreover, you do not need to spend hours to conjure this spell. Employment spells are so easy to cast. Whenever you feel you need to get a job you so much desire, use the employment spell to get it.

Here is one of the best employment spell you can cast for your desired job. The best part is that you can cast the spell anywhere and anytime. All you need is just a few ingredients. In today’s spell, it includes the following ingredients


  1. Your application letter
  2. Matches
  3. A plain paper
  4. A Pen



To cast the employment spell, the following steps are needed. You should adhere strictly to the steps involved in the spell. The steps are easy to carry out and does not involve too many procedures. Here are the steps you need to follow to cast the employment spell.

STEP 1: The first and most crucial step is to ensure you get your mind in the right state. You need to focus your mind on the spell. You need to make sure you believe the employment spell would work. Then if possible go to a quiet place and focus your mind intensely. The employment spells should be cast when you are in the right state of mind. If your mind is not ready for the spell, it won’t work.

STEP 2: Next in your quiet environment, light the candle you want to use for the spell. The candle is what would create a stronger connection between you and the other realm. Then as the candles are on, you need to look deep into the flames. Look sternly into the flames and picture what you want. Picture the job you want to get. Think of how much you want to get it. Think of how you want to be given the job.

STEP 3: Then on a piece of paper write what you want. Write it just exactly how you want to get it. Put down the words the way you want it done because that is how it’s going to happen.

STEP 4: Now you have to say the employment spells chant to seal the deal. Get your application letter for the job and place it in the table. Place your left hands on on the application letter. Then say the employment spell chant. Say the chant holding the paper you write your wish on with your right hand. And your left hand placed in your application letter. The chant goes like this, “forces of the universe, yield to my voice. I conjure you today to bring me this job I place my hand on.” Say this chant 7 times.

STEP 5: As you say, this chant set the piece of paper you wrote down your wishes on fire. As soon as the paper is wholly burnt, your spell is complete.

Final Thought

In general, cast the employment spells to get you your dream job. So, be careful while casting employment spells.  Because there are repercussions if the not well cast.

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