14 Psychic Abilities Everyone Can Unlock Fast and Easy

Did you know that every human being possesses some supernatural gift that enables them to look into the spiritual world with a different angle? Yes, what we mean here is psychic abilities which everyone can awaken and experience the other part of themselves.

Even though it sounds strange, you have to unlock your psychic abilities so that you can help both yourself and others.

Some of the famous psychic abilities everyone can unlock include aura viewing, crystal gazing, yoga wisdom, visualization, telepathy, clairvoyance, supernatural healing, channeling …and much more.

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss known psychic abilities that human beings can unlock and start using them. Let’s begin…


14 Psychic Abilities Everyone Can Unlock Fast and Easy:


1. Telepathy: Mind to Mind Communication

If you are a movie enthusiast, you have probably seen scenes portraying telepathic power. These supernatural talents are real and can enable someone to read or sense the minds/thoughts of others. It is still a mystery in the scientific world how the human mind can contain the power to transmit information from one mind or receive information from another mind.

With the telepathic technique, a person can be able to master certain skills such as: alter another person’s thoughts, interpret the emotions of others, manipulate the subconscious mind of others, manipulate a person’s spoken language, erase, restore or manipulate a person’s memory, make a person say what you want, translate language, torture victims mentally…and much more

To become telepathic, you must practice your abilities regularly to enhance your higher self-power. One of the most important exercises you can apply to unlock this psychic ability is meditation and visualization.

You must also cultivate a relaxed peace of mind when interacting with someone, focussing on their eyes to emotionally connect with them, and visualize their thoughts.


2. Telekinesis: Mind-Over-Matter

Simply put, telekinesis refers to the ability to manipulate inanimate objects using the power of the mind.

This psychic ability can be unlocked by everyone provided one has intense focus and concentration on objects.

With this paranormal psychic ability, an individual who has mastered the skill can be able to do a variety of things such as:

Stop a moving object (such as Spiderman in movies),

Lift an object from the ground to the air,

Make objects rotate,

Strangle/choke others without physical contact,

Alter the direction of an object,

Alter an objects normal working, e.g., prevent a vehicle engine from starting

Crush an object or make it explode, e.g., make the television set explode.

To unlock this psychic ability, you require patience, strong visualization, and a lot of practice. Furthermore, you must have an intense focus on objects and believe in whatever you are doing.


3. Astral Projection: Mind Traveling

If you’ve watched fiction Hollywood movies such as “Doctor Strange” and “Vampire Diaries,” you must have got some glimpse of Astral Projection. It is defined as the withdrawal from one’s body to the spirit at the full consciousness of the person.

We all experience astral projection when sleeping because our spirit withdraws from our physical bodies. The only difference is that when we sleep, we are unconscious and the spirit withdrawal from the body doesn’t happen at will.

Compared to astral projection, our brain registers information and consciously notices all activities. This rare supernatural ability may make someone separate their spirit from their body and travel to the spiritual world.

But users who engage in this psychic ability may be vulnerable to astral trapping because their body goes into a coma/ dead state. Moreover, prolonged separation of the body and the spirit may be harmful and might make one’s spirit go away forever.  


4. Levitation: Anti-Gravity Floatation

Levitation is another paranormal, mysterious psychic ability in the universe that challenges our knowledge and imagination.

Simply defined, levitation is the ability to raise our own body above the ground and let it hover freely on air.

Levitation violates the law of gravity by making someone avoid contact with the ground. With levitation abilities, an individual can propel themselves through the air but only for a short time.

It is believed that this psychic ability comes naturally and a person must have a good relationship with the highest powers to get such paranormal ability.


5. Neural Manipulation

It refers to the ability to manipulate the nervous system at will and alter activities such as nerve movements or nerve growth.

This ability allows users to control their thoughts or consciousness. Users can transmit neural impulses in their brains and erase unwanted memories.

Such abilities can also make someone achieve a higher level of neural impulses and enhance senses to perform actions faster in their minds such as thinking, doing technical calculations, and the ability to grasp things quickly.


6. Supernatural Control

This is another mysterious phenomenon that challenges our imagination. Everyone can unlock this psychic ability provided one has a strong imagination and a firm belief.

Anyone with this ability can control supernatural phenomena such as invincibility, weather control, stopping tsunamis, the ability to stop time, the ability to turn water into ice or wine and much more.

This psychic ability requires one to have a strong mind control to enable him/her to issue commands to natural phenomena.


7. Pyrokinesis

Pyrokinesis refers to the ability to shoot flames of fire from one’s hands using the mind power. You can unlock this psychic ability if you have a strong belief and enhanced mind power.

This psychic ability allows someone to light and extinguish the fire using their eyes.


8. Channeling: Mediumship

Channeling refers to a point when someone’s body is used as a medium of communication by the spirit.

Such capabilities allow someone’s body to be possessed with friendly spirits that might give them spiritual knowledge or information.

Through channeling, you act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world and your mind shifts/expands its state of consciousness.

To unlock this psychic ability, one must regularly meditate on expanding their state of consciousness.  


9. Supernatural healing

This is another psychic ability that can be unlocked by everyone and bring about miraculous recoveries from severe chronic illnesses or ailment.

If you have such psychic ability, you can understand all forms of ailments ranging from psychical to mental illnesses.

This power gives you the ability to heal yourself as well as others by replacing the illness with the healing energy.

The only shortcoming of this power is that you might become extremely sensitive to the illness of others to the extent of feeling sick as well.

Another shortcoming is that when you heal another person, you transfer your healing energy to the person and that affects your energy levels, causing you to lose your power and decrease your healing ability. People who have these powers might end up becoming doctors or nurses.


10. Immunity to pain

This is a self-explanatory psychic ability that requires a strong mind power to enable one to avoid feeling physical or mental pain.

People with this psychic ability might not grieve during sorry and might stay for a more extended period without feeling hunger or thirst.


11. Speed: Super Strength

This is another psychic ability that can be unlocked by everyone. With this ability, one can have high speed in running, walking, or at times move in paranormal speed faster than time.

In some cases, one might have enhanced strength and get the ability to break and carry objects that would be impossible to be carried by a typical human being.

Through this psychic ability, you can punch through concrete walls, lift cars, or throwing heavy objects long distances.


12. Teleportation

This is yet another mysterious psychic ability that can be unlocked by anyone. Teleportation refers to the ability to see yourself where you want to go.

It can be any place around the world such as on top of the tallest structure on the world, across the road, or inside an airplane.

To master this technique, you must have strong mind power and a strong visualization.

Moreover, you must have a strong willingness to accept danger because with teleportation you might get trapped in the wrong place.


13. Walking through walls

This psychic power enables the bearer to transform their molecules in the form of air, fit through the cracks, and walk through the wall.

People with this ability are often paranoid and don’t always like to be noticed.


14. Regeneration

As the name suggests, this is another self-explanatory psychic ability that can be unlocked by everyone.

People with this power can heal themselves quickly and often they cheat death on multiple occasions.

You can discover this power after surviving more than one fatal accident. Moreover, suicide is also another that can make you find out this power.

You might have attempted every way to destroy your life until you realize you cannot die.

People with this psychic ability might end up becoming criminals because they know in whatever crime they commit, they won’t lose their lives.

However, this supernatural power is becoming less popular due to modern advances in medicine.

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