17 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You! (Does He Love Me?)

Wondering: What are Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You?

Are you in dire need of ways to build or save your relationship? Do you feel sad that your significant other is no longer into you? Do you wonder if that special someone is thinking about you or loves you as much as you do? Is there a definite way to find out if someone likes you?


There are times you suddenly get a strange feeling, and you keep thinking about a particular person, and you cannot get them off your mind. There’s also a great likelihood that you’ve reached out to someone, and they were surprised to hear from you because they were also thinking about you at that moment.

Do you care to know if it’s a mere coincidence or if you are experiencing psychic signs that mean someone is thinking about you? Let’s check out these signs that show that someone is thinking about you.

The 17 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You:

WMW 1 17 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking About You! (Does He Love Me?)

1. Were you in A Passionate Relationship?

If you’ve ever been in a passionate relationship, then there is a high chance that your ex is constantly having thoughts of you.

Partners who have once had an intimate and affectionate relationship always find themselves reminiscing about those moments they’ve shared.

You’ve shared your dreams and vulnerable moments with this person, and your relationship was beyond the physical, then there’s an undeniable bond that exists in such a relationship.

If you were once happy, felt good together, and did stuff together with someone, there’s a 99% chance that that other person is still thinking about you.

2. Impulsive Feelings of Depression or Anger

If you find yourself going about your normal daily activities, and then without any external triggers, you suddenly feel sad, angry, depressed, or you feel like crying; this means something.

This sudden change in your emotions may be because you’re feeling the emotions of someone you’ve been in a close relationship with. It’s kind of like a telepathy connection between you and someone taking place at that moment.

To experience such, you’ve got to be very close to that individual presently or in the past to be in sync with them when they feel a strong emotion.

This intense feeling of depression or anger may also occur when there’s a telepathic between you and the person who constantly thinks about you.

3. They are always willing to do you favors

When you notice that someone with who you used to be close always wants to do you favors, this is a telling sign that that person still thinks about you constantly.

If that individual constantly offers to do things for you like; mow your lawn, buy you dinner, change your tires, or any other type of service, it could mean that they want to get you back into their lives.

If your relationship with that person is broken or has officially ended, they are most likely offering these services as a means to keep in contact with you and mend the broken bridge.

This is a huge sign that they still have thoughts of you in mind. So, if you still have strong feelings for that person, you could probably give them another chance.

4. You see number sequences

If you see sequences of numbers like 11-11, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, and 9-9-9, these numbers stand for something significant.

For instance, think of 11-11 as two pillars; it signifies a doorway into a new future together. 2-2-2 means the two of you are coming together; 3-3-3 means that you’re not only coming together, but you’ll also be forming a 3rd energy because you have an intense and profound relationship.

When two people are in a deep and loving relationship, they graduate from the 2s and the 3s stages, and they birth a whole new energy level – the 9-9-9. The 9s is completion energy, which implies that good things are coming your way no matter what has transpired in your relationship, and your relationship will become more fulfilling.

So, there is a special person out there who is thinking about you.

5. You run into them randomly

Another psychic sign is running in one particular person constantly. There could be one person you randomly run into frequently.

You don’t plan it, and you don’t know their itinerary, but it just happens; this may be the universe aligning for you and that person to come into physical proximity.

This is exciting because you are thinking about the other person and they are thing about you.

So, if you see them around or bump into them, be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Smile at them, create eye contact, and develop a flow of energy between the two of you, and you can be sure that you’ll be running into them more often.

6. Eye movement reveals accessing memories and emotions

If you are still in contact with this other person and have conversations from time to time, note their eye movements.

Eye movements can reveal if that person still constantly thinks of you. Notice the direction their eyes move towards whenever you’re talking to them.

If their eyes move up to the left or right, it’s a positive sign that they are accessing powerful memories and experiences the two of you once shared.

Or it could also mean that they are accessing their emotional state and trying to find out what exactly they feel about you.

So, their eye movements can help you determine that they’re spending ample time thinking about you.

7. That Special person is quiet, reserved, and shut down

Another way to know is if you’re still a bit close to that special person and they don’t seem like their usual self.

If you notice that they are suddenly and reticent or reserved around you, then it shows that you’re still very much in their mind. It also shows that they still have strong feelings for you and think about you whether you are present.

For some other people, it’s the other way around. Being overly talkative is their defense mechanism.

They use this method to mask their emotions. It shows that they are making extra efforts to fight off their feelings for you.

8. Follows you on social media/exchange of text messages

Do they follow your activities on social media? Do they often send you text messages? These are huge signs they think about you more than you realized, and they want to be up to date about your life. It’s like FOMO.

They don’t want to miss out on the happenings in your life, so that should both of you get back together, they already know what you’ve been up to.

9. Showing up in your dreams

While some take it as just a mere myth, dreaming about someone could be a strong indication that they are thinking about you.

Even if you have not thought about that person in a while, you may start having wonderful and positive dreams about them. The dream feels so real, and you wake up feeling good and happy.

Sometimes, you don’t even want the dream to stop. This indicates that that special person still has feelings for you and thinks about you with strong intensity.

What then happens is that a telepathic connection is being made between the two of you through your dreams.

Just in case, you can reach out to find out how the person is doing and who knows what could happen from there.

10. Continues to use pet names

What should you make of an ex that still uses your pet name or some other endearing name that is special to them?

Well, well… that’s a big indication that he/she is still emotionally connected to you. They can’t do without using sweet names when they send you a text message or call you on the phone telling sign that they still have feelings for you.

11. Do you still feel their presence?

Do you constantly feel the presence of your ex? You could be in your apartment, and all of a sudden, it seems like you can feel their presence.

At that moment, you can sense that they are thinking about you. Since you can feel their energy around you, you’ll be right if you feel they’re having thoughts of you.

12. Do you smell their scent?

This sign may seem eerie to most people, but it sure happens to a lot of people. There are cases whereby you get into bed or in some other corners of your house, and then your nose catches a whiff of their scent, cologne, or body odor.

Or you could be driving or walking down the street and smell their scent. If you are experiencing this sign, it means that someone’s thoughts are intensely focused on you than they want you to know.

13. Texting you indirectly

Some people text you indirectly to talk about mundane stuff going on with and around them. They talk about getting their car sold off, signing the divorce papers, how their lawns are brown or overgrown, what the children are doing in school, etc.

Most times, this kind of discussion is a way of mending fences or building a communication bridge. This is a strong psychic sign that a special person is constantly thinking of you.

14. Hiding a new person

When couples separate, they often get into another relationship. Perhaps you discover that a special person is dating someone else, but they chose not to inform you or share anything about it on social media.

Sometimes they don’t even share with their friends but rather keep it quiet, so you don’t know. They still have feelings for you, so in a bid to eliminate the loneliness they’re experiencing, they decide to get someone else to fill your void.

15. Asking about you from family and friends

Another sign to show someone has feelings for you is when they constantly ask your friends and family about your well-being and activities.

16. Getting hiccups

Many people have attested that having hiccups is an indication that a certain person is thinking about you.

17. They cut you off

This sign seems counter-intuitive, but some people cut you off so they can stop having feelings or thoughts of you. For them to move on, they cut off every means of communication that could reach you with.

Every individual has a unique personality, potential, and purpose in life. Unraveling the uncanny coincidences that are occurring to you can help you have a better understanding of yourself.

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